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Mas Sabe el Diablo: Putting the pieces together

March 19, 2010 | 10:24 am
Massabeeldiablo Aye dios mio! I don't know what was the best part of this week's episodes: el romance or all the purple V-neck shirts. No, seriously. What was with all the purple V-neck shirts? Angel! Martin! Horacio tambien! Y don't get me started on Sandro's plaid offerings. How do I say this nicely? Eran muy (muy!) feos

Pero back to the drama (check it out for yourself, here).

When we last left things off, detective Cardona was investigating the jewelry heist, pero mas importante than that, he's trying to find his father's killer.  While at Manuela's office to ask her questions about the gala, Cardona sees Angel, and it isn't long before he realizes he's seen him before. Hello! How could you forget a face like that, right? It doesn't look good for Angel. Cardona wants him to go in for questioning; he's set on proving Angel is involved in the trouble. But no such luck. Angel's name magically appears on the list of waiters who worked that night -- gracias, Martin, er, el Hierro!  And it isn't long before Angel is free to go.

Porque quien esta outside when Angel leaves the police headquarters? Why Manuela, of course. After a failed attempt at seducing Martin with takeout food and a jacuzzi bath, Manuela gets her dose of romance from Angel. Dime mas, you say? Well, es mas innocent than passionate. He takes Manuela for a stroll through the park. Then he leads her to a special place: a tree. Seems he goes there when things get muy agitado -- he likes to climb it and forget his troubles. The ever-subtle Marina -- who am I kidding? She's as subtle as a heart attack! -- asked him to take her there. But it's Manuela he wants to share the place with.

They climb. They lock eyes while straddling a branch. Cue the dramatic we're-making-googly-eyes-at-each-other-as-if-it's-not-totally-obvious-we-like-each-other music. Yo quiero that music. If only such a soundtrack existed in real life, verdad? Wouldn't that be amazing? Eh, maybe not. 

Oh, and it get's better. He sketched a portrait of her! De veras! I'm not kidding. Despite the Titanic moment, things didn't escalate. There was no kiss. But Manuela enjoyed herself. Maybe a little too much for a woman about to get married. The incessant smiling was proof. And Horacio couldn't help but notice a few days later. And when he uncovered the truth about their midday rendezvous, he was more than loving the chisme. (And how awesome is Horacio? I want him to be my best friend. The way he told Manuela she deserved better than Martin. Ugh. Yo murio!)

But Manuela soon puts the brakes on the flirtation. Pendeja

Meanwhile, Gregorio gets himself in quite the predicament. Financially strapped -- and with a baby on the way -- he needs to find a way to make money fast. So he ... decides to sell drugs? Aye, Gregorio! But wait. Perla, after finding a stash of cocaine, flushes it down the toilet in rage? Aye, Perla! Leave it to Angel to bail him out when it came time to pay. I never thought dudes with an affinity for wearing scarves could be so selfless. 

And sad little Esperanza. Pobresita! No one seemed to remember who she was. Ouch! But seriously, how did Martin not immediately remember a girl he knocked up? Ri-diculous! Once he did recall their affair and learned that he had a child, he didn't seem to care. Por supuesto!

Oh, and what is up with the flirtation going on between Cordona and Virginia!!? I could do without that. 

So Show Trackers, what did you think of this week's episodes? Did you melt, like me, when Angel told Manuela she was prettier than the portrait he painted of her? Or how about his spiel on wishing he could paint her soul? Swoon.  

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Jencarlos Canela. Credit: Telemundo