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'America's Best Dance Crew': Before the Champions for Charity episode

The best of the best perform Thursday night as the five champions take the stage on "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew" in the Champions for Charity episode that partners the crews with subjects from DoSomething.org.

Let's get it out of the way: It's not a battle. We can all speculate on whether the pop-locking of We Are Heroes could defeat the robots of Poreotix, or whether the theatricality of Jabbawockeez could overcome the varied styles and creativity of Quest Crew. But we won't. This is about charity. We caught up with the crews backstage as they were practicing for the show and were able to ask them some really quick questions.  First up is the new champ, Poreotix -- still a bit giddy over their win.

The newbies are dancing for 18-year-old Jackie Rotman and an organization called Everybody Dance Now!, getting at-risk kids off the streets and maybe more into dance. Next up are the first ladies of "ABDC": Season 4 champs We Are Heroes. With the women wearing such elaborate outfits, we could only get the spirited Hiro to sit still for a second to talk. I don't even want to spoil what their outfits are going to be, but they really need to consider performing down at Comic Con!

My questions may not have been successfully answered, but she's so fun. We Are Heroes has banded together with 16-year-old Sarah Cronk and the Sparkle Effect, an organization helping create cheerleading squads for students with special needs. Now we'll hear a bit from the smooth criminals and Snoop Dogg buddies, Season 3 champions Quest Crew:

Quest Crew will champion an inspirational youth, Jordan Coleman, who made a movie called "Say It Loud" that promotes a 'stay-in-school-while-going-for-your-dream' message. They b-boy-infused crew took the baton from the next crew: the high-flyin', b-boy-battling Season 2 champs Super Cr3w.

The 'S to the chest' Las Vegas group has teamed with Marvelyn Brown, a woman who is HIV-positive and speaks out about the disease, as their chosen cause. Super Cr3w may fly high, but the groundwork was laid by the first, and arguably most well-received, crew on "ABDC": Season 1 champions, JabbaWockeeZ.

So cool and professional, and a great group to represent the show as its first champions. JabbaWockeeZ is dancing to support a cancer survivor and Paralympic skier, Josh Sundquist, helping him develop a network for amputees.

The causes are definitely bigger than the competition itself, but we know the battle debate will rage on. Power 106 (Mando Fresko) was backstage with us, and they asked all of the crews who would win in a five-crew battle. Everyone was diplomatic, with some saying that it depended on who was on that day, but Poreotix did say that Super Cr3w may have the edge. Leave your choice, and reasoning, in the comments. 

This should be a great show ... and hopefully we can look forward to a Champions Tour!?!?

-- Jevon Phillips

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Tons of respect for the great charities that these teams picked. Such awesome causes! On the less important note, Jabba would take the battle, hands down. Unsurpassed over the seasons.

Also, a champions tour would be AMAZING. Drop some hints while you're there, Jevon!!

This was such a great way to recognize and thank these charities, for such important causes, definite crowd pleaser too. Kudos to all the champions who did an excellent job with their perfomances.
As far as a battle between 'em all, definitley JBWKZ all the way!!! They truly are the "BEST" crew to have come out of ABDC. Even though the crews are all different, which they represent well, the Jabba's really know what they are doing. I just love how they represent themselves overall. They really turned their crew into an idea, a belief, a business, a phenomena, all without loosing what they do best and you can just feel it, the way their movement represents the music.

...but a battle, in a circle, individually....SuperCr3w would smash 'em all. HA!


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