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'16 and Pregnant': Leah

Leah I have four words: What was all that?

In Tuesday’s episode we’re introduced to 17-year-old Leah of Elkview, W.Va. A senior in high school, the former cheerleader finds herself pregnant with twins. If that wasn’t a double whammy, there’s also this: She had only known the father, Corey, a month before she got pregnant. Or as Leah might someday tell her kids: “We met at a party one night and one thing led to another.” Oy.

Trying to act responsibly, they decide they should move in together. Uh, did I mention they only knew each other a month before she got pregnant?  It was almost a setup for failure. And both seemed to acknowledge that they wouldn’t be together if it weren’t for the babies. Sure, they had there cute moments -- the moment Leah peed her pants, the moment of laughter they shared made me think there might be something there.  But that’s all it seemed to be for Leah: moments. When a friend asked if she was happy, her response said it all, “I am … I am. Or, at least, I’m really trying to be.” 

Once the babies arrived, it looked like Corey and Leah had a shot. They were a tag team when it came to parenting their children. But Leah wanted to reclaim her life pre-pregnancy. She scrunched her hair and went out with friends. And she clung to her ex-boyfriend, Robbie, while Corey was at home with the kids. As a result, her problems with Corey continued to escalate. They eventually broke up -- that scene in the car with Corey crying was so heart-wrenching -- -and Leah, who apparently lives in fantasy land, wanted to pursue a relationship with Robbie. Right. Cause he’s father material. Not. He did what we all knew he would: He stopped returning her calls. And when Leah learned Corey had moved on, she began to question her decision to ditch him. If she hadn’t constantly complained about how miserable she was while in the relationship, I might have believed that. But, really, she’s just sad that Robbie didn’t want her and now Corey didn’t either. 

In her closing summary, a crying Leah had this to say: “I hate my life. I really do.” 

Show Trackers, what did you think of this week’s episode?  Do you think forcing a relationship to be there just for the sake of the kids is the most responsible thing to do? Do you think Leah and Corey could have made it work?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Leah with babies Aleeah and Aliannah. Credit: MTV

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Finally a father that was steppping up to the plate. Too bad Leah couldn't act a little more like Corey. On 16 and Prego, if it's not the teen mom, it's the teen dad. The only two to have it right was Tyler and Catelynn - they gave their baby a better life. I also felt like someone (her mother maybe?) needed to say to Leah: "Listen, you have two children with this guy. Could you please try a little hard to make it work?" He certainly seemed to be trying hard. It just broke my heart.

I thought she was horrible!!! after you have kids you can not just go back and be one!! Corey was so cute and trying and workin 2 jobs and what was she doing? complaining about everything... and her life isnt about her anymore she is ganna have to live with it!! i think corey should have the girls and not her! by her saying she is ganna live with the regret all her life made me feel so sorry for those little girls, they will always be regrets to her!!

Her mom needed to step and tell her that she didn't need to be hanging out with her ex, that she needed to be home with Corey trying to make it work. He gave up everything for her and his babies, and Leah just wanted to continue being a selfish teen. When they were in the car and he was confessing his love for her, omg my heart was breaking for him!! And she could care less that he was saying all those sweet things!!

Judging Leah is not what we should do but understand why she made the decisions that she did. Integrity is the key issue here and it's not her fault that she made the bad decisions that have caused her life to go into turmoil. Parental guidance and support or lack there of may have assisted in her decision making process. I applaud Corey for stepping up to the plate and attempting to do the right thing. Yes, Leah made a stupid mistake hoping that things would turn out for her and Robbie but lets face it, what young person who is single and free wants to be trapped by the responsibilities of raising two babies which are not his own? In todays economy most would say no thank you! For her to even believe that they had a chance was a fantasy from the start. She had a better chance at winning the lottery than to have a solid relationship with him. Let this be a lesson to everyone, I am not saying that there are not people who would come in and take on the responsibilities of raising someone else's off spring but the chances of finding that person are slim to nil! In closing, people should first look at meeting their needs and then look at securing their wants. If you just happen to find both in a person then you are winning because it seldom if ever happens for the mass majority of people. And to the young females who think that having a child to hold on to the man will make him stay, forget it that does not work.

Corey was really trying so hard. I thought it was so unfair that Leah wouldn't let him have his girls, when he wanted them so badly and was clearly fit to look after them.

I've only just started watching this show, this is only the third episode, and I have to ask: don't ANY of these mothers breastfeed? As most of them are not, ahem, rich, they would save a lot of money on formula (and later on doctor's visits) if they nursed their babies.

Hey Leah, I totally understand your feelings and what u had to go through. U did really well with your adorable twins! I do think u made one mistake: playing with fire. If you knew u still felt something for Robbie, even of it was small, shouldn't have gotten close to him again. U had a commitment with corey and the girls now. Corey did really well. I do think it was unfair, leaving him to go out. I would have taken him out with me and left the twins at my parents. But we must learn from our mistakes, put the past where it belongs and be forgiving, as we would like others to do to us. I am sure u both will work it out! Everyone fights! Trust me! If u didn't fight, then, that would be worrying! It means u care! All the best to u 4!

