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'America's Next Top Model': The women take Manhattan

April 15, 2010 |  9:39 am
TM1407_08_ANG_R1 In this episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” the contestants learn to find some class while the drama in the house is everything but classy.

Wow. The claws really came out this week. Meow. And I loved it. It seems that the house has split into two groups. There’s the "mean nice girls" made up of Brenda, Jessica and Raina. And then we have the "mean mean girls" made up of Angelea, Krista, Anslee and Alasia. Usually I’m really anti-mean girl, but I’m also all about the realness. So, this cycle I’m all over Team Angelea. How funny is she? She just loves toying with the girls. When she walked into Team Brenda’s room and just made herself comfortable on the bed? I was eating it up. That is one way to take care of boredom, Angelea. Spice it up.

Oh, yeah, and there was modeling that happened.

Where’s my waist?
In this week’s lesson, Seventeen’s Ann Shoket instructed the women on how to dress for their body types. I think I found it refreshing to watch models admit their bodies aren’t perfect. Even they have to make up for faults and play up their attributes. After the lesson, they were given five minutes and Seventeen’s closet to put together an appropriate look for themselves.

Everyone did really well, except that Alasia showed her first sign of cluelessness in the episode when she couldn’t figure out what body type she had. That would be just the first of many in this episode. And, hmm, Brenda couldn’t find her waist. Thank God they make these huge belts. Waists are so last season.

Class it up
In their first challenge, the women attended an event for Tinsley Mortimer’s new handbag line. They were supposed to work the room, then do one-on-one meetings with Tinsley. Everyone seemed to get the mingling down, but Alasia was just lost. She had no idea how to strike up a conversation with strangers. Then, in her meeting with Tinsley, she fidgeted and played with her hair the whole time. By the way, did you get a look at Tinsley’s gothic goon? “Tinsley is ready for you,” she said. All I kept thinking was Lurch from “The Addams Family” had a baby. You rang?

I couldn’t believe Brenda when she said she was used to “uppity” parties, since that’s what she usually attended at home. Um, and do you tell your classy friends you’re happy to be at their “uppity” party, Brenda?

It wasn’t a surprise that Jessica and her bubbly, all-American look impressed Tinsley and that she won a Seventeen photo shoot. She was able to pick two other women and, obviously, picked Brenda and Raina. All I have to say is Brenda’s face is anything but Seventeen.

New York Ladies
TM1407_06_BRE_R1 In the photo shoot challenge, the women are styled as different New York City female archetypes and have to pose on a moving subway train. Nicole, the petite winner of the last Cycle, joined to lend a hand for Cover Girl. I still very much love Nicole, and she really came out of her shell since winning, don’t you think?

I love how Angelea approached Nicole for advice on how to manage drama in the house. I think Angelea has a pretty good handle on that topic. She instigates most of it, and I don’t hate her for it. I think she was just doing it to rattle the other contestants again, and she succeeded, especially when Nicole said to just stay classy. Giggles.

My favorite from the photo shoot was Angelea. As she said last week in the faux photo challenge, she was definitely feeling herself. My least favorite basically couldn’t fill the shoes they were in. Wholesome Jessica as a clubber? Old-face Brenda as a student? Alasia took the cake, though. She was supposed to play a model on her way to a go-see. Um, hello, Alasia -- you are a model and you have already gone on a go-see or two for the show. She basically giggled the whole time, and Jay told her she didn’t get one usable shot in her film. Then, she turned on the waterworks, and Jay basically backtracked and said she got it in the last shot. Sure, Jay.

Ann Shoket joined the panel for elimination. Andre Leon Talley was clear that his “Salonista” Alasia, had done him some wrong with her picture. I also think Jessica showed some true mean girl when she argued with the judges about her hooker shoes. Did she really try to tell Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley that those shoes worked? And clearly Brenda came off more like the student’s mom than the student. Angelea won this competition, which means next week we’ll be seeing lots of Angelea gloating all over the house, and I can’t wait.

In the bottom two stood Alasia and Brenda. So, who goes? Alasia, who seems to have forgotten all that she has learned this week? Or Brenda, whose look seems limited, because she can’t pull off youthful and fresh? Um, hello, the winner gets a Cover Girl contract and a Seventeen magazine spread. Buh-bye, Brenda.

I’m changing my top three this week. Jessica is out. I’m now pulling for Angelea, Krista and Raina.

Who are your favorites for the win?

Thursday, April 15: I'm interviewing eliminated contestant Brenda. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

— Jethro Nededog (follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)

Photo (top): Angelea in her winning shot. Credit: Pottle Productions Inc.

Photo (bottom): Brenda in the picture that eliminated her. Credit: Pottle Productions Inc.


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Top photo: Angelea in her winning shot. Bottom photo: Brenda in the picture that eliminated her. Credit: Pottle Productions Inc