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'Nip/Tuck' cast reacts to series finale

FX's “Nip/Tuck” ended Wednesday night with its 100th episode, which was filmed in Los Angeles in June. The Times, which had exclusive access to the set for the series finale, interviewed cast members about their thoughts on the final episode, which was written by creator Ryan Murphy and directed by John S. Scott.

Dylan_Shot_04-0059 Dylan Walsh

“Sean McNamara was always talking about how he wanted to do good. And the truth is that in the world of plastic surgery on “Nip/Tuck,” he wasn’t doing good. He wasn’t doing good for people. It turns out, he’s just part of the lessons that the show is constantly looking at. You’re not doing good for somebody necessarily by giving them plastic surgery. So in that regard it is good to finally send him off so he can do what he thinks is the righteous, good thing and to make some peace with his life. The only thing I would say is that to invent a new situation — Sean leaving to take care of this baby — I felt the finale should have been more about some closure with the things we’d already set up. It seemed like an odd thing to do.

You also ask yourself: How else would you end it? The two guys — there has been a love affair between two heterosexual men, which is what Ryan always said he wanted the show to be about. So then how do you split them up, and how and why? I do like that this season set up, from the beginning, you get a sense that Christian’s become the bad guy. He goes behind Sean’s back a few times. He forges some papers to get a loan. Various things. But in the end he does the good thing to give Sean the nudge that he needs to get out there and finally do what he’s been wanting to do. And I like that turn.

But it’s a show that week in and week out always had to deliver some shock and awe. And I think people tune in to see what bold thing are they going to do on “Nip/Tuck” tonight. And now you get to a finale where the expectation is so high to deliver yet more shock and more awe, and clearly Ryan wanted to go the other way with that and give a more subdued finish to it.”

Julian McMahon Julian_Shot_04-0033

“I know that some people felt like it was less than what you should do on “Nip/Tuck.” But I felt that it, in being a little less, meant it was different. I just didn’t think that was a bad way to go. You know, we’ve blown it out every show. What the hell do you do for a finale? Press the detonate button and blow up the TV screen? I don’t know. So, for it to be a little simpler and not so over-the-top and not so farcy, it was nice to be simple. In fact, I’ve always thought the show should have been simpler than it was. So, for me, it was nice to have it a little less than what we’ve been expanding upon for the last number of years.

“And what I really wanted to do in the shooting was settle everything down a lot. We’re used to characters expressing themselves and storming out of rooms or storming into rooms and then expressing themselves and blah, blah, blah. And I really tried as hard I could to make all of us settle down a little bit and sit in our stuff a little bit more. So with that you’ll get a very different show than what you’re used to, which I think is apropos.”

Joelyniptuck_sc-44_4861 Joely Richardson

“I thought it was an absolute page-turner. What I liked about it is that its grown-up and reflective of these times. Right now, it’s quite grown-up times. I felt it hasn’t ended sensational. The ending is a mature ending. And I like that. It surprised us again by giving us something almost subtle.

We’ve done three or four of those dinner scenes around the table over the years, and it's always been my favorite bits to do. It started with the first season (and second season) and they were such wonderful seasons, and so exciting, and somehow as a cast member, it was really lovely to end with everyone around the table.”


 John Hensley

“This is anticlimactic to me. I was craving for there to be some great twist. Those first two seasons, “Nip/Tuck” was quite successful at incorporating those. I was hoping to end on that note, and it just fizzles. It’s a distinct choice Ryan’s made, and I respect it. But I was so craving a twist. I was so let down to see Matt run off with Ava. By the time this episode rolls around, he’s been in prison, he’s murdered a man, he’s become the king of his cell block, let out early. The meth addiction, the Scientology. He’s got this great opportunity with someone who accepts him for who he is and he takes off with Ava and he’s like, “Here’s my baby,” and it’s not really explained.”

Kellycarlson Kelly Carlson

“I found myself reading the script and getting a little pissed off that my child was going with Ava. I was a little mad. I was a little upset. It made me sick.”

