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'Dancing With the Stars' results: Eight minus Kate

Well, it finally happened. After making it through five weeks at or near the bottom of the ballroom dancing scoreboard, mother of eight Kate Gosselin ended up with the lowest combined total of points and was ousted from the “Dancing With the Stars” competition.

Things didn’t look so good for the embattled reality TV star from the outset, as Kate and her partner Tony Dovolani were ushered into the Bottom Two almost immediately and spent nearly the whole hour under those damning red lights.

And despite her own entreaties that she hoped to dance another day, the judges and voters apparently thought otherwise, and she was sent tearfully on her way. The swell of emotion even prompted host Tom Bergeron to eschew the recap montage to chat a bit more with the fallen star. 

Standing supportively beside Kate was her partner, Saint Tony of Dovolani. And let’s take this moment to recognize his magnanimous work this season, shall we? He should be given a humanitarian Mirrorball trophy for tackling this unenviable situation. The classy way he stood by his partner and said he was proud of her only made him all the more endearing.

Given her dismal scores, it was only a matter of time before Kate was shown the Rectagon door. And I was hoping for it to happen this week as much as anyone. But you know how you wait and wait and wait for something to come, and when it finally does, it leaves you kind of empty inside? Well, that’s kind of how I feel about Kate's exit. Granted, this woman could barely dance a lick (though had this show, in fact, been called “Strolling With the Stars,” Kate would have no doubt swept the entire competition). But let’s face it: She does make for interesting TV.

As Len and Tom said, Kate was one of Season 10’s most-talked about celebrities. Now answer me truly: Are things going to be a little more boring now that the mother of eight is gone? Where can we direct our energy and vitriol now?

Maybe into this: What in the name of all that is good and perky was Pamela Anderson doing in the Bottom Two again? As Bruno summarily put it: “It’s crazy, and it’s not right.” I am convinced that this “Stacked” actress could be a contender this season once Damian tones down the double entendres and ratchets up the routine difficulty, so this haphazard voting will not stand (Tommy Lee, I’m talking to you). Besides, she promised no more props (aside from her bosom buddies, of course). What more do you want?

119787_5797_pre But back to the recap. This week's impending elimination seemed drawn out more than usual Tuesday night, given that Tom and Burke introduced the intermediary “still in jeopardy” slot to Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower and Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke before whittling it down to the Bottom Two.

And aside from the stellar dance performances, the rest of the filler was pretty run of the mill. We had Len’s recap, as usual. But in honor of Movie Night, the head judge assigned Hollywood classifications for each star dancer. Evan and Nicole received top billing as leading actor and actress, Erin, Jake and Pamela lent color as supporting cast, and Niecy, Chad and Kate filled in as extras. There was the run down the leaderboard. Some backstage interviews. A couple more recaps.

Adam Carolla came back for a watered-down version of his Between the Mirrorball segment, set against a fake-brick background that set the producers back 50 cents. Heralded “DWTS” costume designer and man-behind-the-seams Randall Christensen made an always-welcome appearance, gave the stars pointers on how to outfit their pros in the coming week, showed Jake the difference between a sequin and a rhinestone, and discussed the possibilities of making an outfit out of chocolate with Niecy Nash. 

The encore dance was Jake and Chelsie’s “Risky Business” cha cha cha. Except maybe the thought of seeing Jake in “tightly whitelies” again got Len in a bunch, because the head judge ended up introducing the "Bachelor" as “Chad” instead.

Grammy winner and all-around-cool cat Maxwell came on stage and crooned his single “Fistful of Tears,” while dancers Tyne Stecklein and Teddy Forance threw themselves into the accompanying dance with abandon. Costa Rican sensation Debi Nova -- who looks like a Latina Fergie, with shades of Leona Lewis thrown in -- came out and sang the decidedly un-Christmassy “Drummer Boy.” Lucky for her, Nova’s American television debut was sweetened by the bare-chested hoof support of ballroom candy Tony Dovolani, Damian Whitewood, Derek Hough and Dmitry Chaplin.

And the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance was a toe-tapping treat: In honor of Movie Night, Marguerite Derricks choreographed a tribute to famous dance sequences from the silver screen, and we got fun little snippets of Fred Astaire, Tony Manero and Austin Powers routines. Added bonus: Debbie Allen came out and reprised her famous Lydia Grant line from “Fame” the TV show (“You want fame? Well fame costs. And right here is where you start paying in sweat”) -- cane and all!

The producers could have turned this entire results hour into a tribute to movie dances, and I would have been pleased as punch. The mod “Austin Powers” shag in particular tickled my fancy, and the dancers coming together like “Fame” at the end was icing on the movie-medley cake. Remember! Remember! Remember!

And now I turn it to you. Did the right person go home? What did you think of the results?

