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'DWTS' Season 10 pairings announced

117299_D_0400_pre Now that we've found out the celebrities who will be competing in Season 10's "Dancing With the Stars," ABC has announced the second (but no less important) part of this reality TV show equation: the professional dancers each contestant will be paired up with. Here is the complete list:

-- Astronaut and resident moon walker Buzz Aldrin teams up with Ashly Costa (formerly DelGrosso)

-- Pamela Anderson is coupled with new "DWTS" pro Damian Whitewood

-- ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is partnered with resident "DWTS" bad boy Maksim Chemerkovskiy

-- Actress Shannen Doherty steps out with two-time champ Mark Ballas

-- Kate Gosselin is matched up with Tony Dovolani

-- Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek is with Anna Trebunskaya (pictured)

-- "Reno 911!'s" Niecy Nash will be with Louis Van Amstel

-- Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco teams up with two-time champ Cheryl Burke

-- Newly engaged "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka is matched with Chelsie Hightower

-- Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger partners with Season 7 champ Derek Hough

-- "All My Children" star Aiden Turner is paired with legwarmer queen Edyta Sliwinska, the only pro to compete in all 10 seasons.

Note that there's no Dmitry Chaplin, Karina Smirnoff, or recent champ Kym Johnson this season. Did your favorite pro make the list? And now that you've seen the matchups, who do you think has what it takes to win it all?

-- Allyssa Lee


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Nicole and Derek are my favourite pair already. I am also looking forward to Niecy and Louie. This will be a blast of a season. Can't wait.

I can't wait to see Kate dancing and please give her a chance ....it's not that because she had 8 kids and not allow to dance . She might have a hidden talent that we do not know. You gonna love her this time and not to hate her. I do appreciate Mom's who show their talent and not just stay home mom typically raising kids ....common she also have a life ....let her enjoy herself being single.

Um, no I won't give Kate a chance and I sincerely hope she's the first to go. She's become a supreme publicity hound and if she was concerned about her kids like she and her ex-husband pretends to be, she wouldn't have done this.

I agree with "Not a Kate Fan", this woman needs to go. She is not a star and is nothing more than trailer trash. Jeez! Who's next? Samantha Ronson?


I think Nicole & Derek are going all the way. He is an incredible dancer and she should really compliment his style.

I will watch as soon as Goslin is off

I will tune in as soon as Kate Goslin is off. What was DWTS thinking?

I hope Kate is the first to go. She should raising her kids not visiting every talk show that will have her. She feels entitled to this lifestyle and will do anything to maintain it including spending less time with her kids.

You know, every season I think that I'm not that thrilled with the line up, but I always watch and end up loving someone. I must say that to say that Evan is not a STAR you must be smoking something. He just won a gold medal for goodness sake - what else does he have to do? Like always, people complain about the line up, but millions will watch and vote. Pamela might be funny - outfits will make guys tune in, that's for sure.

Oh well, wish this tv-series all the luck. Opinions: http://pinoytutorial.com/lifebytes/dwts-season-10-surprises-entertainment/

wondering why Derek always seems to get paired up with gals with some dancing talent, while poor Tony keeps getting stuck with dead weight.

what's the appeal of these 'reality' show psuedo-celebrities? Absolutely no appeal to me.

I'm sure Evan Lysacek will be adding a mirror ball trophy to his gold medal. Let's face it, he's in great shape already and his talent is basically dancing on skates. I wish him well, though.

I just don't see a reason to watch this season. I guess ABC just doesn't care to actually get a cast which people want to see.

(I miss Kym Johnson already ... one more reason I won't be watching!!!)

Nicole seems to be a hands on favorite, after all, we now she can dance to choreographed numbers pretty pretty pretty good. Upsets are always fun though.

Kate Gosselin in the competition may be the worst idea I've heard of. Just seeing her pathetic, attention mongering, "I'm afraid my 15 minutes of fame are up" face makes my stomach turn. Watching her dance will be like downing an extra large ipecac syrup shake with mung beans sprinkled on top. She has to be the first to go. She should do herself a favor and bow out before the show even starts. It would be the wisest thing that she's ever done in her life probably. Kate Gosseling + Dancing = WTF to the umpteenth power.

I think Nicole and Derek are gonna do awesome!! And I love Mark Ballas so I'll root for him and Shannen!! And Go Erin Andrews!! ZTA Love!!

Yep...I'm with the vast majority. LET ME KNOW WHEN MAMMA KATE GETS VOTED OFF SO I CAN TUNE IN!!! And, ya, WTF was ABC thinking!!!!!

I have a hunch Erin Andrews will be very good.

Lots of eye candy in this cast for us guys.

Great dancers on the show, but I am missing some favs like Dimitry and Kim and Karina. I'm hoping there is a rotation and they will be back next season. Huge fan of Dimitry, Maksim and Derek.

They paired the wrong Anna with Evan Lysacek. He's 6'2" tall. He should have been paired with Anna Demidova, not Anna Trebunskaya.


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