“Kimber and Christian is like that syndrome where you attach yourself to the abuser, because they are so screwed up and they wish they could be with someone normal. It’s a great love story. It’s been so much fun playing because I feel we’re one of those couples on television that people won’t forget. “

Romaniptuck_sc-45_0017 Roma Maffia

“It went back to its Nip/Tuckism — the absurdity of the situations, but with the heart, the connection between seeing what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Once we see why they’re doing it, we can’t separate ourselves from them. We can identify with them and it doesn’t seem as ‘out there.’ "

--Maria Elena Fernandez (follow me on Twitter @writerchica)

Update: A previous version of this post incorrectly named the director. John S. Scott directed the finale.

Photos: FX


"Nip/Tuck" ends softly, surprisingly and lovingly

For "Nip/Tuck," beauty fades

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Correction: the series final was directed by John S. Scott

I was absolutely disappointed in the end...why not end it with the big bang that it had when it first entered our lives? Bring back the carver and his sister...that one was always open...but this episode was so anti-climatic. It was if someone new wrote this episode that had nothing at stake in the storyline. One of the worst series finales in tv history. I am sorry. I expected more from this ground breaking series and it went out like a dog cornered with it's tail tucked between it's legs.

I liked the ending and then I did not like the ending and that is because.......
I will TRULY miss this groundbreaking show.

I was so happy when the RICHES came aboard and that was cut short for some unknown reason (that was nice to watch when Nip Tuck was in between seasons)

Please do not remove the Sons of Anarchy from the FX lineup.

1. How many times can I say "brilliant?"
2. Redemption IS shock and awe, versus the typical S&M fest we've come to know and love.
3. The finale refected real life, where long-hoped for change tends to come suddenly, quietly, and when it's least expected. Remember that, kids.
4. Sean didn't change, he'd just become a self-flagellater in denial. There could be a spin-off about him meeting, and resisting, a new "Christian" in Bucharest.
5. Christian, evil but honest, actually rejected evil in the end. By saving Sean he saved himself. There's hope for us!
5. Kimber's line to Christian, "I don't miss you," should go down in TV history. It's what turned him around.
6. I love that Matt is still a skank...he will turn Jenna into another Kimber, and then she will make him miserable. We are being given a glimpse of what made Kimber, Kimber. (Wouldn't want the finale to fix all problems...that would be too unrealistic.)
7. We are left with the cliff-hanger: will Christian seek a healthier relationship with the blonde he just met, or will he revert to the past? I'm guessing he'd revert to his past ways, and that would leave him strangely unsatisfied, and confused.
8. I cried at the end of a TV show. That hasn't happened in 25 years. BRAVO!!!!

I was hoping for a more blast ending. However, if you think about the ending, it leaves room for a possible reunion movie. The only thing I was disappointed in, was Matt leaving with Ava. I had stopped watching Nip/Tuck for a couple of years (mainly when they went to California) because it wasn't as interesting as before.

I have watched nip/tuck since the very beginning and I am 50/50 with the way the show ended. I loved the way the Christian finally let Sean go. It showed his true heart. All that said, I love all of you and I will truly miss my favorite show of all time. I wish you all the best and to
Julian, my favorite, I hope to see you acting soon. I will miss your nude scenes!!! LOL

I like how Christian helped Sean move on, but damn, this is Nip/Tuck!! One of the best shows, ever, hands down. I thought the series finale should have been mind blowing, not subtle and quiet. I was disappointed. I still love this show but I'm let down.

I think that in the last scene, Christian should have seen a woman that looked a lot like Kimber at the bar...with a different hair color. He would have stopped her and she would have said she didn't know who Kimber was. Yet we, and Christian, would have been wondering if this really was Kimber - and maybe she had taken on a new identity/persona a la Vertigo.

It could have been the start for a whole new chapter in their relationship....with Kimber possibly getting the upper hand for a change. Ending on a cliff hanger/twist would have been stronger too...rather than the cop-out ending we got last night. Anyone else agree? -- Lawrence

I wanted it to end with a BANG!! I loved the finale and the love that was displayed between the characters. However, there was such great chemistry between Sean and Christian that I would have loved for those two to have discovered that they not only loved each other but that for all those years, they were truly in love with each other! There were so many moments where it seemed headed that way and I think it would have finally calmed Sean's angst in life and it would have gotten rid of Christian's demon. Together, they could have adopted Ava's abandoned child from Buchareast and gone off into the sunset, ready to explore their lives as gay men. Yep, that was my BANG ending...and I wouldn't have doubted it for one second. The best bromance I have ever seen.

