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Wildlife group targets Discovery with anti-Sarah Palin ad campaign

Palin ad A wildlife group spearheading a petition drive to persuade Discovery Communications to drop an upcoming docu-series starring Sarah Palin plans to launch a provocative ad campaign around the company’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Md.

The ads, which are scheduled to go up in a few weeks on bus shelters and throughout the Silver Spring Metro area, declare: “Discovery just redefined obscenity on TV: Sarah Palin as an Alaska wildlife show host." In the photo, a bloodied wolf dangles from a small plane.

Defenders of Wildlife, a Washington, D.C.-based group that focuses on protecting wolves and other species, argues that Palin’s record on environmentalism makes her ill-suited to host a show about Alaska’s outdoors. The program, tentatively titled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” is scheduled to premiere later this year on Discovery’s TLC network.

A TLC spokeswoman declined to comment. Efforts to reach Palin through her spokesman and her political action committee were not successful.

The wildlife group said it plans to keep the ads up for a month as part of its effort to cancel the program. The group is coordinating a petition drive that it says has directed at least 250,000 e-mails to the company so far.

“This is the largest response we’ve ever had to any of our actions,” said Jeff Regen, vice president of online marketing and communications for the organization. “We’re not going to stop until we win.”

-- Matea Gold (Follow me on Twitter.)

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Why is she always in red or black leather, am I the only one that notices?

Mary, I noticed too. By the way, many people have noticed that the red leather jacket is exactly like the one the RNC purchased during the campaign. She always said she sent those clothes back to the RNC to be sold for charity. This is not the first time she's worn clothes from the campaign.

Mary said.... "Why is she always in red or black leather, am I the only one that notices?"

So what? Johnny Cash wore black..... all the time. What's the problem? Jay-Z has cologne called "Black"? Should I be worried?

Mary.. dear... get a life ok?

It seems a bit over the top.

Sounds like an attempt to eliminate Free Speech to me. www.thefedupamerican.com

I've NEVER seen Palin in Any Leather.

So ...yeah.
it's ONLY you.

Seriously? What is she a politician? A future Presidential nominee? OR a cheap celebrity? I voter for cheap celebrity.

Isn't it amazing? Sarah Palin, routinely dismissed as a nobody, a sideshow, an insignificant redneck from Alaska, regularly dissed by the haters on the left . . . if she's such an insignificant nobody, why does she bring out the fangs and claws of the scurrying rats?

The fear of her by the left wingers is stunning. You can smell it.

Go Sarah, GO.

They hate you, but above all, they fear you.

This woman is nothing more than a dressed up hick. She is unable to enunciate, lies, steals, is unethical and basically needs to open a bondage club. No accomplishments in life, she can't finish anything and obviously has poor DNA. But wait, she is the Republican gift that keeps on giving! Who needs to show anything but her speaking, to insure Democratic re-elction across this nation. As for her wildlife credentials, well it is too bad that we couldn't place her in an arena with wild predators and she gets a simple weapon - an old style Roman event. Televise it and based on the outcome, we can text to have a wolf pack rip her to shreds or she leaves as victor. I would watch that!

Leather... it's a dog-whistle to the older men in the GOP who like her because of her sex appeal. Tickles their love of dominance. She's a whip-crackin' regular gal who'll get things done.

She's not the problem, she's a symptom of the problem. In her rise to popularity you can see most Americans embrace willful ignorance and the 'proud redneck' syndrome.

I think they should allow Discovery to air the show and and let people decide what is good or not.

June, I am no Palin fan but she earned 12 million in the last year. I am sure she can afford a leather coat if she wanted one in all colors of the rainbow.

TLC has become a real cesspool of a station and Sarah Palin is the queen of the cesspool.

Palin represents the the pinnacle of the Populist phenomenon.
"She's just like us." The "Hockey Mom".
It follows in the play book of the GOP...
George Bush...Yale Graduate, from one of the most elite families ( from the North East U.S.) in the country..Was re-created as being the guy you would want to have a Beer with.

Anyone actually considered what a Sara Palin in the oval office, would have done, if say she was President during a Cuban Missile Crisis type international incident? Would she have been able to referrence diplomatic history lessons and books or would she have just gone with the Joint Chiefs telling her to Bomb and Invade Cuba ( we all know how that would have turned out...most of us would not be here today.)

I don't know about the rest of you. I want somebody in the oval office that's BETTER educated and smarter, than the collective "US".

May I ask if you know the definition of a "redneck"? It seems as if you do not. It is extremely immature to call someone a name when you do not even use it in the proper format. Furthermore, she WAS a politician so why question that? Do yo REALLY care that she is going to host a show? She is a host. So what? I'm sure the host of 'American Idol' doesn't have an amazing singing voice, but he is the host. Live your own life and let others live theirs.

Shame on Discovery for trying to hire a total moron.

Sarah Palin and her anti-education ilk make me sick to my stomach; they represent to me the barbarians that will tear our civilization apart.

A freak show grooming the misfit for the Oval Office.....what a disgusting bunch of low-lifes we've become, buying into either Party's ideal mindless finger puppet. Sara PAY-IN is about the lowest form of politician imaginable, and thus, the Repubs will 'Anoint' her, just as the Dems did Obama......TABLOID AMERICANS FOR MINDLESSNESS!!!

Nobody FEARS the Palin. We mock her. We laugh at her. We are amazed that there is a group of people so uninformed or so gullible to believe that this ding-dong is getting the reach she gets. She's a dope. A dork. An urban legend come to life. What is scary is the ignorance of her audience. What is scary is that this ignorance is a choice. But make no bones about it, we aren't scared of this drag queen. She only wishes she was Hilary Clinton. (Who ain't liberal either.)

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