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'The Amazing Race': Marching to the beat of a different drummer


The five remaining teams left behind Penang, Malaysia, on this week's episode of "The Amazing Race" for a leg in Singapore that tested the teams' abilities to count and count out beats but also proved just how each of them truly marches to the beat of a different drummer.

Brothers Dan and Jordan seem to be playing the race for themselves and not getting mired in inter-team conflicts or hostilities. This week, they even went so far as to agree not to elbow the other teams or hold anyone back. They're playing for the shared experience and the sense of adventure and aren't focusing on anyone else's game other than their own.

Similarly, brothers Jet and Cord are looking to win but their calm, aw shucks attitude has colored everything they've done on the race. Supportive, understanding and cool under pressure, these two have mastered the art of gamesmanship without resorting to dirty tricks. They're cowboy gentlemen, through and through.

Carol and Brandy are hyper-competitive. They're focused on winning above all else, but they're so distracted by the other teams--particularly the cowboys--that they're not really running the best race. Still, even they're confused about why the other teams view them as a threat.

The cops are trying to just do their best, even when the race gives them lemons. Or ice cream sandwiches. Their friendship hasn't been tested by their time on "The Amazing Race" and they've shown themselves to be steadfast friends and good competitors, especially in the second half of the season. They're adaptive and resourceful (even going so far as to attempt to steal the ladies' cab this week), though they seem to be far too willing to get to the end with teams that they like rather than weeding out the competition. That could prove to be their downfall.

And then there's couple Brent and Caite--or as Brandy dubbed them, "Brent and Caite Gump"--who have fallen prey to the cops' fatherly attitude and been brainwashed into thinking that U-Turning Brandy and Carol is the end-all-be-all of the entire race. Nevermind that the cowboys or the brothers are far fiercer competition. But these two clueless models have been so upset by the comments that the lesbians made early on that they've let their insipid rivalry with them overtake everything else.

I have to say that I'm really surprised that Brent and Caite made it this far in the race, but they clearly don't realize that they've been manipulated by the cops into eliminating Brandy and Carol, rather than them. While Michael and Louie might call them their "wolf cubs," I don't think the cops would have taken the two of them under their wings quite so readily if it had been, say, Brent and another dude. 

Could Brent and Caite have altered the outcome of this season by U-Turning another team? Hell yes. They could have--and should have--U-Turned the cowboys, thus all but ensuring that they would be eliminated this week. (I'm glad they didn't though, as I'm rooting for Jet and Cord to win the race.) Or they could have betrayed Michael and Louie and got them out of the race too. But they didn't. Are these two naive? Or just plain stupid?

Carol and Brandy certainly thought it was the latter. Even they were stunned that Brent and Caite would waste the second of only two U-Turns on them this week. Among their theories: that Caite did it because Brandy is "prettier than she is" and because Caite "hasn't built her career on intelligence." (I'll agree with the latter but not the former.) U-Turning Brandy and Carol, the models ended up finishing second this leg. (Whah!??!)

Getting U-Turned seemed to sap the strength of Carol and Brandy, reducing them to little more than sniping by the time they had to do the other half of the Detour this week. Seeing Carol say "There's no swine flu" when attempting to sell ice cream sandwiches to local Singaporeans was pretty darn depressing. And there was no way that they were going to catch up to the other teams when there was still a Road Block (involving counting the number of links in a massive chain at the shipyard), a mega-zip line (soaring over 1,200 feet), and then a race to the Pit Stop. So it was no surprise that they were eliminated, with a few choice words pointed at Brent and Caite for good measure.

On the other end of the spectrum, Dan and Jordan overcame a fear of heights to tackle the Fast Forward, which involved riding the Singapore Flier to its height and then exiting the car and climbing to an adjacent car, high above the city. Jordan bravely pushed through a crippling fear of heights and Dan easily accomplished the task, leaving them with a first-place finish and a pair of motorbikes, which will likely remain in the garage. ("Our mother would kill us," said Jordan in all seriousness.)

