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'Gossip Girl': From Russia with love

April 13, 2010 |  7:35 am
Gossipgirl_Dorota I admit I'm a sucker for weddings, and Dorota's and Vanya's "Gossip Girl" nuptials last night got me especially verklempt. Perhaps it was their commitment to keeping their Eastern European traditions alive or the fact that they're the happiest, most genuine couple on the show. I'm glad someone got her happy ending, and I'm even more glad that that someone was Dorota.

The same thing could not be said about Blair and Chuck. The damage from last week's deception was irreparable despite Chuck's lame attempt at groveling and Blair's efforts to forgive him and herself. I love this couple more than anyone, but they're clearly moving in opposite directions. For Blair (and most girls, really), harsh life lessons sink in immediately. She realized that although she and Chuck are cut from the same cloth, he doesn't bring out the best in her and her feelings for him were too strong to make that pairing remotely healthy. Does Blair Waldorf really want a normal, honest relationship? Leighton Meester did a pretty good job of making me believe so!

Chuck, on the other hand, is all about the quick fix. He's so emotionally stunted that growth comes at a slower pace. When life gets tough, he'll work at getting things back to status quo but doesn't often notice that others around him have changed. He wasn't solely to blame for the Jack Bass debacle, but he's kidding himself to think that after trading her for his hotel, Blair would forgive and forget after a few sweet gestures and a Cartier necklace. It may seem that Chuck would settle back into his old bad-boy ways, but I think we'll see more of his emotional range as Blair moves on and the realization that they're dunzo completely hits him.

Speaking of Blair moving on, was it me or did it seem like they were subtly setting up a Blair-and-Dan romance? He may have told her she wasn't his type, but I sensed a spark there. They're total opposites and would probably drive each other crazy -- but that could be a good thing! It could also mean the beginning of the end for the show. They're the last two unrelated main characters who haven't hooked up; there are no other romantic options left if they don't work out.

Then again, so many of the show's relationships are on the rocks that it would be a miracle if any of them work out. Serena was back in detective mode as Carter Baizen returned to give her some vital intel on her father's whereabouts. Instead of being honest with Nate, she lied about meeting Carter and then ditched him at Dorota's wedding to hop on a plane to Palm Beach. Can she blame Nate for not trusting her? When she arrived at her father's door, she found Lily, who was supposed to be at a wellness spa with her mother.

I don't think Lily is having an affair. My friend Valerie pointed out a few episodes ago that it is probably Lily who is sick and needs treatment, which is why she sought out her ex-husband. It's a valid theory and would make perfect sense for Dr. Van der Woodsen's reappearance. Lily's illness will bring her and Doc closer, but once Rufus finds out, the battle for her love will begin. It's the stuff season finales are made of!

What do you think of Monday night's episode? Do you think Blair should forgive Chuck? Can you picture Blair and Dan together? What's your theory as to why Lily was in Palm Beach?


-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: Zuzanna Szadkowski as Dorota and Aaron Schwartz as Vanya on "Gossip Girl." Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW