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'The Bachelor': Return of the rejects... and Rozlyn

Reunion episodes are always a little bit sad and a little bit funny -- with a whole lot of awkward on top. However, I can't remember any "Bachelor" reunion episode quite so dramatic as last night's "Women Tell All" episode.

For months, Chris Harrison has touted Rozlyn's affair with a producer as the "most shocking television scandal of 2010."  However, when it originally came to light, it didn't actually seem all that sordid!  It was still early on in the production, before she'd formed a deep relationship with Jake. Plus, the affair occurred entirely off-camera, which feels a bit anticlimactic for those of us watching from our couches.

In Monday night's special episode, we finally got a taste of what the scandal might have looked like from the inside. However, before we discuss Rozlyn's bizarre segment, let's go over some of the other highlights from the evening.

Before we dived into the dish, we were treated to (or tortured by) a very, very long promo for the upcoming "Bachelor Pad" series. Yes, some of your favorite Bachelors and Bachelorettes -- and some contestants who you don't remember at all -- will be seeking an extension on their 15 minutes of fame.

I was about to start complaining, because it's time to get to the gossip, but then they went and made me feel guilty by showing us how "The Bachelor" gives back. I wouldn't mind if they incorporated their charitable endeavors even more in future seasons -- I would have been much more interested to see Jake and his girlfriends helping out the people of St. Lucia than playing on pirate ships. (Plus, after they give back, they can always head back to those petal-strewn fantasy suites.)

Okay, now the gossip begins.

Michelle: Wow. The montage of crazy they put together for Michelle didn't pull any punches. Still, somehow, miraculously, she doesn't have any regrets. How is that possible? Unfortunately, I don't think anyone believed her.

Elizabeth: I knew she was playing games, but the way her clips were edited made it even more obvious that Elizabeth was working her strategy as hard as she could.  "Do you want to kiss me?" She was far too transparent from day one.

Ali: I haven't been Ali's biggest fan this season, but I was impressed by her segment. She defended her decision to choose work over love by simply saying, "I have bills to pay!" Not to mention, she seemed genuinely regretful for being so hard on Vienna. "Vienna, if you're watching," she said, "I'm sorry." There are plenty of rumors that Ali will be the next Bachelorette, and at this point, I'm on board. While she isn't my favorite, I do think she's the only one of the last handful of contestants with enough personality to carry her own season.

And finally, Rozlyn: The situation with Rozlyn's dismissal from the show has always bothered me a bit.  Though her behavior was certainly shady, it seemed a bit hypocritical to me that Jake was carrying on relationships with handfuls of women but Rozlyn couldn't talk to a producer.

My opinion completely changed after watching her performance in the episode. She played dumb, continuing to insist that she and The Producer (who, apparently, shall remain nameless) had absolutely no physical relationship. Her parade of excuses was almost embarrassing to watch, especially when she tried to use her own son as a get-out-of-jail-free card. In the middle of Rozlyn's convoluted stories, Harrison interrupted, "I have kids, and often times what I tell my son -- when he's going off on an elaborate story about unicorns and magicians, I sit him down and I say, 'Son, isn't the simplest story the truth?" Zing!

Althoug I'd originally thought Harrison's vague language -- calling the affair an "inappropriate relationship" -- was a bit fishy, Monday night it was made very clear that Rozlyn did, indeed, have a physical relationship with The Producer -- who, by the way, has visited her hometown with his family since their dismissal.

Possibly the most disturbing moments in Rozlyn's segment were when she lashed out at everyone in an attempt to deflect the negative attention from herself.  She even stooped so low as to accuse Harrison of hitting on the Nameless Producer's wife.  News flash, Rozlyn: Nobody cares what Chris Harrison does.

Jake's appearance was rather unremarkable, though I did like the chance to see his genuine affection for Ali and Gia one more time. As inevitable as it was, he seemed to truly regret their heartbreak. 

My favorite Jake moments from the "Women Tell All" special were actually in the blooper reel that closed the show. Am I the only one who wishes they'd left some of those hilarious clips in the regular episodes?  Showing Jake as Mr. Perfect all the time does him a disservice. The blooper clips revealed a playful sense of humor that was rarely seen before now.

Do you think I'm being too hard on Rozlyn? Do you believe her story? Who would you like to see as the next Bachelorette? Weigh in on Monday's episode in the comments below and don't forget to check back next week as we discuss that coveted final rose!!

-- Carina MacKenzie (chat with me on Twitter @cadlymack)

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Thanks for the article Carina...once again I will read after I post.

Wow…Rozlyn out did herself last night. What a piece of work she is. As experienced in deceit as she may be, in this situation she is only fooling herself. She’s not as skilled at lying as she thinks and obviously must be accustomed to dealing with amateurs. Her pathetic attempt to drop a bomb on Chris was low – even for her. What a scandalous, treacherous tramp. I fear for any man who falls for her. It’s scary to think she is a mother.

Michelle is delusional – poor thing.

Sadly – because of the unjustifiable attacks Vienna received from the girls in the house – she was protected last night from further verbal strikes. Bummer – thanks girls. I SO wanted SOMEBODY to bring up her father. He creeped me out by the way he looked at his daughter, rubbed her back and leered at her and Jake when they were kissing. Eww.

Yes, the previews of next week are somewhat disturbing, but I'm sticking with my original prediction. Interesting what Amy has to say though.

