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'16 and Pregnant': Leah

April 7, 2010 | 10:11 am

Leah I have four words: What was all that?

In Tuesday’s episode we’re introduced to 17-year-old Leah of Elkview, W.Va. A senior in high school, the former cheerleader finds herself pregnant with twins. If that wasn’t a double whammy, there’s also this: She had only known the father, Corey, a month before she got pregnant. Or as Leah might someday tell her kids: “We met at a party one night and one thing led to another.” Oy.

Trying to act responsibly, they decide they should move in together. Uh, did I mention they only knew each other a month before she got pregnant?  It was almost a setup for failure. And both seemed to acknowledge that they wouldn’t be together if it weren’t for the babies. Sure, they had there cute moments -- the moment Leah peed her pants, the moment of laughter they shared made me think there might be something there.  But that’s all it seemed to be for Leah: moments. When a friend asked if she was happy, her response said it all, “I am … I am. Or, at least, I’m really trying to be.” 

Once the babies arrived, it looked like Corey and Leah had a shot. They were a tag team when it came to parenting their children. But Leah wanted to reclaim her life pre-pregnancy. She scrunched her hair and went out with friends. And she clung to her ex-boyfriend, Robbie, while Corey was at home with the kids. As a result, her problems with Corey continued to escalate. They eventually broke up -- that scene in the car with Corey crying was so heart-wrenching -- -and Leah, who apparently lives in fantasy land, wanted to pursue a relationship with Robbie. Right. Cause he’s father material. Not. He did what we all knew he would: He stopped returning her calls. And when Leah learned Corey had moved on, she began to question her decision to ditch him. If she hadn’t constantly complained about how miserable she was while in the relationship, I might have believed that. But, really, she’s just sad that Robbie didn’t want her and now Corey didn’t either. 

In her closing summary, a crying Leah had this to say: “I hate my life. I really do.” 

Show Trackers, what did you think of this week’s episode?  Do you think forcing a relationship to be there just for the sake of the kids is the most responsible thing to do? Do you think Leah and Corey could have made it work?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Leah with babies Aleeah and Aliannah. Credit: MTV