I think the show was entertaining through the years, but not something to take seriously because its plot situations were so absurd. But it gained a degree of redemption with that mature finale. Though I agree with the actor who plays Matt - I don't mind some ambiguity, but that wasn't explained well enough, and not like the finale was the first time for that with this character.

Wow, I can't believe the show actually ended. I'm kind of happy it ended with a great reputation. Nip/Tuck is one of the best shows I've ever watched, so many great memories.
I want to thank all the cast members, producers, writers, and everyone else for delivering such an amazing show for the last 7 years. there will be tears of sadness and joy for all the people who admired this fantastic TV series.

Not even shows like Dexter will replace Nip/Tuck... ;(

i am going to miss this show - i truly looked forward to each week. i watched it from the beginning and again, i am going to TRULY miss this show.

To keep it simple... It was SAD! That's the only show on TV I follow. I wish it would have lasted 10 more years. To all the cast and everyone invloved, THANK YOU and try and bring the show back! :)

i just can't believe it's the last show. it was my best tv show. gutted :(

The ending was unexpected yet fitting. After seven years of going over the top, could the writers actually still shock anyone? Should Sean and Christian have killed each other or confessed their homosexual love--not too shocking, since many commentators said they expected as much. Should Christian be revealed--a la Fight Club--to be Sean's Tyler Durden, who only existed in Sean's imagination? As a fan from the outset, that sort of ending would trivialize the entire series.

The show may have used "shock and awe" at every turn, but it also ran deeper than that (it truly was a serious show about superficiality) and the first-class acting made the characters, in contrast to the outrageous story lines surprisingly real. After all their angst and self-analysis in the past seven years, it was fitting to see the main characters finally learn their lessons and, as Joely Richardson points out, show some maturity and move on with their lives.

Suffering withdrawal now that the best show ever on FX has concluded, but it was Ryan Murphy's plan to end at 100 eps, and all good things must come to an end. Having the chance to read the cast's thoughts on the finale helps to deal w/having to go cold turkey for new eps---but thanks to dvds and on-line viewing Nip/Tuck will never really be gone. "Don't cry because it's ending, smile because it happened." ~ Theodor Geisel aka Dr. Seuss

I loved the show and i actually liked the ending. I'm so SAD its over!! 8-( I so hope they make Nip/Tuck a movie on the big screen with all the same acters!!!!! Thanks for all the craziness loved it!!

very simple, very bitter sweet...........................although I would have done the ending a lil different,I was satisfied. Very low-key and different from what we were expecting. I will always love the show,it will always be the most ground-breaking television that I have watched. Love you nip/tuck!!!

I have all the dvds and have seen every episode. This was the only show that I watched religiously. The ending was flat. It left open the possibility for a reunion movie (like sex and the city), but in reality, each episode was essentially half of a movie by itself.
So many loose ends were left hanging. Some things were just rushed. Matt suddenly runs off with Ava, who clearly doesn't want him. Kimber was supposedly dead, but her body was never found and kept returning as a dream, all of which set up the possible "it's really me" return. What happened to Eden? And with the way Season 3 ended, it screamed of a Carver return, so why not go there? I understand that the directors didn't want the show revolving around the Carver, but face facts, the highest ratings came from season 3, and they did leave the Carver's future wide open for a return. And while we're at it, why did Escobar's daughter only have one episode and then have her story quickly brushed aside? And on top of that, what about the disappearance of the old doctor who'd been abducted by aliens and then taken away (he never returned)? So many unanswered questions available for season 7, and yet, they spend the bulk of it on slowly dissecting Christian and Sean's relationship.
With that said, I was very disappointed. But not "Sopranos" disappointed; at least that was worth talking about. The end of Nip Tuck was just blah. I liked the "mature" aspect and all, but really?

Wow, that is all that I can say. I am really dissapointed to see this show off the air. I have also religiously followed this show for a very long time since the very beginning. Please, please bring this show back :( This is the only show that I have ever really enjoyed. A lot of things have happened in my life during the premiering of this show!!!!! I will miss you NIPTUCK!!!!! :( Actors and all were exceedingly great!!

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