While the cops attempted to fulfill the Fast Forward, they got there too late to do so and had to turn around. Still, they managed to remain ahead of Brandy and Carol and finish the roadblock just after Jet and Cord, with the cowboys finishing third and the cops fourth.

I was glad to see the cowboys end up in the middle of the pack, rather than the bottom after their disastrous performance in the drumming Detour. Though with their trademark self-deprecating humor, Jet admitted that the "closest thing to a musical instrument that we play is a radio." Aw.

Four teams remain, but we'll have to wait two weeks to see just what happens next. Me, I'm still rooting for Jet and Cord to win this thing, and I'd honestly be very happy to see any of the teams end up in the final three. Other than Brent and Caite, that is. Those two have got to go, and soon. Can I get a drumroll?

What did you think of this week's episode? Happy or sad to see Brandy and Carol go?  Who are you rooting for now that we've only got four teams left? And who will go home next? Head to the comments section to discuss. 

-- Jace Lacob (Follow my musings on television, food and more television on Twitter at @televisionary)

Photo: Brandy and Carol, smiling rather than bickering, on "The Amazing Race." Credit: CBS / Monty Brinton.

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Golly Carol and Brandy, I guess you forgot what mama said about playing nice. Karma is a bitch, and you ladies found that out today.
It was actually sickening to hear what both had to say about Caite. I am not a fan of Caite, but really, Carol and Brandy sounded like playground bullies.
Still, Brandy is the snarkiest one of the couple and I would just like to point out to Carol that just because Brandy is pretty outside, doesn't mean she is inside. C'mon, Carol, you can do better than that bitter cow.

The lesbians had it coming. Personally, I'd rather be racing with respectful teams who than two women who seem to have taken it upon themselves to make Caite look stupid, but all they are really doing is making themselves look like vindictive spinsters.

To be fair, Carol and Brandy were rude to Caite and Brent numerous times. Like in the WWII challenge when they said see stupid people do the army stuff smart people do the morse code. I thought they were rude and I am glad they are gone.

Also I don't think it was stupid to use the U-Turn on them. Nobody thinks Brent and Caite will win. They are by far the weakest team left, anybody they U-Turned would have been a stronger team than them. And sometimes, someone else's loss is just as good as your win when you don't like the person.

Miss Sc proved her stupidness again......she should have targeted a stronger team...but she could not get over the "lesbian" word..she kept saying"the lesbians"......"the lesbians"..detour "the lesbians"..come on now how many times can u use that phrase....they HAVE NAMES.......u dumb ass.....

I'm just glad to see those mean women go! They were not only mean to the other teams, they were so mean to each other. See ya! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

LESBIANS LESBIANS LESBIANS LESBIANs..THAT"S WHAT THEY ARE, Why be offended? Glad to see they got booted!! LMFAO

The "models" could have picked a stronger team to U-Turn...but the "lesbians" certainly gave them more than enough reason to feel animosity and use it against them. Even after they lost they just kept making comments and it made you think..."you got what you deserved". As far as calling them the "lesbians"..we said "cowboys"..."brothers"...'detectives" .."models" so why not 'lesbians"...nothing derogatory in that.

Sadly they gave the team something to think about...a negative factor so they U-Turned them. Hopefully the "lesbians" learned a lesson in how to treat people.

Absolutely delighted about outcome. Brandy and Carol had horrible attitudes throughout the show. The name calling and bickering between themselves made the show so unpleasant. I'm sure editing might had made them more 'unloveable' but maybe the only people who like them are each other.

Carol and Brandy were snarky and negative between themselves, but who cares? They were funny, it's called being witty. C'mon, we ALL would've made a crack about Miss Such As and The Iraq. Let's not pretend that Brent and Caite were any more positive and sportsmanlike at any time. She took a nine-year olds delight in referring to the women's sexual orientation... as if it would've been okay to call the Globetrotters "The Blacks." And if you think it's unlikely that a South Carolina dimwit would take an extra disliking to Carol and Brandy because they're lesbians, read some of the comments on these boards about "the gay agenda" on this show.

