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'Bethenny Getting Married': Baby mama's (no) drama

Bethenny Bethenny Frankel opens her new spinoff reality series, “Bethenny Getting Married,” with this tidbit:  “There’s a lot more to my life than ‘Housewives.’” Maybe, but that doesn’t mean there needs to be a whole show devoted to it.

Frankel’s biting wit has been one of the main reasons (if not the sole reason) I’ve tuned in to “The Real Housewives of New York City” season after season. She’s the reason why "Holy Inappropriateness!” is forever stored in my memory, with hopes that I someday come across a situation so inappropriate it would warrant such an exclamation. So my expectations for her new show were pretty high. Maybe I’m no longer capable of enjoying drama-free TV — the “Housewives” franchise can have that effect — but this spinoff was hardly must-see TV. It wasn’t even barely-see TV. It might have made for a worthwhile one-time special. But a series?

Viewers are transported from the Upper East Side to TriBeCa, where new roommates Bethenny and Jason are learning how to meld their lives. And it ain’t easy.  Bethenny wants icing for breakfast, Jason thinks it’s weird. Jason likes a crowd, Bethenny doesn’t; Bethenny wants a small wedding, Jason can’t fathom the thought — where’s David Tutera when you need him? Bethenny’s content with one kid, Jason, who seems to have a fetish for pregnant women, wants more — and he’d like to watch every aspect of the birth, if possible.

But this is Bethenny’s show, so she gets her way for the most part. That is, of course, unless Cookie is around. Given the choice, Cookie takes Jason’s side. Me? I take Cookie's side.

To help navigate the Skinny Girl madness, upcoming wedding and baby preparations, Bethenny is on the hunt for a new assistant. Jason, who moonlights as a caveman, wasn’t hot on the idea of her hiring a straight male assistant.  “What 24-year-old guy wants to hit this?” a burgeoning Bethenny asks. And, so, naturally, she hired a straight assistant. Anyone else think Nicholas was the better choice? I mean, anyone who knows that much about falafels is the person you want to befriend while pregnant. But she went with Max, the dude who, as he puts it, "schoozes" up his hair (and the one Cookie took a liking to). 

After basically peeing all over Bethenny’s in-home office to mark his territory, Jason was fine with the addition of Max. He even gave him a fist pound to prove it. That whole scene was awkward.

But it didn’t matter. Jason, who was intent on having a housewarming party, was leaving town on a business trip … on the day of the housewarming party! Can someone give this dude a clue? He was supposed to be back in time for the festivities, but a massive snowstorm snowed all over those plans. So Bethenny was forced to play hostess to the room of friends (who seemed to mostly be his friends). And, hey, look, there’s Alex and Simon! I guess while Jill is in high school, Alex isn’t always in Brooklyn. They mainly stopped by to inform Bethenny that parenthood will leave her brain-dead.

So, yeah, there was no mention of jelly beans or lollipops and no messages of meanness were delivered, but viewers see a side of Frankel that got lost in all the nonsense in that other show.

So ShowTrackers, what do you think of the show? Will you continue to tune in? Did all the drama from "The Real Housewives of New York City" reunion special leave me incapable of enjoying drama-free TV? Am I the only one who thinks it is Cookie who should have gotten a spinoff?
--Yvonne Villarreal

Photo credit: Bravo
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The new show is cute, like Bethenny, but I admit that it did feel a little bit flat after all the drama of Housewives. I'll keep watching, though, because I adore B and her sense of style . . . wasn't that a fabulous ring she was wearing during the interviews? My biggest complaint about the whole show is that I don't understand why she didn't hire the falafel guy.

It was a long snooze, way too long, but I find Bethenny incredibly annoying anyway. Yeah, Cookie was definitely the highlight. Have yet to see evidence of love between Bethenny and Jason. Seems more like a marriage of convenience for her. Poor Jason. Seems like a nice guy. He deserves better. I'd give that marriage a year at most. Will not be watching again.

I loved Bethanny's show. It was a nice relief from all the drama from the HW's. It's kind of hard to watch one episode and determine you don't like it isn't it? Give it a chance! For me, I'm staying tuned!

I loved the show!! Such a refreshing change! Watching RHONY this season was very uncomfortable. I really did not enjoy most of it. I love the banter between Bethenny and Jason. They represent most couples moving in together and trying to work out their differences. Compromise is always the name of the game when living with a partner. It is just nice to sit and laugh and cry with Bethenny with none of the wierd crazy mean-heartedness like with RHONY.

I loved the show! I enjoy seeing more of Bethenny and I love the Cinderella story of her coming from a rough background and working hard and finally having it all. Not having to listen to Jill, Kelly or LuAnn in order to see Bethenny seemed absolutely luxurious. I like the lightness of the show and the intimacy of it. All that drama on the housewives is too much. I want to see Bethenny plan her wedding and have her baby - that is infinitely more interesting than catfights at fashion shows.

I guess it's matter of personal taste. I prefer "Bethenny getting married" to all the catty, back stabbing drama of Real Housewives. Certainly it was entertaining to watch Kelly make a fool of herself infront of the entire nation, but it all leaves a bad taste afterwards. Don't want to bask in other's misery. Obviously the whole ordeal has made Jill and Kelly, two really unhappy people - and they will never change, no remorse, you only see grudge from these two still. I rather enjoy sharing a glimpse of someone's newly found happiness. The entertainment is the same to me, I found myself laughing along the scenes whenever Bethenny says her witty oneliners, all albeit one is negative and one is positive. I LOVED the new show!

