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'Lost' chat at 4 p.m. Sunday

The finale is almost upon us. On Monday, while we're still equal parts bewildered and misty-eyed, we'll have Nestor Carbonell to pepper with our questions. But before we bid a fond farewell to our castaways, let's get together at 4 p.m. Pacific on Sunday in this post to discuss the series up until now.

We'll end before the finale begins in the east and in plenty of time for West Coast friends to go off to their viewing parties. (But don't feel bad if you don't have a party to go to. Other people just interfere with our careful parsing of "Lost's" every frame.)


'Lost' Thursdays: They're gonna put Darlton in the movies

Photo: Evangeline Lily, left, and Emilie de Ravin in "Lost." / ABC

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the island will blow up with all on it. Will switch back toWalt and Micheal on the airplane. It will show all the survivers on the plane. Micheal will be showing WALT THE COMICBOOK he has drawn.. THE END.

nice thanks.

My fave character is juliet I hope she has that coffee date

I've watched LOST on DVD seasons 2-5 in the past two weeks. I was working nights so I also watched season 1 on DVD. I've only seen last weeks episode of season 6. IMO, this has been one of the best shows ever. Six Feet Under has always been my favorite but LOST is right up there. I'm bummed that the final show won't end here in L.A. until 11:30 because I have to be a work tomorrow at 6:30.

Perhaps this question has already been asked but.......

Why hasn't the fat guy lost any weight?

Is it because he has secret access to a doughnut vending machine in a hidden time warp? If there is such a machine, how does he get the money to buy the doughnuts?

Maybe it's not just eating doughnuts but he has private entry into a McDonald's unknown to the other survivors which is run by zombies who, for nefarious reasons, encourage him to eat too many fries and Big Macs????

God, soooo many questions but so few answers about Lost!!!!!!!!

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