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Five new shows announced for Oprah's OWN network

Oprah Winfrey has timed the launch of her new TV channel, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, for Jan. 1 -- perfect to tap into all those new year's resolutions and the wishful thinking that comes with the start of a new year.

The network on Thursday announced five new original series in addition to 10 announced previously. Along with Oprah's own new one-hour show, "Oprah's Next Chapter," OWN will bring Oprah BFF Gayle King's radio program to TV with the daily talk show "Gayle King Live!"

Not surprisingly, the network has its share of inspiring fare, such as "Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind," a weekly glimpse inside the artistic processes of figures such as James Cameron, Lady Gaga and Tom Ford, as well as "Why Not? with Shania Twain," a one-hour series about the singer's life after the breakup of her marriage. Oprah also jumps full-on into the reality genre with "Your Own Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star," for which OWN is teaming up with Mark Burnett.

Previously announced OWN series include "Oprah Presents: Master Class," in which Oprah chooses a slate of big names (Jay-Z, Simon Cowell, Bono and Condoleezza Rice among them) to offer some life lessons; a female-prison show called "Breaking Down the Bars"; "Enough Already" featuring decluttering expert Peter Walsh; a sex and relationship series, "In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman"; and "The Miracle Detectives," which pits a skeptic and a believer against each other in an exploration of an amazing event.

As a way to say goodbye to her current talk show, the network will also air "Behind the Scenes: The Oprah Show Final Season." 

-- Joy Press

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Love Oprah, I'll be watching!

Will your network be available on regular cable television? Or will it require an upgraded package?

Linda: Good question. We should have included that in the post. OWN is part of Discovery and will be found where Discovery Health currently is. So you do need basic cable.

Columnist and talk show host Challenges Oprah!

I wish that the cancelled soap As The World Turns could find a new home on this network.

With the fan base that Miss Winfrey already has and the fan base of ATWT, I think this could really be interesting. I hope that it is something to be considered. It would be nice if she would have some of the cast on her show. Just a thought I guess. Taping ended June 23 and the last air date for the show is September 17. For me that will be a sad day.

I am so excited about this network and continuously inspired by you Oprah!! You are truly epic!! As an African American woman I am blessed to have witnessed you make history. There aren't currently many, if any, positive images of AA women on television. I do hope that your network will strive to portray us in our true light. Show the world that there is definitely more than meets the eye. That we are smart, sophisticated, fun , loving, and compassionate, and talented. You have been all of these attributes plus many more. I do know that your network must be diverse and cater to many, however I do hope that it servers as a network where all can be represented. I do love what i've been seeing thus far with the line up which is an array of shows that delivers valuable information to main-street America. Overall I am thankful for every piece of knowledge and wisdom that I have gained from watching you, and am very excited that my children will be able to witness (in magnitude) the beauty that is you. I know you will continue to do great things and change lives, you certainly have been instrumental to mine. May you continue to be blessed.

Myself and my friends are hopeful Oprah will consider taking over As The World Turns for her OWN network in Jan. It's a wonderful show with a great storyline that appeals to people of all walks and ages.

For instance, I am by no means a girly girly (as a matter of fact I was quite the tomboy, even doing a stint as a career firefighter/paramedic). I remember walking into the firehouse and in the afternoon if nothing was going on we would sit around and watch the soaps, me and a bunch of big tough men.

I was brought up on ATWT. My mother has watched it for years and my grandmother watched for years before her. After I got married, my husband was basically forced to watch after work because I would race home to see what happened. After a bit, he was hooked as well (he's retired military). When we moved his mother into our house, turns out she watches ATWT and it gave this new caregiver and common platform to bond on with my mother in law.

ATWT is a good show, with a strong following, and excellent story lines. They also advocate for important issues; such as alcoholism and AA, domestic violence, and cancer to name a few. They have been proactive and supportive when it comes to community education. They have taken a stand and there are many of it's fan's that haven't finished watching it yet.

Please bring on ATWT......please


The Orr's

So, will. Oprah be keeping any of the currently scheduled programming? I am actually very angry and upset about this. Oprah said she "always wanted to have her own network". Well, she already has the O! Network so why doesn't she put all her stupid shows on that network and why does she have to take away a channel that I watch VERY regularly since it was introduced to TV and still find very interesting. Where are all those programs going to, such as Dr. G, and Mystery Diagnosis? Do we know anything about that? I am sorry, I just cannot stand Oprah. She thinks she has to rule the world, and OBVIOUSLY your television as well. So needless to say, I will NOT be watching.

Am looking so forward to seeing the channel and watching the show.

yeah, i agree with anti-oprah. where ARE all the old shows that people LOVE? You open a new network with A FEW shoes? and most of them are RERUNS:? Get REAL! Put the old shows back on that made the network! She should have done her own network from scratch and left well enough alone....sorry...i'm not impressed.

Please, pass on to Gayle King: her set reminds me of an auditorium(not really friendly). Those microphones are horrible...very distracting. Please get over yourself and be the charming person I have enjoyed on many other shows.
Every morning I check-in to see if things have changed and can't stay tuned in the program.


Very bummed that OWN is NOT available on basic cable, at least in our area. Have to have the higher priced (i.e. box) cable to get it. Sadly not in our budget-plus, we don't want all of those channel choices with two small children in the house. Oprah should be available to all as she has been the last 25 years. So many positive ideas/stories/messages the general public (and a lot of people who really need it) will no longer be privy to. Bummer. :(


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