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New cast of 'Dancing with the Stars' is shaping up to be one to watch


As ABC prepares to officially announce the new cast of "Dancing With The Stars" Monday night during the season finale of "The Bachelor," rumors are flying about a certain trio of women that will compete for the Mirror Ball trophy this season.

Sources tell Show Tracker that reports that Kate Gosselin and Shannen Doherty are among this season's dancers are true. Apparently raising eight kids doesn't keep Kate busy enough!

It's also true that Pamela Anderson is putting on her dancing shoes. What else will she (not) wear?

What do you think? Will you watch?

-- Maria Elena Fernandez (follow me on Twitter @writerchica)

Photos: Kate Gosselin (before her makeover), Shannen Doherty, Pamela Anderson. Credit: Associated Press and Getty Images

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I thought this was "Dancing with the Stars" and not "Dancing with the non celebs and Has beens"........
Since when does one who has multiple babies become a celebrity...go away already Gosselin....

Then again, I could care less...I don't watch this crap for a reason...Odd choice for show.....belongs on VH1 instead...

SHANNEN DOHERTY on DWTS, WICKED!!!!!!!! Go Shannen!!!!

dancing with the tabloid stars!

I was happy when I found out that Samantha Harris wasn't coming back. But now that they have sunk so low to put Kate Gosselin on, I don't think I'll be watching. She is no better than Jon and why everyone has made her the "victim" makes me sick. Yeah, she really cares about her 8 kids in Pennsylvania, so she is coming to L.A. for months!!?? Real good mother. Enough with calling these "reality" people stars or celebrities!! I was they would just go AWAY!!!! And Pamela Anderson, too?? This show has gotten just as bad as the Bachelor, lately!

I'll watch, as I enjoy the show, but I'll be hoping that Gosselin is one of the first to get booted. She's no star.

Will not watch until Kate is gone! I don't even think she is celeb and this is not the best cast ever so far for DWTS. Not impressed!!

Shame on ABC...Enough of Kate Gosselin! She needs to be at home with her kids. I will definitely skip this show as long as she is in it.


Nice to hear Kate Gosselin is spending her time raising all her children. Hope this media &%^*# gets voted off quick.

This is Trailer Trash Season ? Where are the Stars ? Kate & Shannen were never stars. Count me out. This is too insulting.

What??? Kate Gosselin? She will be whining the whole time! And, she's supposed to be a great mother? NOT! DWTS must be having a hard time finding stars to spend hours working on this show.

I officially give up on DWTS; reality "people" are NOT stars. They are people with no discernable creative talent whatsoever! Who cares about these idiots??? I agree with another poster; Kate G needs to stay home with HER KIDS!!! Stop, enough already of these women using their uterus for fame and fortune! Geesh. ABC how LOW can you go????

BOOT Gosselin!

Melissa Rycroft was bad enough replacing Samantha Harris; now Kate G? Not for me. I'm interested in the dancing, not relationship dramas. And I'm also unhappy with Tom B; he's been making suggestive comments on AFV, not appropriate for a family show.

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Will not watch. DWTS has been going downhill with it's "stars" but with Kate Gosselin. Will NOT watch it. You can bet on that. Who thought of her should get fired!

I won't watch if Kate Gosselin is on.

Well said DodgerGirl. The only thing that could/would make this the worst show ever would be having Levi Johnston. OK, Bristol Palin would be even worse than Levi.

How does appearing on DWTS fit into Kate G. stance that everything she does is "all about my kids" when she will be rehearsing very long hours that will take her away from her kids...so, if she justifies that the money she makes is for her kids, she really needs to get her priorities straight and stop getting swept away with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and get back to being a regular unglamorous mom like the rest of us who really just do it all because of our kids....wake up Kate...it's all about you, not your kids....

I will watch whoever dances with Derek.

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