-- Allyssa Lee


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Photos: (top) Hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke comfort Kate Gosselin after Tuesday night's results are announced. At right is Gosselin's dancing partner, Tony Dovolani. Credit: ABC / Adam Larkey

(bottom) Tony Dovolani and Kate Gosselin. Credit: ABC / Adam Larkey

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Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

I hate to see Kate go. I don't necessarily like her I just enjoyed watching how horrible a dancer she was and all the drama she brought to the show. Now I probably won't watch anymore. If ABC knew what was good for ratings they would have kept her around as long as possible.

Of course the right person was let go this week. It was about 2 weeks overdue. Her face plastered all over TV last week, plus her blase' attitude did it for me. The pity party and poor me act was over the top. I don't care if she has 5 lives, her dancing would have not gotten better, IMO, and she needs to stop making excuses.

YES!! The right person went home!!! I was SICK of seeing Kate stagger around the dance floor like a zombie. Good riddance!! Your recap was really good as I haven't seen the results yet and now I can't wait!! Although what's up with Jake being the dance Len wanted to see again??? Nicole knocked it out of the park and he wants to see Jake??? Oh yes, the tightie-whitey's. But couldn't they be considered a prop???

Yes! She was awfull,but I give her credit for competing in the first place.Pam should never be in the bottom ,if the judges would stop mentioning her obvious attributes,perhaps the women would stop their jealousy and vote for her.Niecy is also very bad and needs to go next.Honestly,I only watched because of Kate,I hate this show.

I think Chad Ouchosinko is next to go.

YES!! Kate should have been the first person sent home and it is ludicrous to suggest that ABC should have made the decision to keep her. Am I wrong to believe that it is the viewers votes that keep their dancers alive??

I almost glad to see Kate go home, so she can be spared all the unwarranted cruel comments and personal attacks. People are simply ruthless.

I know how difficult it is to be a good mom and try to maintain ANY kind of social life...but, I can't imagine how tough her schedule has been on her. She must be exhausted. Now she can relax.

Hang in there Kate, I support you 100% and think you are a good and kind person - as well as a dedicated mother. Your children are ll that matters right now. Contests can wait. Good luck with your new show.

Kate Gosselin can't dance for taffy. She's as stiff as a washboard on stilts, but she might be forgiven for that if she weren't such a whiney, complaining snit. Excuses.
Excuses. And tantrums in the practice room! Tony Dovolani was stuck with a sulking loser. He looked happy to be leaving the show.

I wish woman would give Pam Anderson a break. She's really a very good dancer. She's pretty, spirited and good natured.

Great article... I've never read your stuff before, but I will now. Very funny!

Happy to see Kate go. Can't wait until her overlong 15 minutes of fame are done.

Mary, this is a competition show though, not a "let's keep someone crappy around and lose actual competitors b/c the crappy one brings drama" show.

I'm glad she's gone because she couldn't dance, her attitude sucked just as bad and now her poor partner Tony can breathe again. The producers owe him next season, big time, and should pair him with a trained dancer such as Nicole. Yeah I said it, she's a trained dancer and shouldnt' be on the show. She's beautiful, sweet and can dance her ass off but should not qualify.

It's a popularity contest...one should never forget that.

Anyone notice that the first comment on here was submitted by "Tony"? LOL!!!

The right person was definitely sent home. I know the editing of the practice sessions was done in a way to play to the ratings, to keep people interested (one way or another), but truth be told the woman had a very bad attitude. It only takes six weeks to completely transform the way the human body works - with effort, of course - and, considering she had been training three weeks before the first show of the season, we should have seen some marked improvement from one week to the next.

Instead, we got Janet Reno in heels.

Now I know that sounds mean to say, but have you ever compared a video of Janet Reno walking to Kate's "dancing"? Check it out sometime.

All joking aside, Kate's lack of improvement was easily explainable whenever the camera zoomed in close enough to get a clear look at her face. We didn't see nerves, we didn't see someone so focused on the routine that their mouths were counting the steps (like Shannen Doherty), we didn't see someone at least enjoying themselves, we didn't see someone scared to death to be there or even simply in another world. What we saw when the camera showed her face during a routine was a facial expression that simply said, "whatever".

I firmly believe the judges wanted to bring her out of her shell, wanted her to actually embrace the challenge and go full throttle. They were encouraged (as was I, honestly) when she did in fact have a mini-breakthrough. Instead of taking the positive critique and pressing forward, however, she slid right back into her old ways. Their frustration with her was evident Monday night, because when they are convinced that the star has dance his or her last dance, their comments usually reflect a well-wishing, fare-the-well overtone. Instead we got "Charlie Brown's teacher" (Miss Othmar, by the way) and "gotten more life out of a smock on a hanger".

Now, I understand she's dealing with custody issues. Got it, and as a father myself I can understand how that can preoccupy your mind. But when you place that alongside the other dancers who have a career outside of the show and have to travel all over the country between shows and still manage to give it their all, I find it hard to sympathize with her refusing to put forth a smidgen of effort in the end.

I do wish you well, Kate, but I'm not going to lie; I'm glad you are off my Monday night line-up.

Kate was just lovely!


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