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'Real Housewives of New York City': The confrontation

Let me preface this post by thanking the folks at Bravo for not including even more footage -- which I’m sure there is -- of Kelly mentioning her spread in "the most infamous book in the world." Instead, we had to watch her parade around town in a mini-dress and beanie -- which apparently makes her in-tune with fashion trends? -- as she ambushed people on the street about their ensembles for a piece she’s writing (?) in a magazine. I don’t know what was worse, her high-pitched ‘Saw-rees’ (English translation: sorry) and pipsqueak “awws”; the fact that she asked minors if they were wearing underwear; or her inability to snap a picture. Oy. 

But there was too much drama going on in this episode to even process all that ridiculousness.

It started with the walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. Ramona and Bethenny managed to turn a pleasant stroll into a nail-biting one. Bethenny’s rift with Jill, of course, became the topic of conversation. Things slowly escalated from there. And Ramona, who has slowly become my new favorite housewife, had this to say to Bethenny: “At least I have friends. You have no friends … right now you have Jason and you’ll probably mess that up, too.” Ouch! I was waiting for the shot of Bethenny tossing Ramona off the side of the bridge. Didn’t happen. Too many witnesses, maybe?  

Back in Manhattan, the Bobbsey Twins (Jill and LuAnn) are having a slumber party, and the newfound relationship between Kelly and Bethenny comes up. Jill finds it hypocritical and sneaky of Kelly to have buried the hatchet with Bethenny, given all that has been said between them. Jill, Jill, Jill. Let’s be honest. You're just scared that you might be losing a member of Team Jill. What should it matter? Ya still have LuAnn! She speaks French in her one-on-one interviews! And she gives two kisses on the cheek -- even when others only want to give one! What more could you want? Apparently, she wants Alex.

After the minor confrontation at the Saks event, Jill visits Alex in Brooklyn to … bond with her children? How sweet. But, first, the fakeness. Alex brings up how Jill mentioned she looked stressed at the event -- and Jill interrupts to shower Alex with compliments about how she thinks she looked amazing and beautiful. It was like her thought bubble read, “I can’t lose another one to Team Bethenny.” Then Alex mentions that she and Kelly would be walking in Brooklyn’s Fashion Week. And Jill -- unable to go one hour without mentioning her Siamese twin these days -- reminds Alex that LuAnn is a model, hinting that her participation would be a good thing. Oh, but “she’s not a 1; I’m a 1,” Jill says. Uh … OK. Thanks for pointing that out. And what would a scene be without an attempt to get Jill and Bethenny to make up? Jill scoffs at the idea.

So you can imagine how upset Jill is when she is “ambushed” at Ramona’s with a visit from Bethenny. Dun-dun-DUN! Oh, wait. LuAnn is peeved because Bethenny wants to talk to Jill, not her. Of course. Of course! Anyway, Bethenny and Jill hash it out on the couch. Bethenny cries. Jill doesn’t. Nothing’s resolved because LuAnn has a car waiting downstairs. Oh, how I wish she’d get inside it and go back to the Hamptons. And, of course, LuAnn has to point out how Bethenny didn’t even say hello to her. NOBODY CARES! 

So Show Trackers, what did you think of Thursday’s episode? Why do you think Jill can’t seem to forgive Bethenny, given how close they used to be? Are you Team Jill or Team Bethenny? And are you excited, like me, for next week's episode to see Ramona walk down that runway?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Bethenny Frankel and Alex McCord. Credit: Bravo

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Message to Andy Cohen: Sometimes, TOO MUCH DRAMA IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD. Quite frankly, I am getting sick of the slights and digging and offenses and gossiping and backstabbing. I long for a lighthearted episode where Simon is running around in leather pants or Ramona's daughter is cringing over her mother's tight outfits. I don't want my mindless TV to be so stress-ridden as it has been so far with RHONY, so I may just give up watching the rest of the season.

Jill is a she wolf! What an awful,coldbloodied display of womanhood!I remember real slights from girlfreinds,"Drop Dead!,Go F yourself" "I hope you die" "Your fat" all come to mind.But,"You need another hobby"? Jill,is clearly jealous of Bethaney and her success,yet to hear her talk she fed and clothed her while she waited for her big break,then Bethaney gets a break,and Jill gets even.Ramona needs a punch in her stupid,ill mannered face.Lu Ann is just a silly woman ,lost without her marital status.Kelly is simple and harmless....Alex was an is my favorite.

