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'16 and Pregnant': Lizzie


Teens. Music. Pregnancy. If you managed to tear yourself away from that "other" show -- "Glee" -- and tuned in to MTV, the all-too-authentic reality of what can happen when a pregnancy intersects with teendom was unfolding.

In this week’s episode, we’re introduced to Lizzie of Smithfield, Va.  As required by her age group, she likes to party and have fun … and play the flute? That’s different. Seems Lizzie has aspirations of going to college and playing for the Virginia Symphony Orchestra one day.  But as a teen mother, can she fit quarter-notes and scales in with all the crying and diaper-changing?

I was really, really hoping the answer would be yes.

But she’s got a baby in her belly, and the plans that seemed so manageable pre-baby come tumbling down post-baby no matter how much her parents warned her.  That’s not to say she didn’t try.  As a junior, she left her high school halls to get home-schooled once she found out she was pregnant. And she didn’t let her burgeoning belly stop her from getting that diploma, which she received five months before her peers … at her baby shower. She even sent an e-mail to the Virginia Symphony to learn what the necessary steps were to get in. A big step, considering the only flute-playing she was doing was in her home since she was no longer part of her high school band.

But once baby Summer made her debut, the plans got revised.  Her 19-year-old boyfriend Skylar -- anyone else find his voice a bit creepy? -- was the only one working (half-time at a thrift shop), and finding the monetary resources to pay for all those diapers and formula was proving more than a matter of penny-pinching.  So Lizzie decided to quash her dreams of being a musician to become an ultrasound technician. An adult move, considering her fellow “16 and Pregnant” teen moms might not have been so responsible. Still, it would have been nice to see her overcome all the setbacks. But even the revised plan got revised. Finding it difficult to spend time away from Summer, Lizzie decides to drop out of school and maybe find a job. It didn’t help matters when she discovered her Skylar, who took a cue from Beyonce and put a ring on Lizzie’s finger,  cheated on her months earlier.

Other random thoughts:

-- I thought things got kooky on “16 and Pregnant” with the beatboxing dad … but Skylar surpassed that career with his goal of becoming a professional glass blower.

-- What was with Skylar’s pink steering-wheel cover?

-- Was anyone else aware of this intense rivalry between trumpets and flutes? I had no idea. I was always so busy trying not to fall as I hauled an oversized keyboard to music class.

-- Grinding is a deal-breaker when deciding whether to go to a dance? Lizzie deciding not to go to Homecoming (side note: the dress she would have worn was not cute … at all) because her belly would get in the way.

So Show Trackers, what did you think of Tuesday’s episode? Did Skylar’s voice bother you, too?  What do you think of Lizzie’s decision to drop out of school?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Lizzie and baby Summer. Credit: MTV

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Spoiled Brat!! Let’s see 1) Her mother and Father are supporting her and providing a stable home 2) All of her material needs appear to be taken care of – Mom even offers to buy her another pair of Maternity Jeans 3) Enrolled in college and then drops out. Who paid for that? Seriously, these parents appeared to do way too much for her and were way too nice to her. I really want to slap her upside the head when she dropped out of college. She didn’t want to be away from you baby? Guess what sister, you’ll be spending a hell of a lot of time away from her when you’re an adult and the only job you can get is Walmart!

Yes I was aware of the rivalry between flutes and trumpets! I'm a floutist myself, and that is a true fact, the trumpets in general tend to be kinda hard of the flute players. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

As for Lizzie I understand that she wants to be home with her daughter, and I can respect that, espeically considering some of the other teen moms this season, but dropping out of school I felt was selfish. I think she should have considered taking one class at a time, yeah it'll take forever and a day but at least she will come out with some sort of direction at the end. Lord knows that her and Skyler are just beginning and the odd are very much stacked against them making it to marriage and more family.

Skyler I liked. Of all the teen dads this season, with the exception of Corey (and that's a whole other topic!!!) I feel like Skyler is actually taking responsibility and recognizing his role in the situation and I have a lot of respect for that. Creepy voice or not he's got his crud in order and he is going to provide for his pre-mature family.

I was impressed that she realized the ultrasound technician was not a realistic goal at this point. Her decision to go with medical building, and the quick course, was the best decision for her current situation. I only wished they'd addressed her option to go back to school when her daughter is a little older.

honestly, this girl drove me NUTS! she claimed to have the 'perfect parents, perfect friends, perfect bf, and perfect life' and looked foward to a 'perfect baby'. i actually ENJOYED watching this little brat get a taste of reality. too bad her parents didn't make her stay in school. she seemed to be WAITING for an excuse not to go to school anymore. almost everything she said sounded immature and unrealistic. she seemed to want to be perceived as the 'popular, oh-so-perfect and attentive mommy' of the season when in all actuality she came out looking like a 12 yr old playing mommy to someone else's baby. just the way she talked and acted makes me think she doesn't talk like this when there are no cameras around....

I thought it was a great episode. I completely agree on the creepiness of Skylar, yes he turned out to be fairly responsible in the end, (although I don't remember seeing him get up in the middle of the night to feed Summer..) It kind of irked me a bit to see Lizzie give up on the breast feeding so quickly just because it hurt. That could have saved them loads of money if she just sucked it up. Lizzie was pretty strong though, to make the decisions she did at her age, for example taking Skylar back not just for herself but for her daughter to have her father in the picture. Wishing the best for them!

Lizzie seems sooo positive for someone going through all of this.. I do wish she stayed in school, but her parents are really good to her. I hope she realizes how good they are to her. Medical Billing will probably make her some money but be a regret in the end- college is VERY important...she's a bit of a know it all/
Skyler seems to be responsible for his age, and a good friend and father to lizzie and summer. L'z decision to take him back was very selfless and a very good decision to give her child 2 parents.
I wish them the best!

Was anyone else bothered by her constant baby talk? She talks to her daughter constantly in a little girl voice...mommy this, and daddy that...ugh

i dont think anyone should judge anyone else unless they've gone through this type of situation themselves...

i wonnder do you ever regret havin sex at such a age?

I hate her hair color, she looks stupid as a blond and needs to go with a darker and ad some low lights

I can't stand her hair color, she needs to go dark w/ some low light because she is way too pasty white for that yellow blonde hair and it will take away from the ears

Too be honest if I was that age and I was getting a bunch of attn from MTV for having a baby I don't think that I will feel too bad about it plus the money and who knows what else you get for being a "Teen Mom TV Star" it really doesn't make sense but I am sure a few of my classmates would have liked to have been on this train instead of the one they got on as they were mom's at 16 or less or high school.
Whats next we give 12,13,& 14 yr olds their own show for getting pregnant

Tara, you are SPOT on.

The only thing I'd add is the weird and creepy control, holding everything in, as though having a baby was part of the plan all along. What's there to worry about? Worrying is for other people, not for the - *sigh* - Great and Wonderful - dare I utter her name? - LIZZIE!!!!!

Gah - I hate little girls who try to convince the rest of us that they've had it all figured out from the moment they emerged from the womb.


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