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The 'Lost' weekend: 'Lost' - The Musical

March 14, 2010 | 11:34 pm

What do you do if you really like something? Most people go on the Internet and tell their friends about it. Some write up whole reviews about it (hi!). Some write fan fiction or dress up like the characters or make fan art (think about it for a second; you'll get it). Some post Craig's List ads. And some people, some brave few, write songs about just how much this fictional world means to them. This week, we celebrate those who have turned their love of "Lost" to more musical ends.

We start with the song embedded above by a group called the Joke Initiative, which asks, in song form, how you don't die on "Lost." The lyrics are very funny (I particularly like the repetition of "Don't get a DUI"), and I love the singing Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse back-up chorus. (You can also see that song here.) Or, if your tastes run more toward elaborate theme song parodies, you can see the theme song for "Pokemon" ripoff, "Loophole Locke," or this sequence featuring "Lost" as if it were, well, "Baywatch." 

But that's not the only TV show parodied this week in "Lost" land. After Tuesday's episode, "Dr. Linus," reimagined the flash-sideways plots as some sort of classroom drama, Gawker created this alternate universe trailer for a "Lost" that actually was a classroom drama. I love how easy it is to make this show seem completely ridiculous just by introducing the right sound or music cues, and this is a good example of that working for some fans who want to poke affectionate fun at the series.

I've also come to really love the captioned photos that "Lost" fans make, putting sans serif text atop footage from the show, LOLcat-style. While most aren't fit to be printed here (though it's easy enough to find them if you go looking), here are a couple I particularly enjoyed. This one, recontextualizing dialogue from that scene between Jacob and the Man in Black from last season's finale, is both really funny and really creepy. And here's one where Jack and Hurley argue over the best way to treat an injured man that also turns pretty funny. Here, the characters react to Lapidus announcing another Kate episode is on its way (in predictable, yet amusing, fashion). Oh, and did you know Sayid was in "Avatar"? I guess he was! I also really like this poster by Andrew Hawryluk, celebrating the dearly departed Daniel Faraday.

I also like Sports Guy Bill Simmons' comparison of the Island to college here:

"Level 18: “College Kid Broke”

"The best kind of broke, because you’re sharing the experience with your peers, and somehow it always seems to work out. You can go out with $15 and somehow end up having 15 drinks, two shots and splitting a pizza at 3 in the morning, then you wake up the next day and you have $12 in your wallet. Huh? College is like the island in “Lost” — things happen that can’t be explained, there are different tribes of people with whom you uneasily co-exist, you’re living in close quarters with a bunch of people that eventually drive you crazy, you can’t find a good toilet, you don’t appreciate being there until you’re gone (then you want to go back), and there might even be some time-traveling."

But this week, my link of the week goes to Flickr user gideonslife, who's creating posters for each episode of the series and is about two-thirds through the second season. I love the simple, iconic images the artist chooses for each episode, and the look of them makes for a great counterpart to the often busy show. Check 'em out, make 'em your desktop wallpaper, do whatever you want. Because these are awesome, and I hope gideonslife keeps at it.

We'll see you all Tuesday for a review of the next new episode!

--Todd VanDerWerff (follow me on Twitter at @tvoti)

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