I seriously cheered when he said they were gone. There attitudes towards each other in times of stress and towards other players at any given moment were rude and arrogant and I was sick of them from the start.

Carol and Brandy owe Caite a debt of gratitude. In the clips we saw of them, the only time they were happy together is when they were bonding over their dislike of Caite. They were so negative, and their brand of humor didn't work for me. Generally, I don't find bully humor funny. Seriously, Gump? Really? The originality of their humor is non-existent. And I'm not a Brent or Caite fan. Bye Carol and Brandy. You only have yourselves to blame.

Karma often finds a way on TAR, and I wouldn't be surprised if the detectives are the next to go. Off that, I see Brent and Caite in the final. There usually is one antagonistic team in the final threesome. I'm actually rooting for Dan and Jordan, but I also really like Jet and Cord. I'm pretty satisified as my two favorite teams from the start are in the final four.

I think people who bully other people frequently think they're just being "funny" What I don't get is why the two ladies felt the need to belittle someone who they obviously thought was beneath them. I'm also thinking when you're in your late 40's you should be above making fun of someone for what they said when they were 17. Carol & Brandy will not be missed by me.

I am proud of the race Carol and Brandy had. They did an amazing job and almost escaped elimination even though they had to complete both detours. They were incredibly funny throughout the race and I will miss their humor. I especially liked Brandy's impressions of Caite the bigot. Not surprising everybody forgets Brent called Carol and Brandy b*tches at the start of leg 9 on the train. After that I didn't care what Carol and Brandy said about Brent and Caite the bigot. Or how Caite from the start of the race has used the word lesbian in a deragotory manner for labeling Carol and Brandy.

Those "models", and by "models" I mean examples of human debris, are nothing short of repugnant. They are in second only because they can tap their appendages in time - something I've seen monkeys, parrots and kitty-cats do countless times. Icky doesn't even come close to describing them.

The cowboys are the only team with the mojo to win. I hope.

Only stupid, ignorant people would quote "Karma" to justify bigotry when labeling Carol and Brandy as "the Lesbians". Labels are for groceries, people. Yes, Carol and Brandy were just as snarky as the mental midgets, Caite and Brent, who will never find work in the modeling industry with such low I.Q.'s. But did they deserve being offed? No...and I do hope in two weeks we'll see Dumb and Dumber be eliminated. Go Jet and Cord!

i was sad to see carol and brandy eliminated---this show should be all about conflict between the teams--now we're left with a bunch of boring teams---those cops have been incredibly lucky--- don't think they're that strong of a team.

It is no more bigotry to call Carol and Brandy the Lesbians as it is to call Jeff and Cort the Cowboys. Only when you put a negative conotation on the term would it be considered bigotry. All the remaining teams have a label, the cops, the cowboys, the brothers, the lesbians and the models. Of all of those, the only team to use those terms in a negative way was Carol and Brandy when refering to the models and the cowboys. Never did Brent and Caite suggest that they were U-Turning that team because of their sexual orientation. It was all about how they treated them and the other teams. Let's face it, the Lesbians have been mean and bitter old women and have allienated most of the other teams and a lot of viewers. Might not have been the best strategy but I probably would have done the same. And even if they never came in first, they did come in second a lot it seems.

I'm glad Carol and Brandy got U-turned and eliminated from the race. They are the meanest group in the bunch. In an earlier episode, they complained loudly that the Jet and Cord had an advantage in the lassoing contest. Yet, as Jet and Cord pointed out, Carol and Brandy were able to speak Spanish, but no one complained about that. Carol and Brandy were just a pair of whiners who thought the world should be handed to them on a silver platter because of their self-inflated egos.

Carol & Brandy, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Brandy should look on the bright side. Now she can get those facial moles looked at, and can check out gum reduction surgery. Just don't go to the plastic surgeon that did Carol's nose-job. Yikes!
What a b*tch!

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