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Más Sabe el Diablo: Love and money

May 14, 2010 | 11:33 am

Angel_manuela ¡Ay, Show Trackers! Tu no sabes how much has happened in this week’s worth of episodes. Pero I guess es por eso que usted está leyendo. Sentarse. It’s a lot to take in. 

Where do I begin? 

Ángel es condunde by this Martin Acero/El Hierro issue -- does Manuela’s dad know? ¿Sabe Manuela? -- and he thinks it’s best if he comes clean to her about his past before she introduces him to her parents at the gran cena he has planned. Pero no importa. Conniving Martin tells Aníbal that Manuela has been seeing her office mensajero. And el viejo looks like he’s about to croak. El no es feliz. At all. Llega temprano to Manuela’s dinner to scold her but — gasp! — Ángel ya está ahí! And it gets crazy loud from there. Screaming. Finger-pointing. Venas popping. And Aníbal le dice a Manuela que se olvida que ella tiene un padre. Whoa! That's cold.

Even when Virginia and Manuela find out their dad has cancer — thanks to Martin’s boca grande, of course — and they go to be with him, Aníbal refuses to see them. Típico.How much more of his stubbornness must we endure? Put him -- y yo -- out of his misery.

Mientras tanto, Jimmy y Virginia están encontrando quickly that living together was a bad idea. Workaholic Jimmy nunca está en casa. Virginia siempre seems to be at home, esperándolo. It’s not long before she decides to move out. But they're still together.

With Leon out of harm's way (remember, Martin found out Ángel is the dude seeing Manuela?), he has to find a way to please Martin. Leon’s solution? Get Ángel put in jail. How? Get him to do a solo job … that involves stealing from Aníbal. Yikes!

But maybe he won't need to take on the big paying-job. Meek Esperanza finally got the guts to confront Martin. And she didn't back down this time. Fue agradable to finally see her be tough. But will it work?

In other news:

-- Cristian is confused about his sexuality.

-- Leon and Susy are hardly discreet with their affair. Lock the puerta! Sandro eventually catches them groping and it ain’t pretty from there. And he decides to leave Susy.

-- ¡¡¡Oh!!! ¡Se me olvidaba! Cachorro finally sees his dreams realized. Marina agrees to a rendezvous … y él no tenía a su fuerza.... And … she actually enjoyed it!

So Show Trackers, what did you think of the episodes? Do you think Esperanza will get the money she asked for from Martin and his mother? Will Cristian finally come out of the closet? Share your thoughts.

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Jencarlos Canela as Angel Salvador, Gaby Espino as Manuela Dávila. Credit: Telemundo


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