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'Glee's' Chris Colfer on those crazy Gaga inspired heels

May 26, 2010 |  3:11 pm

Fans of Chris Colfer’s Kurt were in for yet another treat during Tuesday’s Lady Gaga episode of “Glee,” when the kids finally unveiled their over-the-top costumes. Leave it to Kurt to take on the most daring of Gaga’s looks: those chunky lobster-esque heels featured in the video for the very song they’d be taking on, “Bad Romance.”

Fashionistas might recognize the 10-inch hoofs as late fashion icon Alexander McQueen’s Armadillos from his spring/summer 2010 line.

Our fabulous fashion blog, All the Rage, wanted to get the skinny on if the heels Colfer donned on the episode and during the tour were in fact the real deal.

Colfer said via e-mail that because his size 11 foot was too big for a pair of the actual shoes, the "Glee" wardrobe department took another approach, like a creative teen would: They crafted a pair for him.

"[They] actually went out and bought huge, bright, red hooker-boots from a cross-dressing store on Hollywood Boulevard, cut them down and then covered them with the fabric and jewels you see on the show," he said.

"I learned that 10-inch platform stiletto heels are never easy," Colfer writes. "It was one of the biggest challenges I've had on the show. Besides a strategic sock combination and a few Dr. Scholl's pads, there wasn't much alteration. There is some interesting footage of me wearing my 'training heels' in rehearsal. It was a lot like sword fighting: It really hurt at first to learn, but the end result looked so cool that it was all worth it. I was so terrified I'd fall and break my ankle. Every time I felt myself falling I'd just go with it and land on another part of my body, saving my feet."

While some models refused to wear McQueen’s creation, leave it to Gaga and now Kurt to effectively pull off the heel that makes my feet curl when I see them.

And what did Gaga think of getting the “Glee” treatment? Our favorite Monster shared her thoughts with Entertainment Weekly.

“I love Glee. I love the cast and the creativity of the writers. I went to a musical theater school, and used to dream that someday the students would be singing my songs.”

In case you weren’t able to catch the kids on tour, here is their spin on “Bad Romance” live from their recent stop in Los Angeles.

— Gerrick D. Kennedy (@GerrickKennedy) and Maria Elena Fernandez (@writerchica)


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Left photo: Alexander McQueen's shoes in a Spring-Summer 2010 runway show. Credit: Michel Euler / Associated Press

Middle photo: Lady Gaga wears Armadillos in her "Bad Romance" video. Credit: YouTube

Right photo: Chris Colfer, middle, as Kurt. Credit: Fox