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'Brothers & Sisters': Expiration dating

March 1, 2010 |  8:12 am
Time is ticking for our favorite Frenchman. Sunday night's "Brothers & Sisters" began with Sarah and Luc passionately entangled in bed, clearly showing they had no problems picking up where they left off. But before we could settle into seeing them as a couple once again, we were hit with a deadline: Luc's visa expires in four weeks.

You didn't expect Sarah and Luc's blessed reunion to go off without a hitch, did you? The couple may have gotten a second chance at love, but this time, there's no more dillydallying. Luc's art dealer offered to marry him until he received a green card, and initially, Sarah was game. It's a business transaction, she convinced herself. That's until she was hit with yet another deadline. If Luc wanted to seize this opportunity, he would have had to marry his dealer that day before she left for a lengthy trip to Mexico. Despite the last-minute timing, Sarah still supported the wedding, until Nora stepped in with her sentimental pep talks and kick-started a race to stop the wedding.

If Sarah wanted her happy ending, she needed to express her love and marry the man! OK, that's my need for instant gratification talking, but seriously, who wasn't dying for her to burst into that courtroom, profess her love and then step in as Luc's bride? The scene was romantic and satisfying, but afterward, she and Luc couldn't help but share looks of doubt as they realized they were back at square one. They said their "I love yous" out loud, yet one fact remained. The clock was still ticking.

While Luc and Sarah contemplated a way to buy time, Justin and Rebecca struggled to hold on to the belief that time would heal their wounds. Attempting to keep busy after her miscarriage, Rebecca continued to avoid Justin, who insisted on talking as a way of dealing with their loss. She secretly began taking ballet lessons again in the hopes that reviving an old passion would give her answers. Dancing obviously couldn't provide Rebecca the solace she needed, but it did prompt one of the couple's most touching scenes. Crumpled and sobbing in her leotard, Rebecca displayed a childlike vulnerability, and Justin, for once, stepped in as the rock she needed him to be.

Meanwhile, Kitty made it clear that she no longer needed the support of her new campaign manager, Buffy McCreary. For all the viewers who despised Buffy's Southern accent, your wishes have been granted. Kevin also found his way out of Robert's office when he decided to "break up" with the senator. Even with the lure of a secret job offer that Robert dangled in front of him, Kevin realized that he'd only be piggybacking another man's dream instead of pursuing his own. Bravo to Kevin for breaking out, but I couldn't help but wonder if this secret job was the show's exit plan for Rob Lowe. Hmm, any guesses?

Secrets surrounding Ojai Foods were also moving toward the forefront after Holly discovered documents that may hint at Dennis York's intentions for buying the company. Before his deal with Holly went sour, Dennis registered a DBA (doing business as) under the name Narrow Lake, which turned out to be a piece of land William Walker had surveyed and bought more than 30 years ago. Nora, Saul and Holly now believe this land is the gold mine Dennis has been after all these years. This look into the Walkers' past will uncover more family secrets and likely provide the backdrop for the upcoming flashback episode.

Time for your thoughts, readers. What were your favorite moments of the episode? Do you think Sarah should have married Luc or did she make the right decision to hold off? What secret job do you think Robert has waiting in the wings? Comment away!

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: Gilles Marini as Luc Laurent and Rachel Griffiths as Sarah Walker in "Brothers & Sisters." Credit: ABC

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