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'The City' sneak peek: Can Olivia make nice with Erin?

The-city-mtv-olivia-palermoIn Season 1 of MTV’s “The City,” Olivia Palermo was the girl we loved to hate.

She constantly undermined Whitney Port at DVF and then Erin Kaplan at Elle. She was lucky enough to have people around who covered for her, but her luck ran out in last season’s finale.

As Joe Zee’s “Today” show segment crept closer, Erin took it upon herself to replace Olivia’s disastrous pull. When Erin asked Olivia if she wanted to review the new pieces, Olivia declined. That would be to her detriment. When Joe needed the info right before he went on camera, Olivia was useless. He ended up winging the segment and flubbing a few price points.

Back at the office, an angry Joe calls Olivia and Erin in for a meeting. By the end of the meeting, it's clear these women shouldn’t be working with each other. Tired of the dead weight that is Olivia, Erin makes an ultimatum: Olivia goes or she does.

In Tuesday night's premiere episode, Joe finally lets Olivia have it, and we find out how he intends to deal with Erin’s ultimatum.

Do you think Olivia will be able to “work it out” with Erin?

-- Jethro Nededog (follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)


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Photo: Olivia Palermo gets a new gig at Elle in the premiere of MTV’s “The City.” Credit: MTV
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Erin and Whitney should be unemployed. We all realize WHY Erin disliked Whitney on sight. Jealousy. Pure jealousy at first sight. However, jealousy, the basest of emotions should be masked, completely masked, not prominently displayed. Erin openly hates Whitney. That is not acceptable. Whitney was indeed disrespectful, unprofessional, and careless in her first assignments. The most indifferent attitude I’d ever seen in any workplace, plus gross insubordination. Whitney is nothing more than a rich condescending nouveau “deb” who relishes her power and enjoys Erin’s envy and frustration. However, Erin’s unprofessional faces, sneering, frowning, and eye rolling is immature to an extreme I cannot fathom in a professional corporation.. How can a woman working for ELLE magazine be unprofessional ON TV? !!! I no longer buy ELLE. After almost 20 years I refuse to buy a magazine that would employ such ridiculous creatures. These horrid women are NOT whom I would take style or fashion advice. Both should have been fired immediately. There is no shortage of talented young people who would kill for a chance to work at ELLE and in turn would not embarrass the reputation of the publication.

Ummmm I think you meant to say that Erin disliked Olivia, not Whitney lol. All good though, just thought I'd let you know :-)


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