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'16 and Pregnant': Samantha


If you're like me, you probably thought Tuesday night's episode of "16 and Pregnant" was the "Scared Straight" edition. And it worked. I. Was. Scared. I may have cried while watching Lori's story, but Tuesday night I cringed. I used my "mute" button. I even left the room. More on that later. 

In Tuesday's episode, we're introduced to Samantha from Rosenberg, Texas. She finds herself pregnant --or as her younger brother so eloquently calls it, "the shortest fat person in school" -- with her boyfriend Eric's baby. They appear to have a somewhat healthy relationship -- if that's even possible as teens. There's no yelling. No angry texts or Facebook blasts. 

And although there's the requisite scene in which the teens discuss pregnancy prevention (uh, can someone please line up a sex-ed class for the girl who said there's no real way to prevent pregnancy), there's more to the couple's story. Samantha is the product of teen parents. So when her mother, Soledad, found out she was having sex, she made her switch schools and move in with her father in an attempt to prevent history from repeating itself. But Eric's mom would help the teens sneak around. And now Samantha finds herself responsible for something other than her hamster. 

To help her with this new responsibility, Eric wants Samantha to move in with him and his family. When Samantha told her dad, he wasn't thrilled. He was worried it would only lead to another pregnancy. But he also wasn't too quick to stop her, saying that it was her decision. Uh ... say what? But Soledad wasn't about to have her teen daughter become yet another statistic. Moving in with Eric was not an option. Plus, with the tension between her and Eric's mom, she wasn't about to pay that house a visit. And it seemed Eric was having second thoughts about the idea too: "I don't want to be in our 30s and 40s tired of each other." Exactly. That's supposed to come much later. 

With the living situation figured out, it was time for the baby to arrive. But first, the waiting game: 14 hours ... 21 hours ... 24 hours ... and she was barely dilating.  But she was definitely screaming. The baby's head was pushing against her back, and the way she was shrieking, you'd think the baby had spikes on its head.

It didn't help that her body wasn't responding to the labor-inducing drugs she had taken. So while she was experiencing contractions, she was only dilated about 2 centimeters -- you need 3 to get an epidural ... and 10 to start pushing. Yikes! So she screamed. She moaned. In her fit of pain, she told Eric she hated him -- yep, I would have too. She eventually ended up having a C-section -- the image of which was enough to make me shriek. 

Once the little family leaves the hospital, the work begins. Eric spends his days going to school, his nights making sandwiches and the time in between feeding the baby (or trying to) and spending some time with her.

Samantha, meanwhile, spends all of her time with the baby -- that is, until she's back to doing school work. But she questions whether she and Eric will last ... and she questions her decision to have sex: "I don't regret anything, but it would have been nice to wait a while. ... This was not how it was supposed to be. ... Everyone thought I was Little Miss Perfect. ... [They said] 'you don't even do stuff like that,'" she said into the camera. "I am a good girl."

And then the reality of it all. The part that unites every single one of the girls featured in the series: " I just made a decision to have sex that had consequences."

So Show Trackers, what did you think of the episode? Was the labor scene too much for you to watch? 

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Samantha and baby Jordynn. Credit: MTV

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Hi, Samatha

I really loved the show, I hope it will help teens think twice about getting pregnet. I under stand how hard it is. I'm in my mid 30's I had our first one at the age of 35, she will be 5year old this year I wanted to have mine alot younger then that, but god works it out for everybody.

Samatha it seem worst befor it gets better, I'm glade you are still in school that is doing the rite thing. Jorden will look at that when she gets older.
If you need to talk e-mail me I will be glad to talk.

take care

I hope this show saves a lot of girls from teen pregnancy, but honestly I don't think it will. I think some girls may even think " I want to get pregnant so I can be on MTV's sixteen and pregnant and be famous"....because I have seen comments on the show's blog from young girls saying they STILL want to be preggo....So this show does shed some light, but teens are young and with that comes a small-minded nature full of idealism and fantasy, and so no matter how much reality is thrown at them through shows like this, a lot of them are still ignorant by nature. If that were not true, then sex ed classes, Lifetime preggo movies, and ads about using condoms would eliminate pregnancy. But obviously teens are still getting knocked up. EX: THERE IS A SEASON 2 OF SIXTEEN AND PREGNANT and there could be endless seasons after that all because of how rebellious and ignorant a lot of teens are. So yes, Samantha's story was painful to watch and sad. As a 24 yr old, I still mess around and do not use protection sometimes and I still watch these shows and think "they should have used protection!" But it's human nature to always think "that won't happen to me". I sure hope it does not happen to me and I plan to abstain from now on. However, it just shows that human nature and horniness rule out any real mental rationality sometimes.

Hi Samantha, I too am a teen mom and sweetheart I know that things seem so hard right now and trust me it only gets harder. I think that you n Eric will make it although you are young mama you are so smart. I do hope you continue your education please graduate for jordan because you'll be able to give her a lot more . It makes me proud that you have made a mistake but are doing your best to get it together. I wish you and your family all the best and remember as long as you finish school it will open doors that will help you. Good luck hun...

I think it's good that the show didn't down play the reality of labor. It hurts!!It's hard and it does not always work out the way the way we'd like it to.I had my first baby at 16 and I really wish I'd have chosen to wait. I love my daughter and I don't regret having her, just my timing. I'm MUCH older now (42) and I have 6 children. My daughter had her daughter at 15. She too, wishes she'd have made a wiser choice. 16 and pregnant does not glorify teen pregnancy and while I hope it helps some teens decide against early sex, i agree with the previous comment. Girls will want to get pregnant to be on TV. So sad. Good Luck Samantha!!!

i think that samantha was way too young to have a child. not only her age but her maturity. she handled the labor like she was being murdered ya. it is one of the worst pains you may feel in your life but she made labor look like hell. its supposed to be a miracle. i dont know what she was thinking when she was going into all of it but you could tell she was not prepared what so ever for any of it. she was screaming and yelling like a child. and that is exactly what she is. in my opinion adoption was the best thing for them. although samanthas boyfriend was the same age he seemed a little more prepared and calm compared to samantha with her screaming and yelling constantly. she looked like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum. what is she going to do when her child is doing that? join in. i dont think so. she should think before she acts next time.

I am sorry but I do not agree with your comment about how Samantha handeled her labor pains. Yes childbirth is a miracle-however, everyone has a different pain tolerance regardless of age. I have seen some people in their thirties deal worse with the pain than this poor girl did. If you are a mother and had a higher pain tolerance good for you, however please don't judge people based on theirs.


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