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NBC's 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' pilot script is still in the works


In case you were wondering why we don't have a trailer for "Law & Order: Los Angeles," it's because the pilot script is not complete. NBC President of Entertainment Angela Bromstad told the press on Sunday that she has yet to see a final script, but that the network was charging ahead with the project.

It has been scheduled to air on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. after "Law & Order: SVU." The mothership, "Law & Order" was canceled Friday.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez


Image: NBC logo. Credit: NBC


NBC announces 2010 fall season schedule

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What an absolute shame. Why have a spin-off of a show you are taking off the air? L&O is a fabulous show, and replacing it with this LA gig is ridiculous. Keep Cutter and company on the air. What makes Law and Order so compelling, is the locale: NEW YORK, not Los Angeles.

As a lifelong New Yorker, I totally agree. The "grit of the city" and the incredible history, ethnic "melting pot" available to enhance each storyline can happen - - Where? "ONLY IN NEW YORK!"

That being said, now as a Los Angelino, I welcome more shows that profile our high crime rate. Hah!

What kept the show and the others of its ilk on the air, T4E2112, was New York subsidizing its production. Law & Order nabbed some great ratings but its numerous offspring was the result of an awful lot of production money from the city itself trying to produce a local cottage industry! Your location is no more fascinating than L. A., Miami, Las Vegas or any other large city with crime! Matter of fact, LOS ANGELES' noir crime environment kicks New York's little butt! Try again.


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