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'The Biggest Loser': Who are you voting for, Daris or Koli?

The Daris gained two pounds.

He was sent home for 30 days, a month during which his goal was to train for and run a marathon and lose enough weight to secure a spot in the finale, and he gained two pounds.

This episode managed to encapsulates this season of "The Biggest Loser." This season has been like no other in that the core group of players formed and maintained a tight-knit, collegial group that served to inspire each other to greatness, rather than tear each other down in an effort to win the grand prize of $250,000 and the title of this season's "Biggest Loser." There were the roller-coaster highs and lows, as the game served up its owns twists and turns at the players. And we watched players ignore Soothsayer Bob at their own peril: If you play to win the game, you will ultimately lose.

Oracle Jillian's words came to ring true: Just do what you need to do, and let the rest will take care of itself.

And it was proof that losing 150 pounds won't change your life and solve all your problems. It just means that there's less of you to show up and face your problems.

That's how Michael and Ashley slipped past Daris and Koli and landed two secure berths in next week's finale. And now you -- America, the audience -- must choose whether Daris or Koli will be the one to join them.

As always, "The Biggest Loser" is a numbers game -- who has the ability to lose the largest percentage of body weight. And if seasons past are an indicator, that person needs to come close to that benchmark of losing nearly 50% of his or her starting weight. By that simple measure, Daris and Koli -- who have lost a considerable amount of weight, and do not have all that much more to lose -- would have had the easier time hitting that mark.

But of course there are a few other things at work. Those last few pounds are among the hardest to lose. And that can -- and did -- give an edge to Ashley and Michael, who both have plenty of weight to lose despite already setting weight loss records while at the ranch. He was the first player to lose 200 pounds at the ranch, and she set a record for the woman who lost the most weight while at the ranch, over 140 pounds.

Finally, there is the mental aspect of the game. While Daris and Koli have been among the toughest -- mentally speaking -- players to ever tackle the game, they began to crumble at home. Koli seemed so fixated on winning the game -- he temporarily relocated to Las Vegas to train with an MMA coach and unwittingly ended up living in a hovel with a bunch of pizza-and-fast-food-chowing guys -- that he appears to have completely stressed himself out. It probably did not help matters that he went home and revisited the first weigh-in by promising friends and family that he would win this thing. Way to put pressure on yourself, Koli.

Daris, meanwhile, seems to have learned nothing at the ranch. The stress of being back at home and facing life -- what to do, how to live, having a real dating life for the first time ever -- triggered spells of late-night eating that ultimately showed up on the scale.

Michael and Ashley, meanwhile, got back to basics. At home, they incorporated the lessons learned at the ranch: Making their favorite meals using lo-cal substitutes, and shunning late nights out with friends, and turning to each other for support.

Well, it paid off.

Who are you voting for? Daris, or Koli?

--Rene Lynch
On Twitter @renelynch

Photo credit: The players at the marathon starting line. NBC Universal

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Bottom line, the show is called "The Biggest Loser" for a reason. You have to lose to win. I voted for Koli. I think his attitude is inspiring and that he has the greast likelyhood of keeping the weight off.

Both Daris and Koli felt the strain of being at home. Daris coped via the fridge and Koli coped by relocating. The better coping mechanism was the one that yielded weight loss in my opinion.

Koli has my vote.

My vote and my husband's vote definitely go to Daris!!!
We have been watching the show for a long time, but this was the first time that I remember that Daris was in trouble and may leave. Please vote for Daris. Even though both Daris and Koli have worked very hard, Daris deserves to stay. Remember, Mike, Ashley, and Daris committed to sticking together- please let them stay together!

Koli. They had two things to do - train for the marathon and lose weight for the finale. Daris chose just one - training for a marathon. It is true that one needs more carbs when training for a marathon but it is obvious, that Daris did not plan out his diet.

I just wish people would stop beating up on Koli for wanting to win a competition - because under all the hand holding, that's what it is.

At the end of the day they should all be congratulated for how far they have come.

Daris, for sure! I thought Koli was a nice guy but it turns out he's cocky as hell! He's feeling so insecure since Sam is not there that he reverts to arrogance. It's a defense mechanism. I agree w/ him about Steph though. I never liked that girl; she told Ashley to forge an alliance with her because she knew she wouldn't last for long. She also tried to throw Andrea under the bus. When Ashley discovered her game & confronted her with it, Steph went on the whole "I thought you were my friend" bit.Anyway, I think she's the reason Koli didn't stay home. Sam moved to CA to be w/ Steph & Koli who is so co-dependent couldn't handle not having his babysitter. The only reason Sam stayed longer in the game was for Koli. Sam warned Koli not to be so focused on winning.
Thanks David for explaining about the snacking, I hadn't realized it. In any case, I hope Koli gains all the weight back. That should be a lesson of humility for him! He never admits he's wrong.

Koli deserves to win this. Darius blew it at home, and on jacobs ladder a few weeks ago he admitted to "giving up". No doubt he's fat 1 year after this is all said and done.

I am disapointed with them both. And all of you are WAY off base making excuses for Daris. Bottom line- he wasn't "snacking!" He said himself he felt so full he wanted to puke. THAT is how eating disorders start! Bob and Jillian were right on! I think the weight gain will really open his eyes and I hope next time he feels stressed he hits the treadmill to clear his mind. Remember too, he's young... I've like Koli from the start :) Yeah he went to Vegas and he should have gone home.... My vote is still for Daris. It's not a pity vote. I think he still has more to learn from this competition and more weight to lose.

