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Bea Arthur continues her activism in death

Image002 Through an unusual bequest in her will, the late Bea Arthur will remain an animal activist in her death.

Arthur, who died nearly a year ago on April 25, at the age of 86, and was one of PETA's "most stalwart supporters," according to a press release, is featured in an ad targeting McDonald's that uses the slogan, "McCruelty: It's enough to make Bea Arthur roll over in her grave."

The "McCruelty" campaign, which debuts in the Chicago Tribune today, criticizes McDonald's for refusing to require suppliers to switch to USDA-approved chicken-slaughter practices.

--Maria Elena Fernandez (Follow me on Twitter @writerchica)


Bea Arthur, star of 'Golden Girls' and 'Maude,' dies at 86

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i'm lovin' it! go peta!

Not a fan of PETA...but a huge fan and admirer of Ms. Arthur. You rock lady!!!!

Which only goes to prove that PETA stupidity can go beyond the grave.

love it--good idea :)


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