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Conan Twitter Tracker: The Tour, The Movie

March 10, 2010 |  6:00 am

Here at Show Tracker, we are hoping that rumors of a Conan O'Brien tour are true. Why? Because we're getting a little bit worried about him.

Not only has he been tweeting about his affinity for peas and posting pictures of strange-looking spots on his (or somebody else's body?), he's been busy Twitter-reproducing. Now there's @CoCosMoustache, @CoCosATMCard, @ConansPromTux, @ConansRaisinets, @ConansRareCard, @ConanOBarbarian, @ConansPeas, and @ConandoOBrien in his Twitter family.

Of course, we cannot be 100% sure that these accounts are part of Conan's 140-character repertoire, so we have a special request. As CoCosBeard and ConansFreckles are prone to writing to Show Tracker, can one of you let us know if these guys are for real? We're pretty sure @ConandoOBrien is real because his Spanish is terrible. @CoCosMoustache seems to be in synch with @CoCosBeard. And @CoCosATMCard reached out to us, too, so we think that one's authentic. The rest? Hmm.

On the subject of authenticity, we'd like to address ConansFreckles' message to Show Tracker over the weekend. It seems that a movie about Conan's Twitter pal Sarah Killen is in the works. According to Freckles, "When Red-Hairy Met Sarah" will star Ewan McGregor (in a wig) as Conan, Renee Zellweger as Sarah, that guy from "Supernatural" (either one'll do) as John, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog as the Squirrel.

Freckles also mentioned Julianna Margulies or Julia Louis-Dreyfus as possible contenders to play us. Not that we don't think the world of those two actresses ("The Good Wife" is one of our new favorite shows and we've actually met and enjoyed spending time with Julia Louis-Dreyfus), but we're thinking we should go a tad bit younger and with an accent. What about Sofia Vergara? She's definitely someone who can hang with Freckles and the gang. We know this because we've spent time with her, too, and discussed important things, like the size of her breasts. Sign her up!

Another subject that needs clarification, por favor (that's "please" in Spanish, Conando): On March 2 at 8:46 p.m. (PT), @MVNUSID tweeted: "@ConanOBrien I think you should follow someone random and anonymous like me for your first follow just to make people go 'Hmmmm....' :)"  So the question is: @ConanObrien, is that where you got the idea to follow @LovelyButton? In case you were wondering, we have noticed that your Taurus is now following a Canadian Sarah Killen and that your Monkey "decided to go with the most recent person to tweet me."

Does @MVNUSID deserve the credit for all that madness? If so, he needs to be in the movie, too. It's only just. (That's justo, Conando).

--Maria Elena Fernandez (follow me on Twitter @writerchica)

Photo: Conando O'Brien's picture on Twitter. Credit: Conando O'Brien's Twitter page.


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