I'm a runner too... No excuses!

Neither Daris nor Koli were my favorite this season. I voted for Koli because he had a better plea than Daris. Daris gained more than 2 pounds; the weigh-in was after the marathon. How much weight does one lose after running 26.2 miles?

Ashley and Michael: romance in the air?

How many of this season's players said, "I have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend?" Sunshine, Michael, Ashley, Daris, Koli, Sam, Stephanie, Drea....

Ness in Silverlake: Alli was not the only one to not gain back the weight. You forgot Michael and Helen.

There is something so formulaic about Koli. The endless by rote statements, "I am finally becoming the man I want to be", endlessly robotic emotions and forced tears. I appreciate what he has done but he just never got me on his side, especially when the grey and yellow teams ganged up on everyone else with their contstant plays on viewer's emotions.

Daris is more complex. He is introverted and he is struggling. Daris got my attention. Like Ashley and Mike, my heart belongs to Daris.


Even though Daris gained two pounds, I was so impressed by his performance in the marathon! If you can do that and show you're in that great of shape, what difference does two pounds make? I really hope Daris makes it into the finale - I think Mike will probably win the show (yay!), but I at least want Daris to have the satisfaction of being in the final three. Something about Koli rubs me the wrong way - his fixation on the finale bugs the crap outta me and I seriously heard him refer to what they were doing at the ranch as a "diet" in a very recent episode....something like "this is the first time a diet has worked for me"! Seriously, isn't that something basic that they all learn - this isn't a diet but a change for the rest of their lives? Even though it's sad to say, I think it's pretty likely Koli will put his weight back on. Once the finale's over (and he doesn't make it into the final three) he's not going to have a clue what to do and won't have the finale as a carrot anymore.
Go Daris!

Koli has been my favorite all along and my pick to win, but I was moved by Daris and his emotional late-night bingeing...because that's exactly what I do! Eat perfectly all day and exercise hard, then blow it at midnight. I feel for you, Daris, and you get my vote!

Kia its all relative. The show is a stupid boot camp that somehow wants people to adapt and then critizes them for not having that mentality in the real world.

In real life people eat, and people are active and if one of your friends who runs with you gained 2 lbs and weighed 195 and they were marathon training with you, you would not reprimand them and tell them that they had failed.

Most people on their first marathon do not break 5 hours and thats people that are in shape and decide to start training. What Darius did in the big picture in life was simply amazing, and its stupid that you do not understand that.

The comment about making excuses shows the stupidity of the American public toward eating and weight issues and motivation.

Sure these people needed to be kicked into gear like alot of Americans but being realistic and sustaining a healthy image of your Self takes more than 250,000 and stupid people judging you questioning your motivation.

Bottom line on a show called "the Biggest Loser" its awesome if you vote for Koli because Darius has already won he did something amazing and stupid people cant take that away from him he's won already just needs people to not patronize and be a friend.

My votes are for KOLI! He deserves it more then Daris....

Both were a bit disappointing ... they needed to target using the month to really successfully blend in what they learned at the ranch with 'real life', while still keeping the 'finale' goal in sight.

I hate to give it to Daris, but he gets my vote. Going to Vegas edges up to The.Line. at best, and at worst is well outside of what this month was supposed to achieve.

Koli gets my vote. Who cares if he's playing to win? Isn't Michael? Isn't Ashley? Isn't Sunshine back at home? I think it was smart for Koli to go to Las Vegas. If he had a chance to work out with a pro trainer, why not?

As for Daris, I'm a marathon runner, too. Daris could have had my vote if he hadn't caved in and cried about having eaten. If he felt like he did the right thing carb-loading at midnight, then he should have stood up for himself.

The goal of the show is to lose weight, I'll say it again: The GOAL of the show is to LOSE WEIGHT. Training for a marathon is supposed to be another way to help you lose weight, while you get in shape for the run, you eat well and continue to lose weight. 3 out of the 4 people left did just that. The fourth one binged and gained and he should be off the show. The only reason people like Daris is because this is America, where our hero is always some well-meaning white guy that everyone swears reminds them of their son, boyfriend, dad, preacher, whatever. America looks at Daris's pasty white skin and sees a champion no matter what he does, and that's why Koli gets the "dead eyes of a serial killer" comments because his brown skin is scaring everyone who won't admit to being prejudiced.

Koli should win the vote because he did the work and lost the weight, WHICH IS THE POINT OF THE SHOW. Winning the marathon in record time is NOT the point. Koli FTW.

My votes are for Daris, there is something about Koli and Sam, i just dont care for them.JMO

I haven't been a Daris fan until recently. He has opened up and just seems so "real" to me. He just seems sincere and honest.
Koli on the other hand (and since beginning of the show) never seemed real. He would cry and say all these mushy statements that just didn't seem sincere.

Thou it is a reality show and the producers show us what they want us to see...I vote for Daris..... I can appreciate his honesty and I really hope the best for him. Late night snacking with depression is so common and I really appreciated that honesty.

Go Daris, Go!!!

I agree with "david's" posts. daris deserves this, more than koli.
Koli is very creepy and has a "crush" and 'unnatural obessesion" with Sam.

He didnt want Sam with his girlfriend, he didnt want Sam to go home.
I think he is in love with his cousin.
He is creepy and underhanded. Or left handed, maybe right, I sure Sam had found out one night under the covers.

Go Daris!!

What a bummer that Daris gained 2 pounds! I think Koli is too cocky. I voted for Daris. I like the three amigos - Michael, Ashley and Daris.

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