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'16 and Pregnant': Kailyn

For a minute during Tuesday’s season finale of “16 and Pregnant,” I questioned whether I was really watching “The Twilight Zone.” 

In the episode, we’re introduced to Kailyn of Pennsylvania. And it was clear right away that the teen mom’s life was anything but normal. Her father left when she was little. Her selfish mom is largely absent -- too busy hanging with her man and searching for a job. Jo, her teen boyfriend, is, shockingly, immature. The only stable thing in her life? Jo’s parents.

Kailyn and Jo had been together nine months when they conceived -- that can happen when you don’t use a condom. And a basically orphaned Kailyn was living with Jo and his parents. If a viewer had tuned in 10 minutes late, it might appear like the romance between Kailyn and Jo was incestuous as their relationship started taking on traits of siblings -- bickering and yelling. 

And every step of the way, Jo’s parents, especially his mom Janet, were there as Kailyn struggled. When it came time to search for baby furniture, sure, Kailyn’s mom went with her, but it was Jo’s parent’s footing the bill. When Kailyn voiced her desire to hide her pregnancy so others wouldn’t judge her, Janet was there to console Kailyn and boost her self-esteem. Whenever Kailyn became upset with Jo for shutting her out or spending more time with his friends, Janet was there to lecture her son on his new responsibilities. And when it came time for Kailyn to fly to Texas and meet her father -- thanks to Facebook -- for the first time, it was Janet who she called for comfort when the results of the reunion wasn’t what she expected.

Other thoughts:

-- Did anyone find their jaw on the floor when Kailyn’s mom used the inane excuse, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder; so let me leave,” after dropping the teen mom off with Jo’s parents so she could spend time with her boyfriend? She makes Joan Crawford seem loving.

-- If Janet’s saintliness wasn’t proved early on, it definitely became apparent when she comforted a crying Kailyn with these words: “I want you know that regardless of what happens, dad and I are still here for you … This is your bed now.” 

-- I really, really hope Kailyn’s sticks to her plan of becoming a dental hygienist. 

-- What were the three words Kailyn uttered upon seeing her father for the first time? Not “I love you.” Nope. “You are short” is what stumbled out. Classic. 

-- Kailyn’s father enlightening Kailyn (and me) about the reason there’s a hole in the roof of the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium: so God could watch his team play on Sundays. 

-- If that wasn’t awesome enough, her dad had a lock on the fridge. Why? He has $200 worth of meat to protect. It makes sense. The dude loves his meat.

-- Did anyone else want to reach into his or her TV and slap Kailyn’s mom? Bad-mouthing Kailyn’s father’s absent ways when she’s no better. And, to top it off, finding an excuse not to visit the baby. 

-- And how heart-wrenching was Kailyn’s closing interview?  Kailyn said of Janet: “I couldn’t ask for a better mother even though she’s not blood-related.”  

So Show Trackers, what did you think of the season finale? What did you think of Kailyn’s situation? Were you just as in awe of Janet’s unconditional support?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Kailyn and baby Isaac. Credit: MTV

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Hey I cought the Finale of the show last night, this girl has a really hard life...Wow... I hope the young man really keeps his word and does the right thing....she seems to be a smart girl also. His parents were very good on understanding her emotional sate also, she did not have any love at all...neither father nor mother.

I am praying for you, and your child....don't worry you have a lot of Strength you just don't know it yet...keep with your studies..and open your heart wide to love your child.

My name is Alexia, im 16 and im 4 months pregnant... What would i have to do to sign up to get on the show?

I Want To See More Of Janet on T.V ! Shes An Amazing Woman And Deserves The World !! I Loved Season One But Janet is My All Time Favorite Person !!

Good recap. Janet and her husband are both amazing people!! What they are doing is wonderful. I hope this family can stay together and work it out.

Janet is amazing. She shines. She lifts Kailyn up every chance she can. Mothers of the world - look to Janet - no one gets it 100% right - but Janet is the closest thing to perfection I have seen. Did you see her heart pour out when she was videotaping the birth? Janet is an angel.


Oh wow, that episode was really something. Though I could certainly understand the poor girls constant crying, I felt that maybe if she didn't throw her feelings around so much, maybe her boyfriend wouldn't be so afraid of her. But, wow he was a jerk. And his mother? What a wonderful woman!! I kept thinking that she wasn't really showing his parents the respect they deserved. They were so amazing to her. Her mother was incredibly flaky. And her father, wow. She has a tough life ahead of her. But who doesn't, really? I also hope she finishes school. And that scene where the other young mother (at the school) tells her her story? It was like it was meant to be! Maybe she was one of those "earth angels" that God sends our way when we really need them.

WOW... is all i can say. It's scary that I grew up next to Kailyn before she moved there. We were neighbors in Honesdale PA. Wood St was the road we lived on. I was 11 or 12 when she moved away. Now I just turned 23 and I am serving in the United States Navy with a child of my own (She's 10M) Everything has changed for Kailyn since I can remember. The Kailyn that I remember, to me at the time, was spoiled. She had a nice home, what I thought was a cool mom and she was the kid that my sisters and I always wanted to play with because she had all the "COOL" toys.

But To see this after almost 10 years is crazy. I can't beleive what her family turned into. It is mind blowing, making a complete 180, but she does have people that care about her. Janet is a great person who has helped her out alot, and Janet's husband as well. Her boyfriend will come around. It just takes boys alot longer to grow and mature. Kailyn already is 1 step ahead of her mother and she has a good mind to want to continue with her schooling.

Just be Strong Kailyn! I know its been almost 10 years but you are still remembered and cared about!

i seen the show and i was just wanting to no what type of car seat and stroller it was I no it was graco and blue but that is it can u please help me thanks so much

the baby is not his

janet is the best..im 18 and i have two kids and i know its not easy being a parent..and u do have to sacrifice alot of things..were are ya located it would be a blessing to meet ya


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