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LAT review: How did Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin do at the Oscars?

Oscars In Monday's L.A. Times, Mary McNamara casts her reviewer's eye over the Academy Awards show as an event and wonders why, with seasoned comedians like Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin hosting, it had so little sense of ... timing. "There was a lot of incremental dead air and not just during Jeff Bridges' acceptance speech. It's a big stage and we seemed to spend a lot of time looking at it empty."

As for the hosts themselves, "They were unafraid to appear in a double Snuggie backstage and introduced presenters with flair -- 'He directed 'A Single Man,' she weighs a single pound, Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica Parker' -- and did their best to keep things moving."

Read more of the review here and more Oscar coverage here.

Photo: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin at the Oscars. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

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why was clooney rude to martin and baldwin at beginning of ceremony? he seemed to be ignoring them or looked to be bothered by them?

I would be remiss if I didn't make a very, very nerdy correction to this article: Snuggie doesn't make a double-version of their product, so unless Props fashioned that blanket for Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin themselves, or they were actually wearing 2 Snuggies, I must point out that it was probably not a Snuggie, but rather the far superior, original blanket with sleeves, THE SLANKET. Slanket makes a 4-armed "Slanket Siamese" (Snuggie makes a couples' Snuggie, but it only has 3 arms, and who would want that?!)
So, Slanket, a far superior product that Snuggie ripped-off, should get it's Oscar credit where Oscar credit is due!
Thanks! ;)

The tagline for Martin and Baldwin should have been: "Father of the Bride" and "Father of the Year"

Actually I thought this year's show was one of the funniest in years-just needed a veteran's hand at the editing booth! The horror lead in with Baldwin/Martin was funny but offset by the useless "horror" salute. Plus I thought they were not going to repeat the sentimental but over-long salute to the best actor/actress nominees? Trimming those and the horrow reel, not to mention getting better stage management and cutting a overlong Ben Stiller would have made this a wow show instead of a merely enjoyable one.

Because Clooney thinks he is far too superior to be made fun of. He needs to take a good look in the mirror and realize he's not all that.

I loved Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. This telecast was certainly one of the best in many years. I wish we'd seen alittle more of them and perhaps alittle less of the dance number. I'm hoping they'll bring Martin and Baldwin back next year. (As far as George Clooney, I got the distinct impression that he was playing along with the joke and his deadpan expression was planned.) I was thrilled that Sandra Bullock won and thought some of the acceptance speeches (including hers) were the most thoughtful I've heard in a long time.


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