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Death be not proud -- but on TV, sometimes hilarious

ComedyThere you are, watching your favorite comedy show -- and then, it happens. Someone has to go and die.

Now what? Laugh, cry or turn the TV off and light a candle for the soul of the dear, departed fictional one?

As a Sunday Calendar feature by the father-daughter team of Sy and Katie Rosen explores, the best TV comedies about mortality can spark any of these reactions and more. They write:

"A great comedy death episode can be touching, poignant, cynical, dark, hysterical, sadistic, heartbreaking, exhilarating, anticipated and/or shocking...."

That's why they picked their top 10 best comedy shows dealing with death. Now, "South Park," above, was not one of them -- perhaps the repeated killing of Kenny is not quite what they were going for. But maybe it's on your top 10 list. Or not. Either way, take a spin through their picks (by clicking here) and let us know yours in the comments.

-- Scott Sandell

Photo: Oh my God, Death himself is trying to kill Kenny, left -- plus Cartman, Kyle and Stan -- on "South Park." Credit: Comedy Central / Associated Press

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Please fix the link. It is not going to Sy and Katie's list.

You left out the death that occurred at the very beginning of the first episode of LA Law. I know the show was mostly a drama, but it had a lot of comedic moments like other "dramadies" you listed in your article. The show opens when one of the founding partners is found dead in his office on Monday morning, but he apparently had been dead there all weekend. They drag his stiff body out, and Arnie Becker (played brilliantly by Corbin Bernsen) announces "I've got first dibs on his office!"

I approve.


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