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In Sunday's paper: A shot of Tila Tequila

SleepingReality TV star and tabloid mainstay Tila Tequila made headlines in January when her fiancee, 30-year-old Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, died from diabetes complications.

The two had begun a relationship only a month earlier and quickly got engaged. Several gossip blogs deemed their relationship a publicity stunt, referencing a December video the two uploaded from bed -- clad in push-up bras as Tequila kissed Johnson and showed off the 17-carat engagement ring her new fiancée had given her -- as evidence.

In a story on the cover of Sunday’s Calendar section, Amy Kaufman goes inside Tequila’s world. Shortly after Johnson’s death, Kaufman visited the reality TV star’s Studio City home. After the jump, an excerpt:

Tequila paused the telling of her story as her young male assistant arrived with her dinner.

“Look,” she said, bouncing up to show him the one-piece pink fleece pajamas she wore. “I’m a Teletubby! If I have to poop, I just pull down this little flap in the back.” She demonstrated by yanking down the flap, and revealing her bare behind.

“Wake me up at 8:30,” she instructed her assistant before he left. “Oh, and look up my Red Bull contact and call him. I’m supposed to get free Red Bull and I’m out.”

Getprev Most of you probably remember Tequila as the star of the MTV reality show that ran for two seasons, the bisexual dating competition “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila.” The series went on to become a pop culture touchstone after it debuted, at its high point attracting 6.2 million viewers, according to the Nielsen Co.

Dani Campbell, a firefighter from Florida who was the runner-up on the first season of the show, told Kaufman she was lured on to the program by the idea that she could date a former Maxim model.

“But some of the stuff on the show ended up being a little bit obscene and just crazy. It made you think, like, what is this person?” said Campbell. “She seemed like she needs that attention and the limelight.”

Indeed, Tequila seems to thrive on being in the spotlight. After the MTV show ended, Tequila has sold the drama of her own life: blogging and tweeting constantly, posting suggestive videos of herself online and posing for the paparazzi outside popular nightclubs. When Johnson died, Tequila’s online presence only increased -- she wrote online about her grief and posted videos of herself sobbing. Since, she’s announced she is pregnant and will retire from Hollywood to work behind the scenes as a record executive and manager.

In February, she quit Twitter. That is, until after this story went to print. On Thursday, she rejoined the social networking site.

Tequila insists she tired of the sexualized image of herself she established on the MTV show and would like to now be seen as a businesswoman. Read our story and visit our photo gallery to find out why she seems unable to stop perpetuating the drama of her own life.

-- Amy Kaufman

Photos: Tila Tequila was photographed in her home in one-piece pajamas in January. Earlier, she sat by the piano after playing a tribute song to her late fiancee, Casey Johnson. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin /  Los Angeles Times

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Please stop giving this thing the attention she craves,

She needs REHAB - NOT LA TIMES stories and she won't get it if the drugs keep her crazy-SELF in the news.....PLEASE HELP TILA HELP HERSELF!

I have to agree with Anastasia. If you in the media continue to allow her drug induced idiocy get her the publicity she so craves, things will continue to get worse for this accident waiting to happen.

Please stop reporting on her and force her to see that this life-style isn't the way to go. If she continues, she's going to be in the same place Corey, Brittany M., Elvis and Anna Nicole are! D E A D -- from DRUGS. I don't think too many people want that to happen.......


Please stop giving this thing the attention she craves,

She needs REHAB - NOT LA TIMES stories and she won't get it if the drugs keep her crazy-SELF in the news.....PLEASE HELP TILA HELP HERSELF!

You reap what you sow.

I'm going to Unsubscribe to the LA times cause of this. this article is offensive to my intelligence of thousands of others' . you lost a client, LA Times, for having this insult on your paper

Read ur article-can't believe it's part of this newspaper. Done w/LA Times-Most pathetic attempt at news to date. You couldn't even get real answers on the questions u asked nor those u should have asked. This grown woman has lied incessantly for over a year 4 nothing more than attention and money-from romping @ naked online to accusing evry1 of abuse to sue for $$-I now put Russel Simmons in the same category as her-Pathetic and ignorant. Why as reporters were none of the following asked: Why TT lied about when/where she was when Casey Johnson died? Why TT said she was twelve weeks pregnant in January and still no show? Why TT wouldn't answer q's when caught sending emails out saying she miscarried (a fake baby) to book a modeling job over Lady Gaga. Why TT claimed Game was her baby daddy calling him a dead beat daddy when he denied it, now says it is someone else. The list is endless-you and I both know. She is a c-list Felebrity to begin with YOU are covering. Who has now connected w/a mere PR firm who will spin anything to basically make money off her-not get her the major medical help-she needs institutionalizing-and who had her delete her Twitter page full of lies-stop direct emailing (wonder why)and now say she won't talk personal stuff-that is ALL she has-she reveals STUPID personal stuff-she has no other talent-duh. No biz(manager, singer etc)she claims has yet to materialize. LIES!

There's a whole new Tequila in town!

I am Asian, she makes Asian look bad! Another fame whore in Hollywood, no talent with two fake big breasts!


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