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'Mas Sabe el Diablo': Couples retreat gone bad ... then good

April 30, 2010 |  1:05 pm

The couples retreat in the Hamptons continued when we started off esta semana, much to Detective Cardona’s dismay. ¿Era porque él todavía esta suspicious of Angel? Or do you think it’s because the unexpected additional guests meant he likely wasn’t going to be spending tiempo solo admirando Virginia’s bare body, something he mentions he likes demasiado. But hot-tempered Jimmy, er, Detective Cardona -- whatever, I use them interchangeably -- eventually lightens up and reconsiders his ill feelings toward Angel. Es un buena cosa, too. If Angel hadn’t been there to defend him during that pelea outside the bar, Mike tendria otro caso que resolver. Side note: Who knew Angel was so skilled in kicking? Que hombre!

But the weekend getaway eventually came to an end, and it was back to reality. Manuela finally tells Martin the truth behind her decision to call off the wedding. Kind of. She leaves out that the man who now has her affections is Angel. How long before Martin discovers who the other man is? Esperemos que sea un largo tiempo. We’ve seen how Martin deals with dudes he suspects Manuela is seeing. Imaginen que haria si supiera quien esta viendo a Manuela??!

Meanwhile, Angel and the gang are out pretending to be road construction workers and commence their microchip heist. Wow, that sentence just made me realize how much novelas have changed since I was watching them as a girl in the kitchen with my grandma. Microchips? Psh. You wouldn't see that in “Dos Mujeres, Un Camino.” Anyway, Jimmy and Mike get word of the robbery, and it seems they are inching closer to finally solving the case ... I couldn't even tell you what case, though. Wait. Something to do with jewelry and the death of Jimmy's dad, right? That's the problem with secondary characters. They help push the story, but you get too wrapped up in all the amor to care. 

And it seems I'm not the only one wrapped up in all the love. So is Jimmy. He wants Virginia to move in with him? Uh, I know things usually move at a glacial pace in these serial dramas, but that was anything but slow.


-- Sandro continues being low on cash. Not surprising, considering that his empanada business has yet to take off. I wonder why.

-- Esperanza catches Leon and Susy in the act. Well, not really. But they were about to engage in the act. And Esperanza isn’t stupid. But is she also entering dangerous territory? Looks like she’ll be offering more than moral support for Sandro in the near future.

-- Topo continues pining for Perla. It seemed there was a chance for him. How cute was their day at the zoo with Junios? But Perla soon learns that she skipped out on a Marina’s “Pretty Woman”-inspired shopping spree (courtesy of Martin, of course) because Topo told Marina that Perla was sick.

-- And Cristian’s secret isn’t really that much of a secret, according to Marina.

What did you think of this week's episodes, Show Trackers? Were you, like me, wishing there were more Horacio? How long before Martin finds out about Angel?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Jencarlos Canela as Angel Salvador, Gaby Espino as Manuela Dávila, Miguel Varoni as Martín Acero. Credit: Telemundo