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'Real Housewives of New York City': Fashion escapades

March 26, 2010 | 10:21 am

RamonaThe episode starts with Bethenny telling Jason about her confrontation with Jill at the Jill Stewart fashion show. Ah! Yes! The Jill Zarin voice is back! But Jason seemed more interested in figuring out their living situation — “Before we step foot in our apartment, there will be a commitment made from me.”  Uh … how romantic? Bethenny didn’t seem to mind the business-like proposal. She, after all, has the three Bs: a boyfriend, booze and books. And, as Jason so stiffly noted, “You don’t need …” well, this is a family-friendly blog. Use your imagination to think of another B-word. What does he know? OF COURSE you do. Of. Course. It’s no fun otherwise!

But let’s move on to another letter in the alphabet, shall we? C is for Countess. Thank you, Kelly, for providing yet another moment to remind us. Who cares how you introduce LuAnn to other people? Just don’t call her “Countless” … it will only cause her to host another pitiful Labor Day party. But LuAnn loved every second of that moment. Before her head popped on it’s own from being overblown, Bethenny was on hand to do deflate her. Forget the boring details on how their confrontation escalated. Just know that Bethenny’s (awesomely fabulous to watch) comment, “I don’t like you. I don’t trust you. And I think you’re a snake,” was somehow miscoded by LuAnn’s brain. A nasty skank? Uh … Did anyone else hear that? I didn’t. But, I mean, fashion shows are loud (not that I know … I have, though, seen my fair share of "Project Runway" finales). Maybe she misheard? And maybe that’s why she thought Bethenny wouldn’t overhear her comments to Kelly. LuAnn — always ready to demonstrate the art of being classy — said Bethenny was foul, like a mad dog, and venomous. Oh, look. It seems the snake part did register! Sure, Bethenny was wrong to use the fashion show as a forum to unleash her tirade against LuAnn. But as we learn in this episode, the fashion show is really hust a boxing ring in designer duds. 

Cue yet another fashion show in which Kelly and Ramona are in attendance. Ms. I-don't-like-to-cause-a-scene Kelly decided it was the perfect place to bring up the fact that Ramona didn't invite her to her Labor Day party. Sure, i enjoyed seeing Ramona stutter. But, really, why bring it up? It's really not rocket science. But the two managed to fake niceness and go to the party together. After Ramona shipped daughter Avery off in a cab. In New Yory City. All alone. Alex was there. Jill was there ... and it wasn't long before Bethenny's name came up. At this point, it's reached Tamra-Gretchen status ("Real Housewives of Orange County") in terms of tiredness. 

Bethenny, meanwhile, gets to share her side of the story in separate meet-ups with Ramona and Alex. This voicemail and the "getting a hobby" comment deserve their own spinoff already. And don't get me started on Francois and his leg climbing.  

And, as required with each episode, we're once again reminded of LuAnn's (failed) marriage. This time around, LuAnn alerts everyone and their mother — literally; she told Jill's mother — that her divorce had been finalized. Does this mean I won't have to hear about her "marriage of 16 years" anymore? I highly doubt it. But it's something I will gladly endure if it means more outbursts from Ramona like in last night's episode. When she called LuAnn out in front of Simon and Alex, my jaw was on the floor. And just when I had picked it up ... she asked Kelly about her "off center" breasts! Oh, it was like I was an audience member in one of Oprah's big giveaway shows. I was beaming from ear to ear.

So Show Trackers, what did you think of Thursday's episode? Did Ramona steal the show? Share your favorite moment in the comments section below.

— Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Ramona. Credit: Bravo.