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Tina Fey plans to take on Sarah Palin again when she returns to 'SNL' Saturday

When Tina Fey returns to “Saturday Night Live” to guest host on April 10, she’ll apparently be reviving one of her most popular impressions. Fey told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper that she expects to portray former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in another sketch.

“I’m sure we’ll be trying to write something about her,” Fey said during an interview to promote her new movie, “Date Night.”

A spokeswoman for “SNL” said she could not confirm which sketches were in the works, noting that it was a live program subject to change.

Fey’s devastating take on the onetime GOP vice presidential nominee was one of the standout memes of the 2008 presidential contest, culminating with a guest appearance on “SNL” by Palin herself.

The writer and actress said she’s been too busy working on “30 Rock” to pay much attention to Palin in recent weeks, but the former Alaska governor has offered her fans and critics plenty of fodder. She joined former running mate John McCain on the campaign trail, debuted a new show on Fox News and signed a deal to star in a docu-series about Alaska that will air on TLC.

-- Matea Gold

Video: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in a September 2008 episode of "Saturday Night Live." Credit: NBC via Hulu

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Sure, why not. Anything to take the heat off Obama and his reckless and disasterous policies. Sarah has no power and yet lefties keep attacking.

Who is Tina Fey?

So....I don't get it.

Why keep piling on this woman?
She is a non-factor in politics and this incessant piling on by the media and my fellow democrats and liberal entertainers is very mean spirited.

I was one of the few who still watch SNL.
No more.
grow up folks.

Sarah Palin has no power??? Who are you kidding? She's got an entire network supporting her and she is a figurehead for the Teabaggers. She is eminently qualified to be a figure of satire.

Enough of Tina Who? Can't she find a real job? She is a terrible actress. We are really sick of this tired old clubbing of Sarah Palin - please get a life.

What are you all so afraid off? Must be women as they are usually jealous of an acomplished and good looking woman.

Isn't it time to Move On?

Looking past the way the media smeared Palin, when do SNL & the rest start in on Obama, or his wife?

Oh, right, that would be in bad taste, & racist, got it.

No double-standard if we don't look at it, right?

My only regret is that Palin is still getting so much attention. I wish she'd disappear already. However, Palin provides much comic material! It's really sad that has two shows in the works. But I guess if Paris Hilton had a show, it makes sense that Palin would, too. I definitely look forward to this week's SNL.

No offense, people, but a get a sense of humor. It's funny. People would love to see Tina Fey nail her impersonation of Palin again and again. There's no limit to the amount of stupidity that Palin will display, so why not poke fun at it? It's funny. It's not a lack of maturity on SNL's part. Or are you a Republican in the closet? Oh. My.

Pailin has no power???? You've got to be kidding!! Yeah, she resigned from office and now she has the backing of a giant media network, is a darling of the Right, and a figurehead for the Teabaggers. She is definitely a legitimate object for a satirical sketch .

Hey Patricia Gardiner, maybe you should learn some grammer, and by the way if you think Palin is accomplished then that would explain your poor grammer. That woman is dumber than dirt and she wants to run for president? God protect us all from fools like her who lead all the teabagger and Republican idiots towards the destruction of this country.

Hey michelle

"Hey Patricia Gardiner, maybe you should learn some grammer,..."

When you blast someone for poor grammar, learn to spell grammar first.

My point is that Ms. Palin is a no-talent who ran from politics.
She decided she could capitalize on this media obsession of her and make millions. And she has, with Book deals and two television shows.
And the MEDIA made her a teabagger figurehead- everything I've read says those crazies HATE her.

Yet you all seem to think she's ripe for satire for some reason.
Okay, Fine.
Spend your days focusing on her and her NON-issues.
She has turned this attention to her ignorance to gold.
Yet you all seem to want to feed that.

I remember that we've got men and women fighting in two wars abroad and we as Americans have larger problems at home than some 2 bit politico who landed a reality show.

And, Rollin Robbie - I Never said she had no power.
People like you GIVE it to her.

Why keep dumping on this person? Hmmm... Perhaps it's because she's the biggest idiot who has been in politics in the US since George W. Bush. Any respectable democrat would welcome a satire of Obama and laugh it off, knowing that it is in good fun. Maybe you are upset about Palin being lampooned because the lampoon is so eerily similar to real-life. I have no ill-will toward Republicans. I just feel bad for them. It is unfortunate that they have chosen such a poor representative as a leading figure of their party.

It will be interesting to see if SNL will be as sharp and condescending in parodies of Michelle Obama as they are on Sarah Palin.

Tina Fey will soon only be known for her impression of Palin and will narrow her career prospects by sticking to this one cariacture that she invented which bears little resemblance to Palin in mannerisms or sayings...ie, she never said "I can see Russia from my house" ..that's a Fey invention..I guess that shows the breadth of her talent as an small potatoes actress.
As for Palin...she remains the primary choice for Prez by the tea party movement...and guess what..the recent Gallup Poll showed this movement has a healthy dose of independents and even some democrats (in total more than Republicans)..ie, good cross section of American voters likely to go to the Polls in 2012...so much for the line of thought about Palin not appealing to independents or even some conservative democrats...looks like Obama is the one whose base is narrowing to the far left of the democratic party (by his own chosing through his policies) while Palin's base is broadening.

Patricia Gardener,

"Must be women as they are usually jealous of an acomplished and good looking woman."

Says you....you are as ignorant as she is and sexist to boot. People don't like her because she is stupid and hate mongering. The only reason she has a platform is because ignorant folk such as yourself are too scared to think for themselves.


A Beautiful Successful Woman Who Thinks Palin Is A Moron Because She Is.

My vote is for a skit called "Palin's BFF Reality Show". Just think of the sh** she (Fey/Palin) could put the poor contestants through!

Fey should just do new version of The Beverly Hillbillies with Palin in the White House. Who'd be Mr. Drysdale? Fox's Rupert Murdoch? Granny/President Palin: "Todddd! Go hunt me some moose so we can use the fancy White House eatin' table with the pool cue stick pot passers!"

Tina who?

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