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The 'Lost' weekend: John Locke wishes you a happy Valentine's Day

February 13, 2010 |  8:15 am

117891_512_pre As mentioned in "Lost" Wednesdays, it's been kind of a quiet week for "Lost" commentary, driven by any number of factors, but that doesn't mean there wasn't still some great stuff turning up from "Lost" fans, dedicated to showing off their most creative stuff to celebrate their favorite show. And, appropriately enough, the best way to start off this week is with a look at some "Lost" valentines.

There've been plenty of "Lost" valentines cards popping up around the 'net over this last week, fitting since the show is newly back from its hiatus and since Valentine's Day is, well, Sunday. But my favorites I saw were, hands down, all in this set by Lee Bretschneider of My favorite of these is probably this goofy Jack one, though this very funny Locke one is great too. Many of the "Lost" valentines just use stock art of the characters, but Bretschneider's cartoony drawings (which capture what the show would look like if it were turned into a Saturday morning cartoon) really sell this stuff.

As for other cartoons about "Lost" I saw this week, I was quite taken with this drawing of the writers' thought process leading up to "What Kate Does" by Twitter user @nedroid. I was a bigger fan of this episode than many, but I still thought this one was a funny riff on everyone's secret fears about the "Lost" writers room. (There's more @nedroid cartoon-y goodness here and here.)

There's still plenty of good "Lost" discussion going on between fans. This week, I'm taken with the (surprisingly civil!) discussion going on at the lost_tv LiveJournal community about just how much closure will be necessary for various fans to enjoy the show. Check it out here.

I'm sure you guys are just about sick of listening to me talk about "Lost," but if you're really not, this week's episode of my podcast has a lengthy amount of discussion about where the show seems to be headed and where it's been. There are other great "Lost" podcasts out there, of course, including the official one, but I also like the "Lost" podcast with Jay and Jack and The Transmission with Ryan and Jen. There are plenty of other great "Lost" podcasts, so link to your favorite in comments.

This week's overreaction of the week goes to this post wondering if "Lost" has lost it in its sixth season. The author, Tim Surette, makes some interesting points about how the show is maybe a little lacking in tension at this point (particularly in the flash-sideways moments), but I do think that Surette seems a little too unwilling to cut the show any slack. One of the frustrations of watching "Lost" is that it most definitely is a journey, and that means the start is going to be a little slow. It's been this way every season, and I'm hopeful Surette will stick with it as time goes by.

Finally, we've got the "Lost" link of the week, which goes to this blog where someone who's never seen "Lost" reviews the individual episodes of the final season, trying to figure out what's going on and make sense of the series' complicated mythology. It's written by someone called papadurbin, and it includes some great cartoons with every post. I'm especially taken with this review of the first episode, which misidentifies Jack as "Jake" throughout and seems confused as to just why there are multiple realities.

And with that, we'll see you on Tuesday for "The Substitute"!

--Todd VanDerWerff (follow me on Twitter at @tvoti)

Photo: Another "Lost" season, another reason for Sawyer (Josh Holloway) to have a gun. (Credit: ABC)

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