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'Hell's Kitchen': Mama mia! Chef Ramsay said what!?

This is leadership? Sure, Benjamin went over to women's team and immediately it was vastly improved. (If I didn't know better, I'd say those women just needed a man to tell them what to do.) But there is a difference between leadership and bossing people around, being rude, telling them that they are worthless and announcing, loudly, that you'd rather kill yourself than deal with your teammates. And that's exactly what Benjamin was doing.

Is this what chef Gordon Ramsay wants in his kitchen? Oh, wait ... maybe he does.

This night was largely about winnowing the herd and enjoying Ramsay's own way of dressing people down. The challenge was a special one: celebrating a couple's 50th wedding anniversary by updating the recipes served at their wedding, including trout almandine, steak Diane and chicken Kiev. Salvatore came up with chicken ... meatballs. Raw chicken meatballs.

So let's recap, shall we? Salvatore the Italian cannot cook pasta or meatballs. Mama mia! No surprise, he was the first to go tonight. Ramsay dispatched him with a "Your time has run out."

Ciao, baby!

Later, there was a special field trip to Philippe's in downtown Los Angeles and a terrific new challenge: Come up with your own gourmet sandwich a la the world-famous French dip. Because the red team has one more player, they had to pick someone to sit out the challenge. Benjamin chose, of course, Siobhan, because he was gunning for her. And you knew it was coming: Ramsay tried her sandwich and told the red team that if they had included hers instead of Fran's, they'd be the winning team. (Best line of the night, when Ramsay told Fran that she'd been up for elimination so many times that her footprints had left an indentation in the carpet.)

Instead, victory went to the blue team, which took a private jet to the wine country and promptly got pickled, with Ed taking off his clothes in the hottub and practically screaming: "Look! Look at my penis! Please look!" Isn't this guy a high school cooking teacher in his "real" life? Better lock up that cooking Sherry, folks.

But it turns out the sandwich challenge was Siobhan's high point. She botched her scallops at the dinner service, earning her a "You donkey!" from Ramsay, who then forced her to eat her mistake. And later he forced her to take off her jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen.

But here's my real question: The guy who confronted Ramsay about the undercooked steak. Was he for real? A plant? For a tough guy, he could barely form a sentence. But what was Ramsay saying in response? Between the quick patter, the bleeped-out bad words ... and the strangeness of it all, I could barely make it out. There was something from Ramsay about "go get a shave" and "you look like a quail." Huh? You look like a quail?! And then, I swear I heard something about a bunny. Did anyone else get any more than that? Let me know.

And note to Fox: Can't you subtitle these Ramsay rants? Pretty please?

— Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Benjamin and Fran try to set the place on fire. Photo credit: Fox.

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Yea, I heard what Ramsay said to the "patron" but couldn't quote him now. Still, I thought he called the guy a whale - which made no sense - quail does though. ha ha What kind of fool would confront the chef when the matradee is standing nearby? Duh.

Salvatore was long overdue to be sent home, Ramsay was showing him some generosity, I believe. Siobhan's time had arrived as well - the girl needs to take advantage of the California sun a wee bit before she heads home. Fran will go soon, if not next. As far as I as concerned, Nilka was number one up until last nights services, yikes.

Ed sure was proud to bare all in the hot tub. lol
What is it with men and their pride in showing off that body part? ha ha

And is it just me, or does it appear the blue team gets all the rockin' rewards for winning the challenges, but the red team gets a day at the beach and a hula hoop challenge at a 50's diner???

Good recap, thanks Rene.

What's up with no Bachelorette recap this week???

Chef was telling him to shave his beard and put his chest back in. He was poking it out and making him look like a quail...which has to be the best british word replacement i've heard...

I can't believe Salvatore stayed that long...if there was a plant he was one...how can i even believe he was able to send in a submission/audition video if he hasn't even grasped the english language let alone camcorders or cooking....rather tattoo guy from premiere was still on it...

It's too bad that Benjamin turned out to be such a complete jerk. He was actually one of my contenders before he went mean on Siobhan. I thought that once Ramsey said her sandwich was wonderful, Ben should have laid off. He made himself look like a complete idiot and jerk when he continued slamming it and basically contridicting Ramsey.

Yea, that's right. Thanks Donkey. lol And I thought Mikey should have been kept around longer too. He DID impress chef with his signature dish on premiere night.

I wondered the same thing about Salvatore . . . even if a friend of his filled out the initial application, was there never ANY other time he needed to write something or fill out forms??? Odd.

I don't want to sound like I'm picking on Siobhan for being white - hell I'm white - and the sun really does nothing but damage the skin. It's just that those close ups of her appeared as if all the blood had been drained from her face.

good bye sabin I really miss salvatorie unfortunately the language barrier might have caused him some trouble . Atumn is the next to go she could hardly function after being drunk and I think her attitude sucks. Fran you are doing good don't give up you might want to punch the punching bag sometimes just for those minute reliefs of frustration I am rooting for you


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