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'16 and Pregnant': A look at 'Life After Labor'

April 21, 2010 | 10:58 am


Didn’t get enough “16 and Pregnant” with the show’s season finale Tuesday night? Well, I did. That last one was a doozy. But it didn’t matter. Before I could switch over to a less emotionally draining program, there was Dr. Drew (Pinsky). A reunion special? Couldn’t we wait a week? And it’s 90 minutes? Oh, brother.

The special offered inquiring minds an update on the teen moms from season 2 … and a lot of crying and awkward moments -- including an uncomfortable marriage proposal. Seriously, I cringed.

So where are they now? Here's an update:

--A newly brunet Jenelle, who described herself as a “17-year-old imprisoned by parenthood,” is still at odds with her mom. And still going out. Guess she has a key to the jail cell on hand.

--Kailyn is now engaged with Jo … and totally estranged from her mother. 

--Samantha is living with Eric. Their moms haven’t talked since the baby was born. And crying Samantha said she was intent on breaking the teen parenthood cycle that runs in her family: “It's not at all what I expected. I knew it was going to be hard, but it’s so much harder than what I pictured it to be. … I really don’t want her to go through this”

--Nikkole is trying to work things out with Josh. You read that right. I’m just as puzzled. And I was one of the 2 million viewers screaming at the TV, like Dr. Drew said.

--Smug-faced Josh, in turn, is still worthy of a smack-down.

--Leah wants to get back with Corey -- who looked pained to fake slight interest at the thought.  

--Lizzie and Skylar are still together. She’s still optimistic, thinking their “relationship is strong enough to work everything out” -- even two to three months of cheating on his part. And Skylar is still creeping me out with his voice.

--Chelsea is done with the text bully, er, Adam. And viewers learned Adam has long had a gift for composing emotionally abusive texts. Shocking. 

--Valerie is back with Matt, who again is living in their hometown. And, well, he’s still vapid. How poignant was his revelation? “Sometimes I’m rude. I admit it. I’m a rude guy.” I feared it was going to turn into a rap verse and that the beatboxing would soon follow. But it didn’t. My ears thank you, Matt.

--Lori is glad her mom pressured her into adoption and still loves Cory, who bluntly said she needs to “get over” him. Oh, and Cory, too, is glad they went the adoption route.

--Oh, and Tyler gets the award for the most awkward, cringe-worthy proposal in the history of televised proposals. He popped the question to Nicole. She accepted. And I shook my head in disbelief.

So Show Trackers, did you have enough energy to watch what felt like an endless marathon? Will you watch if there’s a season 3? Or will you tune elsewhere just to avoid another reunion special hosted by Dr. Drew?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Nikkole and baby Lyle. Credit: MTV