Ali admitted outright that she gambled...not cool. Huge risk to take by expecting him to chase her down. That's exactly the type of marriage they would have - full of games - and she'll have him following her around like a puppy dog.

I still Think Tenley is his best match.

Great recap. I must agree - I love the bloopers too!

After Rozlyn's scandalous episode, I was able to find the producer through Google - as well as his ex-wife and photos of them both. He got played - no doubt. He's just an average Joe who I'm sure Rozlyn would never give a second glance to, had she met him on the street.

I don't care about Rozlyn.

I actually felt a little sorry for Jake, who did not look happy. In fact, he appeared to have lost weight. Maybe that's because his love affair with Vienna did not pan out, and he knows he missed the bet with some of the other women, and Ali in partcular.

Did you catch the looks between them? Are we being set up?

Here's my hypothesis. He chose Vienna, who dumped him. He's all alone again (would that be too 'amazing' to believe?). The show has picked Ali as the next bachelorette, but she loves him, he loves her, and before the final rose ceremony of her series, Jake will swoop in to fly her away.

Or, he could just call her, now, before they ink the deal, and save us all a lot of time.

I thought the best line of the whole recap last night was Gia saying 'that girl (Tenly) (bleeps) rainbows. Now that was funny. I see Gia getting some new modeling gigs now after this PR.

I think Rozlyn and/or The Producer are trying to set up a lawsuit or something. If not, that was a really embarrassing litany of lies.

There is genuine chemistry between Jake/Vienna but I don't think there's enough of anything else to build a relationship on, especially with the "creepy dad" factor. Tenley ... eh...don't see that happening either. Ali was probably his best choice so we might all be getting played indeed.

Wow, what a show! To see all the personalities again large and in charge!

I had like Ali from the beginning- her fear of flying, her 'realness' at first endeared her to me. She was cute, but not beauty queen 'in your face hoochie'. It was a bit refreshing from the rest of the girls.

Then she got caught up in dissing Vienna which made me start thinking a lot less of her. So her apology did seem heartfelt, hope Vienna did hear it.

Gia really kept up appearances, weird family and all, she was probably the most 'normal' who really seemed to like Jake but couldn't get past her insecurities. She probably would've been the best catch for him- and even handled the dumping with more grace than the ordinary person would've.

The other woman didn't faze me much, Michelle was still in character.

Then there was Rozlyn.... at first I thought the producer bit was scripted. And for all intents and purposes it may be, but they made a good show of it on Monday night. If I had been Chris, I woulda punched her!

She just clearly showed her true stripes by sniping at the other girls then by throwing Chris under a fast moving bus. He didn't really realize what hit him. He was gracious too, and to a person who really didn't deserve it.

All in all, it's been fun and will be sad to see the show end for the season.

The one person I would've like to have seen Jake have a chance with: The Air National Guard pilot. She was rooted out in the first show, but I think they would've had a lot in common of course.

Since she didn't make it, then I think that Ali probably would've been his best match- but she would have to drop the games and get off her emotional roller coaster. Guess we'll find out who, if anyone, captured the last red rose!

I tried watching the show but kept going back to the Olympics,watching young men and women with talent,discipline,and heart won over this nonsense.Next week I will return to the nonsense.

Ok, well...I enjoy reading the comments from those of us who did watch the "nonsense", as I'm always amazed at how people can watch the same show and come up with completely different conclusions - always interesting.

I was having trouble remembering the rainbow quip about Tenley - thanks LA fan - and I agree. But, that is why I think she's the one for Jake. He's got that 'too good to be true' personal and she's the fairy tale princess. Their idealistic views make them perfect for each other.

Tenley for the win please.

And I never ever liked Vienna. She is the least beautiful out of all of the contestants, personality wise.

The Women Tell All episode provided a lot of drama as normal, but their were two refreshing moments. The season bloopers were great and the girls made quite a few stupid statements, which thankfully were documented. http://www.thebachelorshow.com/article/top-10-stupidest-quotes-season-14-women-tell-all


Once all the smoke cleared and we were left with the smoldering shards of catty remarks and clever feline maneuvering, one can’t help but feel that a lot went on behind the scenes that may never surface.

Is Chris Harrison putting on his social face just for his audience? Who is he? I think Rozlyn was diabolically clever to plant that seed just as she was exiting. It is obvious that she is a professional and that she was coached, perhaps by a publicist on how best to exploit the show for her career –which I sense is coming – in television and the silver screen. It seems the girls were unanimous that Rozlyn was up to something all the way. But then again, there was so much competitive jealousy and hostility surging just below the surface that one is led to wonder what is the real truth.

Outside of the Rozlyn fiasco, you could feel the magnetism right away between Jake and Ali. There was a certain ‘secretive psychic message’ in the way he gave her an intense eye, suggesting that he would be open to seeing her in the future and she definitely acknowledged that she felt the same. Look for these two to rendezvous in some undercover way in the future…
To continue reading click on the following link:


It looiks like you bought the edit of Rozlyn that ABC wanted you to. So interesting how easy it is to manipulate someone. The whole thing was made up by ABC!
Go to www.realitysteve.com and listed to his interview with Roslin. If you hear what she has to say without any editing you can tell she is speaking the truth. It's easy to take bits and pieces of what someone says and make it look like something it's not. Listen to the interview then make your judgement!


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