LOVED the show... I'll be adding it to MY list of MUST SEE TV, as I'm sure all of her fans will... biggest Bravo premiere ever doesn't sound too shabby either btw... much success Bethenny...

I enjoyed the first installment of "Bethenny Getting Married?" I feel that her biting wit and background commentary will keep the show going. She was definitely my favorite character on the Real Housewives and I think that her new show will be successful just like many of her other ventures. Good Luck Bethenny!

I loved it! Time will tell if its a keeper. I also love Bethany but was skeptical that she could retain my interest for an hour (although the NYT piece from Sunday indicates she's like the brando of reality tv stars, so who knows.)

The show seems somewhat based on "my life on the d-list." Whereas Kathy Griffin has made it through 6 seasons as a aspiring to be an A or B lister, this show could be all about Bethany's quest to be the next a-list Martha Stewart (with a goal of eventually not being required to pee on camera to get ahead.)

Side note: even if she fails, her new condo looks SaWEEEET! I'm guessing it was at least $3m .

The only thing I noticed on her new show was that i could barely stand her (fog horn) voice in the housewives, and now with her being the main character ..... it was unbearable. Had to turn the tv off. The only saving feature on the show was Cookie. She was really cute. The rest of the show is awkward at best and very boring. Plus, Bethenny and Jason make an awkward couple. It seems fake. Hes mid west home grown, shes feisty, rude and all about herself. I thought it was hilarious when Bethenny said that Jason didnt like Jill cuz she was pretentious, bragging about her material goods. I guess a self absorbed person doesnt see that trait in herself.
It was obvious why she did this .... Bethenny is very calculating, she doesnt just say things. She was offended when Bobby accompanied Jill to the Carribean, and when Jill left the room, Bethenny tried to get Bobby to turn against Jill by saying, I have always like you, Bobby, I have nothing against you. He turned to her and said Jill never spoke against you, shes always been faithful to you, or something to that affect. Bethenny immediately knew she was cast out of that equation and her ploy didnt work, so she quipped back, no no i dont want to get you in the middle. She tried, lol ,,,, he just wasnt having it, he was totally on Jill's side. So i think she brought that comment up at the reunion about Jason to get back at Jill.
Why else would someone say something so hurtful?


If there are any positive posts on Bethenny's new show, it has to be people she paid to post comments. CUZ her show was soooooooooooo boring. At least watching Tori Spelling is interesting because her father was famous, and she grew up being an actress. Its interesting to see the inside of her life when everyone has heard of them. Bethenny is someone off the street that got offered a tv slot for a program. I could just go to my friends house, grab a glass of wine and watch her interact with her husband and baby. Im not sure what all the hype is all about. Shes not funny, shes mean spirited, it doesnt even look like Jason and her are really in love. It all looks so orchestrated.
I watched part of the show just out of curiosity. Will not be watching it again.

@Tracker, I for one can atest to not having any relations to Bethenny. Only a fan. and I wrote that I LOVED her new show. If you compare her show to a top drama, or movie, yes I'm sure it is a bore, but compared to other Real housewives show, I thought it was waaaaaaaaay better. NO cattiness, no backstabbing, only her wit and happiness. I don't think her 180,000+ followers on twitter are all hired by her either.

On the other hand, I know that Jill Zarin has hired 4 different PR people to respresent her. and is a known fact that she hires people to monitor her facebook and twitter. I'm sure the percentage of any positive remarks about Jill coming from her hired help is 100 times higher than what is cominng from people who has any association with Bethenny.

Wow so glad to see that Bethenny is pregnant and starting a new life!

I am not a friend, wish I were though! She is a riot. I LOVE someone who says it how it is. The simple fact is reality shows are like 80% of TV so if that is all we are going to get I will take Bethenny and Jason over the Jersey Shore any day! Sounds like she had a crappy childhood and worked very hard to become a well known chief, she looks amazing and is a fun personality. I wish she, her new baby girl and her sweet hubby all the love and luck in the world.

I fell asleep. Sorry. I need more drama than watching Bethenny cook, bicker with Jason (who is boring) and try on wedding dresses. I think the show is a bomb. It won't last. At least not in my house.

I totally agree. Her show was borrrrrrrrrrrrrring. I watched the first 10 minutes and could basically tell you, verbatim, what all the segments will be like.
very predictable, boring. Bethenny w/o Jill is like peanut butter w/o jam, foot w/o a shoe, well u know what I mean.
Needless to say, I wont be watching again.

I actually like the show, but not for it's content. I actually like it because I like Bethenny. She's relatable and frankly, in my opinion, so down-to-earth in comparison to other TV stars. It's entertaining enough to see how she manages, but I'd rather watch a cooking show that she runs...if there were one.

I love them both! I love all the drama from Real Housewives, but I like the fact that we get to see Bethenny in a (mostly) drama-free environment. If it weren't for her hilarious sense of humor (and yes Cookie, too), I would probably agree that "Bethenny Getting Married" is a bust, but I find her new show charming and a refreshing step back from all the drama on Real Housewives.

Guess you can eat your words, the show is a major hit!

I love Bethanny's quirkiness . She's funny !
I'm looking for my own personal Jason. What an incredible man! He's surely a guy in love ! I would definately kick Cookie to the curb. What an annoying dog!

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