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Fox Business replaces 'Happy Hour' with new show hosted by former CNNer Gerri Willis

Gerri Willis Official Headshot Fox Business Network confirmed Wednesday that the network is cancelling its afternoon show “Happy Hour” and replacing it with “The Willis Report,” a consumer-oriented program hosted by former CNN personal finance editor Gerri Willis.

Willis’ show, which will premiere June 7 at 5 p.m. ET, will mark a change in tone from “Happy Hour,” which was produced live out of the bar of the Bull & Bear restaurant of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

“Gerri brings a fresh, no-nonsense approach to complicated financial issues and her new program will be a clear reflection of that,” Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News and Fox Business, said in a statement. The network has not yet announced how “Happy Hour” hosts Eric Bolling, Rebecca Diamond and Cody Willard will be reassigned.

The move comes as Fox Business has been quietly tinkering with its lineup. Earlier this month, executives canceled “Fox Business Morning,” the 5 a.m. ET lead-in to “Imus in the Morning,” replacing it with “Best of Imus,” a taped show. “Your Questions, Your Money,” a four-hour call-in show on Saturdays aimed at small business owners, is scheduled to end its run at the end of the month.

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Isn't this Elizabeth Banks' character from "30 Rock"?

Sorry to see "Happy Hour"go, but once Rebecca Gomez leaves Fox, I'll leave.

She made it worthwhile sitting through all the boring financial news, and putting up with that annoying numbskull, Cody Willard.

Sorry, dude, but I don't care that you're a wannabe rock star. I just want to see Rebecca.

Hopefully, she'll get her own show somewhere else, sometime soon. When she does, I -- and millions of others -- will be there.


Guess I won't be watching Fox Biz at 5 any longer.

Hi Sorry to see the show has moved on! There were interesting guests and it was a good attempt at mixing business news with politics. New show more investigative but a tough carry for an hour. Agree with previous comments - Cody a little too far out there.

So sorry Happy Hour has been canceled. It was nice to see a different twist to other wise boring financial news. Fox has lost me for this hour.

I thought Happy Hour, was great, and couldn't wait, till the show came on. We felt we were at the bar with then we we all sat in my game room watching the show.

A lot of people went to that bar to just watch them live, and I bet that they being cancelled,has hurt the Bull & Bear Business.

They should of just found another network, and run the same show there. I saw a lot of famous people on that show, and made a lot of money from their tips on the market.

I do hope somebody picks up the program and run it on another Network.

I no longer watch FOX!

Can Fox get any more boring? Friends in the Morning, IMUS, and now that clown-finance person from CNN? It is getting to the point where there is a good argument to just get rid of my cable/sat tv except that I like watching the sports still and that is most off-air. FOX goes soft just when we need to have a conduit to to keep the voter anger on the front burner. Massage job.


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