I'm certainly no fan of Kelly, but the first 'real' job for future First Lady Jackie Kennedy when she finished school was writing a newspaper column and taking pictures for it.

I don't believe she knew how to operate the camera but someone was probably more than happy to assist her.

Team Bethenny. No question...the girl was in pain. You cannot fake the pain that she was in. I think Jill needs to stop hanging out with Luann because Luann brings out the worst in Jill. Jill needs Bobby to straighten her a@$ out and put all of this into perspective. Jill even knows she was wrong...said that she was starting to believe she was wrong. Did you catch that?

Bravo even added footage showing Jill "ambush" Bethenny and Kelly last season wanting them to make-up. It's clear to me that the producers find Jill out of line and over the top.

Sadly, Jill was my favorite housewife...she is now near the bottom with Luann right below her.

Right on Lori. Jill can't take Bethenny's success - LouAnn is the new needy person. I think LouAnn is really the big trouble maker. She is trying to promote this separation so she can have her little friend. I think all of the others are trying to get along - Jill and LouAnn are trying to keep the rift going. It is utterly senseless and such a waste of time and energy...

How twisted that Jill said she doesn't need the toxicity in her life. Looks to me like Bethenny is the one about to asphyxiate from the toxic fumes. I wonder if when Bravo told the ladies to step up the drama or they'd be out, this is what they had in mind? Brutal. And who knew that Alex would wind up looking like the most sane housewife? With Bethenny leaving, they should keep her. That show does need one likable person. LuAnn is a cinch for least likable. The look of pure glee on her face when Jill and Bethenny are fighting tells you everything you need to know about what a miserable human being she is. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes in Season 4 for Jill and LuAnn to start going at it, once Bethenny is out of the picture and they don't have her to focus on anymore. I'll just have to read the blogs to find out, cuz last night the show flip flopped between too painful to watch and too boring to watch. I'm gonna watch crazy Ramona walk down the runway and call it quits.

Jill is clearly manipulativ and incredibly self-serving. Not the makings of a true friend,walk away Bethany and don't look back again.Enough is enough.
Jill is so jealous its pathetic.I wonder what her daughter thinks of her?She certainly looks alot like a two-faced hypocrite form my view.
The Countess is definetly the worst. And apparently the housewives know that better than us. Jill will get hers with this one, can't wait. I am confused about one thing though. Why does she consider Bethany a she-devil for calling her a snake to her face,(a name that fits ), but she is still pals with Ramona who called her a "whore," when she didn't realize Jill had her on speaker. One of Jill's trouble-making tricks, that we see routinely.
Kelly harmless and dumb.
Alex very likable , and so is her family .
Ramona tells it like it is, so why is it a mortal sin when Bethanny does???

I was totally sick to my stomach watching the last episode with that two face miserable, rotten Jill and her sidekick Luann. Shame on those two old hags . The way Jill spoke to Bethenny is going to come back and kick her in the butt. That false face Jill needs a good slap in the chops. She was my favorite in season 1 and Alex. Now, Jill is nothing but an old, big nosed rotten beotch. Bethenny you are GREAT-stay away from that scum bag Jill and her twin Luann. You are way better. What grown up constantly plays over and over a phone recording? That is grade school-really! Jill-YOU DO NEED A HOBBY-GROW UP! Like get a nose job!

I have watched all episodes of Housewives of NYC and all the other parts of the country.
I think Jill is an embarassment to women. She is the epitomy of woman who hate and are jealous of woman. Jill and Luann belong together. They are the example of teenage girlfriends. You can only be my girlfriend, if you're not friends with Betheny,Alex or Ramona. Kelly doesn't even count, she has no substance. In my opinion Betheny should just forget about Jill.
Jill is condenscending. She was rude and ignorant when she was at the fashion show in Brooklyn that Alex presented. If being in Manhattan was an example of Jill, I would much rather be in Brooklyn with people with manners,consideration
and loyalty. Money does not but integrity. How could anyone be friens with Jill. She is two faced.


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