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The 'Lost' weekend: Premiere parties and side-by-side Oceanic 815s

February 6, 2010 |  9:38 am

118573_D_2027_pre  Welcome to the "Lost" weekend, your clearinghouse for "Lost" related stuff before we get ready for Tuesday's new episode. There's perhaps no show out there that the Internet has embraced as thoroughly as it has "Lost," and that means there's been tons of weird stuff put out about the show over the years, from this compilation of every time someone on the show says "What?" to this series of videos (my favorite bit of Internet "Lost"-ness) that reimagines the show's opening credits as a title sequence from a late '80s/early '90s TGIF sitcom. For the rather large Internet demographic of "'Lost' fans who also grew up in the '80s and '90s," this will be catnip. Everybody else steer clear. (Also, there's this parody song about the final season, which everybody else has already linked to, but I might as well, too, because it's catchy and fun.)

I'm going to try to make these posts fairly short and breezy, but I definitely want your contributions and suggestions. The thing that makes the "Lost" phenomenon so phenomenon-y is its fans, and here's a place to check out the cool stuff they do.

First of all, there are plenty of people who've never watched the show but have heard of it and have a vague idea of what it's about. Newsweek produced this video of some of its staffers who'd never seen the show trying to explain just what was going on on-screen while they were shown clips, and it's really pretty funny, sort of like that video where the 3-year-old explained "Star Wars" that was going around a while back, only with professional journalists. Also, ABC and iTunes launched this attempt to quantify just what the various "Lost" characters might listen to, and it's, uh, a little strange. A lot of classic rock, apparently.

But enough about those guys. What about you?

Well, sadly, no one produced that "Everything that was different between this universe's Oceanic 815 and the other universe's Oceanic 815" I was asking for (well, this comes close), but it looks like YouTube is flooded with some cool video review of the premiere. Here are links to some of my favorites

Also, just as everyone in "Lost" world has a "Bad Twin," it sure seems as though the Los Angeles Times does as well because, uh, a site called "Not the Los Angeles Times" has this pretty funny article about the series' writers' master plan.

Over on Twitter, @abbybischoff sent me photos of what looks like a pretty fun premiere party. (I'd show you photos of my premiere party, but I never leave my house, and, thus, it was just me and some cats. Not fun!) Share your premiere party photos and/or stories down in comments.

Also, @danieltwalters sent me some links to funny pictures made in honor of the premiere by the gang over at the SomethingAwful forums (and if you value your sanity and/or your job and/or your marriage, you will likely not partake in what goes on over there, but they do make the Internet a better and funnier place). This comic by user God Mode is both nearly wordless and hilarious. (And if you don't value your sanity, job or marriage, the entire SomethingAwful thread discussing the episode is readable starting here, and I also thank them for reminding me this bit of sustained "Lost" craziness exists. Read the letters in order for maximum oddness. Obviously, as with all Internet forums, there's stuff at that forum that's NSFW, but why are you reading forums at work anyway? Hang on to that office job with every ounce of strength, worker! It's bad out here.)

But my number one "Lost" link of the week is this speculation-heavy post over at "Lost" spoiler clearinghouse Dark UFO, which digs deep into the theories presented by the show and the like. If you're a "Lost" nerd like myself, it's nirvana. If you're not, it's worth it to see just how crazy we all sound around this time of year.

So do you want to be in one of these here "Lost" weekends? Do you have fun stuff to share with the world? Want to be the "Lost" link of the week? Send me whatever you've done or whatever you find either via Twitter or e-mail. I'll sift through it for the best and be sure to link my favorites.

And we'll see you Tuesday with a review of "What Kate Does."

--Todd VanDerWerff (follow me on Twitter at @tvoti)

Photo: Locke (Terry O'Quinn) is somebody else entirely now. Too bad for him. (Credit: ABC)

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