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'Melrose Place': Trust your instincts

April 6, 2010 | 11:10 pm
Melrose place sepulveda

It's been about a week in TV show time since we last left our friends at 4616 Melrose Place and things are just starting to pick up.

-- Ella is still scheming to find some dirt on Amanda, so she tries to seduce Jonah, the apparent IT whiz, into helping her (Really? It took her a whole seven days to think up the sexy lingerie act?).

Jonah says "you can't undo one illegal action with another" (does he know what show he's on?) and opts to go for the roller coaster ride that is getting fired and then re-hired on his movie. This is all for the love of Riley Richmond, who seems to have run into Drew's waiting arms.

I love that Ella's senses are always on red alert and she is worldly enough to recognize the food critic who decides to pop into David's restaurant the day after he fires mean Marcello and the missing artwork that Amanda's blood-hounding (because apparently Amanda's stupid enough to leave a neatly organized paper trail?) And she still gets to tell David that his restaurant is "Yelp proof."

I'm also guessing that Ella shops at instead of Net-A-Porter. Despite her wardrobe choices, she's loaded enough to put a stop to Jonah and Drew's testosterone throw down over an auctioned-off date with Riley. Amanda should take her under her wing and let her teach her how to Twitter, not try to send her to prison. OK, the latter is probably more fun to watch ...

-- For his part, the amazing, talented singing Dr. Drew has been stealing blood from the recently dead who just happen to have Dr. Mancini's -- apparently faulty -- heart valve. He decides to share this information with Lauren. She takes it surprisingly well, as this information would have been a heck of a lot more useful a few weeks ago when her former mentor/boyfriend's father was blackmailing her. I'm sure she's not plotting revenge at all.

Drew says that several people have died because the valve is "leaching toxins into the blood stream." I'm going to trust my own instincts here and guess that Drew too is bent on revenge, and Mancini's brilliant device killed someone he loved. A father? Mother? Little brother? Girlfriend? Share your thoughts after the jump. 

-- Whitney Friedlander

Photo: Riley and Drew share a romantic evening in the pool. Credit: The CW