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'Real Housewives of New York City': Frenemies

April 2, 2010 |  9:14 am

Jill Hey, Show Trackers, just an FYI because I don’t know if it’s been mentioned: Kelly is posing for Playboy. Oh, wait, you got the memo from the THOUSANDS of times it’s been pointed out? Yeah, thought so. Are we going to be “forced” to watch every single process of this issue coming together? Watching paper being bonded together is not my idea of must-see TV.

If you tuned in, you saw as Kelly was interviewed by the “most handsome journalist” she’s ever met in her life for her feature in Playboy. And what a painfully awkward sight that was to see for several reasons: 1) She was way too into knowing what he thought of her nude photos. Oh, Kelly, you’re so shy sometimes; 2) That whole “A lot of people are curious to know what I look like without my clothes” statement was beyond ridiculous. Who are these “people”? Maybe they’re the ones that stole your pants in that Labor Day fiasco of an episode and; 3) Well, you saw it. You know. And is it me, or is she incredibly tan in her one-on-one interviews?

But on to the fighting. 

Bethenny is peeved after an article in the paper mentions her rocky relationships with her fellow “Real Housewives,” particularly Jill, whom she thinks planted the article given the details: “If it looks like a Jill, and walks like a Jill … it’s probably a Jill.” She’s so upset by it she brings it up when she meets with Kelly, Ramona and Alex (oh, and her “day gay,” who seems to moonlight as Duckie from “Pretty in Pink”) as they plan a Brooklyn event. It eventually escalates into a Bethenny-Kelly debacle, which Alex -- who’s still upset with Jill over the comments she made about her children (it’s no wonder her storyline has been downsized. Is that all the drama you can provide, Alex?) -- puts a stop to. But that is only the appetizer.

The big blowout comes when Bethenny decides to call Jill -- who is at her apartment entertaining LuAnn -- in an attempt to mend their friendship. And we are reminded once more how girlish these women are. Jill, of course, puts the call on speaker so the her new bestie can hear. I’m surprised she didn’t bring out a tape recorder. They both share their frustrations. Jill was hurt Bethenny didn’t make more of an effort to see if Bobby was OK. Bethenny didn’t think his illness was that serious given all the gallivanting Jill was apparently doing. Voices get louder. Emotions get bigger. Jill eventually ends the call and a distraught Bethenny cries curbside. But all that doesn’t matter because, in the end, it was all about LuAnn: “I don’t want to see her [Bethenny] after she called me a snake.” Uh, OK … but no one asked. 

So Show Trackers, what did you think of the episode? Do you kind of wish diarrhea of the mouth was a real ailment? Are you just as exhausted as I am with Kelly’s incessant mentioning of her Playboy spread? Or was her even more incessant mentioning of her flirtation with the journalist more mind-numbing?

--Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Jill Zarin. Credit: Bravo