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'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Rupert makes out, then gets kicked out

98301_SG201121 Oh man, the loved-ones episode. Gets me every time.

As soon as that lovely Sprint phone arrived in tree mail, I knew one of my favorite episodes had arrived: the episode where the players' family members trudge out to a remote location to compete for a day with their kin. Who can forget the episode years ago when Rupert, reunited with his wife, sobbed while embracing her? That was sweet, but their reunion this time around was a little bit less appealing. Did we really have to see the pair kissing, while Rupert's overgrown, dirty beard rubbed up against her face? Not to mention, are these people allowed to brush their teeth? Ick.

What was more touching was Sandra seeing her uncle, who apparently stood by her mother during the last days of her life.

"My uncle is here only because my mom passed away and he's my favorite uncle," she cried, explaining that her husband couldn't make it because he's in Afghanistan. The moment shed a light on Sandra and helped to explain a bit of her tough exterior, and it was nice to see her let down her guard for a bit this week.

Meanwhile, how hysterical was it when Colby kept yelling at his brother, Reed, during the reward challenge?

"Come on, Reed," he said as his brother failed to catch any of the water in his pail. Buddy, we've seen your performance in the challenges this season -- stop blaming everything on your brother.

By the way, the product placement on this show just gets worse every year. Parvati talking about how great the Sprint Palm Pre was "with all its applications"? Gag me with a spoon. It was pretty cool to see everyone playing on the beach by those amazing blow holes. One of the better rewards this season.

Russell Not surprisingly, the fact that Jerri didn't take Russell along for the prize set him off almost instantly, as he criticized her poor strategic game.

"I been taking care of Jerri this whole time," he bragged. "I hope that burger literally tastes like a million dollars, because these girls are a bunch of unappreciative little bitches."

Such a classy guy.

When the girls got back to camp, I totally lost it when Rupert kept everyone up by making loud noises by the fire. I mean, what was he doing anyway? Making firewood? The guy was literally slamming logs onto the ground in the middle of the night. I would have been angry with him too.

Colby, yet again, proved he's basically the most surprising weakest link in the physical challenges, losing the balance of his pole almost immediately after the game began.

"Colby drops out 15 seconds in," Probst said, publicly shaming the former champion again. Seriously, what happened to Donaldson? I just don't understand it.

Parvati continued to dominate by taking home the immunity necklace, which secured her a spot in the final five. I know many viewers think she's only gotten as far as she has because of her flirtatious ways, but I think she's been an outstanding player this season and I'm glad to see her get a shot at the final prize.

As Parvati rested easy, Sandra and Russell began to spar back at camp. 

"Are you with me or are you against me?" Russell said, coming at Sandra aggressively after learning she'd gone to Rupert in an attempt to vote him off. 

"I'm against you," she replied, sending Russell into a tizzy. Man, this guy seriously cannot handle anyone who speaks even one word ill of him. When he finds out someone might be gunning for him he immediately gets overly sensitive and throws out scare tactics, threatening to vote the opposer off next. 

Even though I know Sandra is fiesty, at first I was wondering why she was standing up for herself so aggressively. Then I remembered that she has the hidden immunity idol, something I'd totally blanked on for the last couple of episodes. 

Luckily, she decided to use her last possible chance to play it and was saved at tribal council. By the way, how awkward was it when Parvati mouthed "hot" to Danielle when she walked in and took her seat on the jury? I've always felt like the former contestants get as dolled up as possible while they're on the jury to make up for looking gross for so many weeks, but I always find the whole spectacle kind of ridiculous. It's not like we didn't just see you without makeup for the last handful of episodes -- who do you think you're fooling?

Even though I knew it had to be coming, it was bittersweet to see Rupert go home. Even though he's a bit loony at times, he always brings a lovable spirit to the game. I'm going to talk to him Friday, so leave your most pressing questions for the castaway in the comments. Also look for our exclusive chat Friday with Jeff Probst on Show Tracker.

I can't believe we're already down to the final five. My ideal voting-out order?:

5th: Colby

4th: Jerri

3rd: Sandra

2nd: Russell

Winner: Parvati

-- Amy Kaufman (follow me on Twitter @AmyKinLA)

Photos: From top, Rupert Boneham was voted out this week on "Survivor"; Russell Hantz was spared yet again. Credit: CBS.


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It was sad and predictable watching Rupert go. Since the merge it seemed like he was really back in the game and I was hoping he'd pull off the upset.

Largely agree with your assessment of the rankings. I've been very impressed with Parv this season. She's put in a strong case for being one of the all time best to play this game. I'm a little concerned that she's too disliked by many on the jury to pull off a win. Not sure why that as is. She seems like a strong player, but still a pretty decent person on camera.

I'm wondering if Rupert can explain why nothing ever came of the idea of voting off Russell? Really seemed like Sandra had built a case for her sincere interest in getting rid of Russ over the past couple of weeks. When she came to Rupert last night I really hoped he would take her up on the offer. To me it seemed like a pretty good deal.

Rupert messed up when he went to Russell and told him of the plan. That's why Sandra told him, "loose lips sink ships." Rupert didn't seem to catch on that she was talking about him. He sealed his fate when he went to Russell. He fell for the okey doke again. He thought he was saving Russell, when in fact, he just sealed his own fate.

Sandra was smart to play the idol...I was hoping she wouldn't. And I figured Parvati would win the immunity idol...they underestimate her.

It is true that no ONE strategy will win this game. I read Probst's take on this season and I fully agree with him about Jerri, she seems to have grown quite a bit. Russell has played the hardest - and if he doesn't win - I hope Jerri takes it. Russell has crossed every line and still made it to the end. He is the only player I've seen who can totally piss off every tribe member and still make an ally out of them. He's a beast! Cracks me up! And I still believe he got screwed out of the season 19 win.

Rupert looked rather ruffled when he left tribal council. Still, he has no way of knowing who voted him out as of yet, since Jeff read only 3 votes. No more midnight log breaking for him! Duh Rupert.

Colby was funny as he barked orders at his brother - who just laughed at him. This hasn't been a strong season for him, but he's still there. And who can deny that million dollar smile??? I had to put my sunglasses on! He can sit there and do nothing all day and night...as long as he smiles. Yee-ha!

I have an idea for the next season...the HATERS vs. the HATED! Ha! Yea!

Excellent show!!!
Keep 'em coming!


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