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'Mas Sabe el Diablo': Walking on sunshine

March 26, 2010 |  9:13 am

Massabeeldiablo When we left things off, Manuela was on cloud nine following her tree date with Angel. Turns out it affected her a little too much. She had to miss work because she couldn’t think about anything else? Ay, este mujer! Pero, ay, can you blame her? So, naturally, she summoned him to her apartment para llevar some “important” papers from the office. Psh! Right. In the process, he fixed her microwave and she forgot to remove the box packaging when cooking lasagna. But none of that es importante! They almost kiss! Almost! They were so close, they could practically smell what the other comió en el almuerzo. But Manuela had put an end to it by saying she’s about to be a married woman. Way to ruin a perfectly precioso moment! Mujeres everywhere are cursing.

Meanwhile, Martin continues his cochino ways. During a business meeting with Leon, he catches sight of Marina — who, for some odd reason, comes to work muy temprano to rehearse … uh … her complicated hip thrusts? Weird. And so she becomes Martin’s next conquest.

But on to asuntos más importantes. Martin orders Leon to have Gregorio killed after Detective Cardona and his team learn he might have been part of the jewelry heist and his father’s death. So Leon assigns Cachurro? You’d think that would mean the job wouldn’t get done, right? But just as Perla goes into labor — en serio? She didn’t have one outfit for the kid? — Gregorio’s time is running out. First, Detective Cardona, who has been tracking his every move, shoots him in the knee. But being that he’s on his way to the hospital, it appeared he would have a chance. Limp as he might, Cachurro is nearby to finish off the deed.

When Perla finds out, it’s too much para manejar. She’s crushed. I’m crushed. And the baby still has nothing to wear!

So Show Trackers, what did you think of this week’s episodes? Are you going to cut your microwaves extension cord the next time you want your crush to come over? How come Martin is all 'bout bedding women … except Manuela? And am I the only one who really, really wants Horacio as a best friend?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela. Credit: Telemundo