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'Más Sabe El Diablo': Love, gunshots and empanadas

April 16, 2010 | 12:27 pm

Martin_acero Recuerde the lovefest from la semana pasada? Well, it continued this week … only con más ropa. 

Lovebirds Angel and Manuela spent the weekend at the beach para celebrar their newfound amor. They go for a dip (with their clothes on?) in the water — cue awkward-looking interaction that involved lots of head dipping. Cuchichean sweet nothings to each other. And they kiss, kiss and kiss some more as that oh-so-obnoxious música escalated in the background. 

Meanwhile, Martin está volviendo loco wondering where she is so he enlists Cristian to get more details -- which requires the closeted brother to go on a date with a girl … Nina, no less. Pero es useless. Once Manuela returns from her love escapade, she finally tells Martin que la boda está off. Gasp! Martin cree que hay otro hombre, and, of course, he demands that Cristian find out. Cada vez es más claro que Cristian is getting fed up with being his brother’s lap dog. Here’s hoping he redeems himself soon porque he’s getting on my nerves more than Martin.

Back to the wedding. 

When Manuela tells her parents about the cancellation, things get intense. Her father, Anibal, no toma bien la noticia. I was worried que iba a morirse allí mismo. But Manuela didn’t give in to his pleads. She’s made up her mind.  She wants to be with a guy who makes her feel alive, who makes her smile when she wakes up. That’s Angel. Heck, lo hace por mí y yo ni siquiera lo conocen.

The lovefest also heats up between Virginia and Detective Cardona (Jimmy), much to my eyes' displeasure. Oh, and because Virginia and Manuela viven en el mismo building -- and on the same floor --Virginia and her detective finally run into Manuela and Angel in the hallway. Awkward. And, of course, Jimmy suspects Angel has ulterior motives.  

Pero él no pone mucha atención in it, porque the case surrounding his father’s death seems to be on the brink of finally getting solved. Or it was on the brink … until the suspect who had all the details on Gregorio was shot to death. Pero algo me dice that’s not the end of the case.

Otros momentos notables:

-- Sandro continues trying to sell his sad empanadas on the streets of New York. Meanwhile, it seems Susy might be willing to have a little fun with Leon.

-- Cachorro, still lusting over Marina, piensa que the way to her corazón is by raping her? Uh … 

-- Perla is still considering giving her baby up for adoption.

-- And our poor Horacio is uber jealous of the dates Nina is having with Cristian. ¡Pobrecito!

So Show Trackers, what did you think of this week’s episodes? How long before Manuela discovers Angel hasn’t totally changed his life? How long before Cristian reveals he’s gay? 

--Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Miguel Varoni. Credit: Telemundo