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'Caprica': In 'Know Thy Enemy,' there are a lot of people to get to know

March 6, 2010 |  8:43 am

An intriguing foil has been put into play on "Caprica" with the addition of Tomas Vergis, a Tauron business rival of Daniel Graystone's who has now become a personal foe. The ethical implications of his war with Daniel might actually split some viewers, but we'll get to that. 

Sometimes, that's the problem with having so many storylines going: Your favorite, or even the ones you think are strongest, can't be followed every week. I really like NBC's "Heroes," and that's one of the show's downfalls. We were treated to a taste of V World last week, and got to know a lot more about Tamara Adama -- yet this week nothing.  Not a complaint, just an observation. The introduction of Vergis, with his wealth and commitment to his goals, will probably present some interesting twists. Daniel's guilt about the two men killed in the theft of the mcp technology from Vergis is manifesting as those bloody stabbing nightmares, and will probably get to him sooner rather than later.

Joseph Adama, who was trying to put a tragedy behind him, is now about to throw himself fully into V World as Tamara's avatar's existence is dangled in front of him. More on that in later episodes because right now, he has to worry about Vergis as well. A Tauron stealing from a Tauron, which would be the case since he got his bro Sam to take the mcp, seems like it will be problematic in many ways. Sam denies any wrongdoing, but do we trust him?


The different sides of the Soldiers of The One rear their heads. Sister Clarice, playing on the guilt of a mother who's lost her daughter, is able to infiltrate Graystone's lab and take all of his private info. A defense contractor's personal hard drive? Should be worth a lot, and I hope they can sell it, since the secret to Zoe Graystone's new life is probably not on there.

So a guy, his arm wrapped in barbed wire, says, "Pain keeps our brain from going down bad paths." We have to wonder if that's how we should define Barnabus (James Marsters).  Barnabus is a local STO leader, though Sister Clarice calls him just an enforcer. Lacy Rand has been looking for him -- a missing link to get robo-Zoe offworld to Gemenon -- and she's found him. He's not Spike (Getting shirty with Lacy! Some will get that.) or Brainiac, but there's a definite Marsters quality to this guy. Though he passed on assisting Lacy, I think that's only the start of this journey.

And speaking of Zoe, she's on a romantic journey herself. Philomon, her weird scientist handler and Daniel Graystone's assistant, was striking out on "Caprica's" version of multi-world Zoe decided to help, meeting him face-to-face in V World as Rachel. He recognized her avatar as Zoe Graystone right away, but is continuing the relationship anyway. Obviously this plot will grow, but I don't think he's ready to know the truth yet.

CBucsPreview_1-thumb-508xauto-1118 And Vergis' endgame? "My dream is to tear up your dream." Well, that's mean, and a good twist since I was thinking the same thing Daniel was, in terms of Vergis deciding to become  Caprican to take the defense contract. His C-Bucs offer was total smoke -- this is much deeper. And which side should we really fall down on? The seemingly ruthless businessman avenging the deaths of two of his close friends or the thieving and desperate businessman trying to resurrect his business and life after losing his daughter in a train bombing?

Also, Vergis seems like he's on a revenge kick, but do we believe that Sam would kill his own people to get the chip?  Hmmm ... there might be more afoot here.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photos: The symbol of the Soldiers of the One organization and the logo for the Caprica Buccaneers pyramid team.  Credit: Syfy (by way of The Caprican)