Corey is by far the most impressive of the fathers that have been on this show (and he's not bad to look at, either!) I understand Leah was a cheerleader, young, and wanted to have fun, but get real. You have a child when you're young and you really do have to give up all the things your friends are doing. She should have stayed away from her ex, who, by the way, didn't seem to bring much to the table in the looks/intelligence department, and tried harder to make things work with Corey. She'll never find someone who cares about her whiney butt as much as he seemed to!

The part that broke my heart the most was when Corey was begging to keep the twins overnight so that he could spend time with them, and Leah told him no. She has no reason to deny him his children; she was just keeping them away from their father to be spiteful. She had no problem leaving the babies with him when she wanted to go out and flirt with her ex-boyfriend & pretend that she was child-free. And then she had the nerve to ask him for more money and threw a fit when he wouldn't give it to her. Corey was so great with his babies and so sweet to her, even when she was rubbing it in his face that she was going out to hang out with her ex... I felt so bad for him and those babies.

This episode of 16 and pregnant was one of my favorites. I really liked Leah and Corey. Corey was trying so hard to be a dad to his daughters and he cared for Leah really trying hard to make it work. I wnated to reach thru the tv and slap Leah leaving the babies and Corey to go hang out with her friends and her ex-boyfriend. You could see it in Corey's eyes that he was hurting when she was in the bathroom primping getting ready to go out. Then when Leah was at her mom's house with the girls and Robbie was there I thought that was really insensitive to Corey and the girls that she did that. Robbie does'nt care for Leah and he really didnt care to be around the girls. And Leah's friends were really rude to say that Corey didnt have the right to be upset that she was going out with them and not staying home with Corey and the girls. I was kind of glad that Corey decieded to move on and Leah is realizing that she really screwed up. Lets hope that maybe Leah and Corey can make it work out for their sakes and the girls. Good luck Leah and Corey.

Good luck in life Leah, seriously you need it.

Geez, what a heinous brat. Corey was stepping up to the plate and really tried to make it work. She had what every other girl on this show had hoped for, and she managed to screw it up. Too bad he can't be the primary parent for those babies.

i felt like leah was not into the relationship like corey was because i felt like she only dated and had kids by corey was to make robbie mad but it didnt work because that just made him think less of her but yes i think that corey and leah could have worked if she just would have stop thinking about her self and just l;ook at things corey way but she was just thinking about herself so no i dnt think it was wrong for corey to leave her but at lease he stilll there for the twins

i just watched the episode and got so pissed off i had to find somewhere to vent. corey is one in a million who actually want to see his kids AND take care of them AND spend time with them AND pay for them! what a dumb little girl. corey, dont let one selfish/childish little girl deter you from finding a REAL woman in this world. we DO exist.

This show was HEART-WRENCHING to watch. At his age, Corey was an upstanding, caring young man. He couldn't have found a more immature girl if he had TRIED! What a shame. Now, those twins have to grow up WITH HER ALONE, without the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF THEIR WONDERFUL DADDY!!! (not to mention step-parents.

I just want to applaud Corey, the young man, for manning up and stepping up to the plate. It's not that his girlfriend got pregnant, it's the fact that his girlfriend of 1 month got pregnant, and he manned up and didn't run away like you see a lot nowadays. Integrity and Responsibilty at its finest.

As far as Leah, i'm not even going to bother writing about that little girl.

Corey was a upstanding young man. He stepped up better then some men much older then himself. My prayers go out to both he and Leah. We must remember that she is a teenager going through teenage emotions, as far as wanting to be with her ex-boyfriend. I am sure with time and maturity she will realize that Corey is the type of man every woman wants. I am praying that with time she and Corey can work things out between them. They are blessed with two beautiful girls and with time they both will realize that the girls will need them both. I hope that Corey can forgive her for some of her inmature actions and they can find true love. But if not, my prayer is that they can have a friendship relationship for the girls sake.

How many girls have been in this situation?
It's so sad to see this over and over. She was not ready for children, she denied Corey-then realized she wasn't happy without him.

Honestly Leah wouldn't be happy with either guy. But you do need to RESPECT corey. He has every right to his children you forgot how much not having your own father could effect your children.

Get your G.E.D and get your butt to work. You should have a job just like Corey. Your life isn't about you right now but your kids.

This one really interested me because Corey did, indeed, step up as a man and took responsibility for Leah's pregnancy. They seemed so excited to be becoming parents prior to the birth of their twins, but it was obvious that Leah mistakenly thought she could go right back to being flirty with her old boyfriend and hanging out with her friends whenever she felt like it. The scene where she was feeling sorry for herself and snuggling with her mother spoke volumes to me. I could almost hear this running through her mind . . . "It's okay. Mommy's here and will make it all better. You don't have to worry because Mommy will take care of everything." Too bad she isn't mature enough to think of her babies the same way her mother thinks of her. My heart broke for Corey. He was the most mature young man on the show in quite some time. There have been a couple, but Corey takes the "good daddy" prize. Hope he and Leah are able to work things out. Leah needs to grow up . . . a lot.

I think that you need to learn all of the types of there, their, and they're before you rant about the decisions of others.

y would u go and get pregenet when u r a teen ager y no condom y just plain but corei is so stuip that he dumped u when u and him both have 2 twins together GOOD LUCK WITH UR NEW BABYS LEAH HAVE FUN

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