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'Brothers & Sisters': The Walkers go viral

March 15, 2010 |  6:56 am
Few political campaigns launch without scandal, and last night it was Kitty's turn to be put through the ringer. The reason for the uproar? Luc, who had three weeks left on his visa but had somehow gotten it extended in the time it took to seduce Sarah and fix her washing machine. It wasn't an illegitimate child or an extramarital affair, but it was enough to leave the Interwebs buzzing with interest in Kitty's campaign. Talk about a slow news day.

After blogs began to post more rumors about Luc's past, paparazzi swarmed Sarah's front lawn to get their scoop and a shot of the "Pasadena cougar." Sarah, caught off guard by all the attention, naturally gave them a piece of her mind and one good video post.  Of all the rumors -- Luc was a porn star! Luc is ambidextrous! -- one turned out to be true: Our beloved Frenchie worked at a brothel. Before we could even feign shock, we learned that he was just an errand boy for his uncle, the proprietor of la maison de joie. Yawn. Thankfully for Kitty, the Luc scandal didn't have enough legs to warrant a blip on, and she eventually harnessed the power of the Web to clear her name and keep Luc in the country longer. However, in the end, we never find out how he got his visa extended so quickly. Hmm.

Another more serious scandal brewing involves the fate of Ojai Foods. Nora, Saul and Holly are still on the mission to find out Dennis York's true intentions for buying the company, and so far, all they've discovered is the name Narrow Lake. Nora doesn't seem to know the meaning behind the place other than its inclusion in a song she remembered, but there's clearly some history between her and Dennis. My hunch is that Nora and Dennis had a little fling during the early stages of her marriage to William. If she's willing to sacrifice the business, her secret has got to have huge consequences if exposed. It was definitely big enough for Nora to fly to Seattle to persuade Tommy to come home and help her convince the rest of his siblings to sell their shares of Ojai Foods.

While it would be nice to have Tommy back in the picture, what would the Walkers be without their business? They can leave William's drama behind, but they'd be abandoning a large part of their family history and identity. Then again, Ojai hasn't played a huge part on the show lately other than being a source of tumult and grief. It could be time to let go.

Time for your thoughts. What were your favorite moments of the episode? What do you think happened between Nora and Dennis 30 years ago? Should the Walkers sell their share of Ojai Foods?

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) and Luc (Gilles Marini) fend off the paparazzi on "Brothers & Sisters." Credit: ABC