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'Más Sabe El Diablo': El beso

April 9, 2010 | 11:21 am

Manuela I don't even know donde empezar. No hay palabras. No. Hay. Palabras! Vas a tener que leer para saber lo que quiero decir!

With Perla now one of Marina’s bevy of bailarinas (usted sabe, the ones who spend horas -- y horas! -- practicing their hip-shaking), Sandro quits his job as bartender of Leon’s club. Turns out all that staring he was doing was him being upset -- not him lusting after his daughter. Gracias a Dios! For a minute there, pensaba que está novela was taking a weird turn.

And the week’s episode started with it being Manuela’s birthday. Horacio made her breakfast -- ay, mira que cute! En serio, I want him to be my best friend. (Shh! No le digas a mi best friend!) And Michelangelo, er I mean Angel, did a charcoal portrait of her as a gift. This might just be me, pero I wouldn’t want una imagen de mí para mi birthday. Whatever. Esta guapísimo !  Él me puede dar lo que quiera. And the drawing came with una linda tarjeta in which he made me swoon with all his lovey-doveyness. Meanwhile, Martin plans una fiesta de sorpresa in hopes of winning Manuela’s affections back -- and he makes Cristian apologize to Horacio. But our dear Manuela has other plans … like, strolling through the barrio with Angel. And getting serenaded by him? Ugh. Estoy celosa. Todos los loving gazes and sweet conversations had me giddy. And then él le dijo que queria besarla, but only if she asked him to. Pide! Pide! BUT SHE DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estúpida! I was ready to throw my remote at the TV. 

Oh, but how things quickly shifted. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Manuela eventually shows up to the surprise party. Y una vez más deja a Martín que ella necesita tiempo. At this point, I could actually use time away from him.  Oh, and she catches Horacio and Cristian besando. Be-sand-do! (I’m knew he was gay! I knew it!) But Cristian has this whole crisis where he tries to deny his homosexuality -- even going as far as taking Nina out on a date. 

But enough of that.  Back to Manuela and Angel. 

Blabby Nina tells Angel about the surprise party and how Manuela and Martin are the happy couple once more. Idiota! An upset Angel is infuriated, feeling like Manuela lo está usando. He quits -- after a melt-worthy speech about cómo le gusta su voz, her smell, todo. If I could quote it, I would, but I was in the process of hyperventilating. And just as he’s about to say goodbye later that day, Manuela finally -- FINALLY! -- asks him to kiss her. And a whole lot of steamy embracing soon followed. A. Whole. Lot. And some more after that. And it seems Manuela has made up her mind on who she wants to be with … or has she? 

The other lovebirds, Jimmy and Virginia, are still there … annoying me. No se lo que es, but I can’t seem to find anything to like about Jimmy. Maybe porque él siempre tiene un pie en la boca. Sometimes two. And just as it seemed things were going nowhere -- he stood her up porque estaba trabajando -- bam! they, too, found themselves in a steamy situation. But will Virginia’s coke habit become a problem? 

Oh, and the detectives are getting closer to figuring out who Gregorio worked for. Perla has moved in with Topo, cansado de las críticas from Sandro. Y los chicos siguen wearing purple.

So Show Trackers, what did you think of this week's episodes? Did you also suspect Cristian was gay? And am I the only one noticing all this purple?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Gabby Espino. Credit: Telemundo