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'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Parvati and Russell get too close for tribe's comfort

98305_D06936 I know a lot happened on tonight's episode of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains," but the events are clouded by one horrible visual:

Parvati actually cuddled with Russell. So. Gross.

OK, OK. I know it's cold out there on the island of Samoa, and everyone must be yearning for some physical interaction. But Russell is married -- remember that lovely lady he introduced to the audience during last season's finale? And sure, Parvati is arguably the biggest flirt in the history of "Survivor," so the whole thing probably meant nothing to her. But still. I was shocked to see the two spooning. So shocked, in fact, that I actually tweeted at Parvati (full disclosure: the account isn't verified, so it could technically be an impostor--we're asking CBS) to ask how she could do such a thing.

"You do what you gotta do when you're a gamer ;)" she wrote. "you'd do it too. i know you would."

I don't know about that one, especially because the whole cuddling fiasco seemingly got Parvati nowhere with her tribe other than into hot water.

Boston Rob, who continually keeps proving he's one of the best players in history, said it best: "Whoever is sleeping next to who ... it will tell you who's aligned with who."

Cue a creepy night vision shot of Coach stroking Jerri's hair. Meanwhile, even Coach seems to be unable to resist Parvati's charm, even though he claims to understand it.

"Parvati is the most dangerous player on the team," he said. "She's got the charm. She's got the smile. For some reason, whenever she pays attention to you, you feel like you light up."

The Coach we all know and love was back in full force this week. There he was, meditating and chanting self-empowering phrases on the sandy beach. Later, he recounted another crazy story which we were only privy to part of, but it included something outlandish about 95 degree temperatures and his gums hurting, thereby making it amazing. He topped that off with an even more pretentious comment about being the only "honorable" man on the island, which he backed up with a Martin Luther King quote. 

Finally, during the immunity/reward challenge, he went nuts when he was told he'd used an unfair "karate chop" tactic and flipped off host Jeff Probst. And then he wore a singular (handmade?) feather earring to tribal council.

This guy. It's good to have you back, Coach -- your antics never fail to make for good TV. And it looks like he's only going to go more ballistic next week. Why was he bawling? 


Maybe it's because the Villains will continue to lose their momentum. They were schooled pretty harshly by the Heroes this week during the challenge. They couldn't beat out a single Heroes member during that mud wrestling challenge? Really? I mean, James vs. Randy, no question - James wins. But I thought some of the other match ups were equal, and the Villains' performance was truly embarrassing. 

Plus, Russell has already started muckraking around camp. I wasn't surprised when he buried the machete, and now that he has Parvati by his side by another week, there's no telling what the mysterious pair could be up to next. 

It's also interesting to note that in my Twitter back-and-forth with Parvati, I expressed concern over whether or not she will leave early on in the game.

"Never!" she initially replied Thursday evening. About an hour later, she had deleted her response. The plot thickens. What does it all mean?

Were you as repulsed by Russell and Parvati's cuddling as I was, or did you find it endearing? Could the disorganized Villains be losing steam against the energized Heroes tribe? Share your thoughts in the comments.

--Amy Kaufman (follow me on Twitter @AmyKinLA)


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Photos: (From top) Parvati Shallow cuddled with Russell Hantz this week for the sake of the game. Players got dirty during a mud fighting challenge. Credit: CBS.

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Randy is the one of the biggest idiots, in a long line of idiots, in Survivor history.

So there's James, with smoke coming out of his ears, getting ready to come at him, I'm sitting on my coach screaming, "Side step him! Dodge! And what does the doofus do? He gets plowed down like a Smart Car stuck on the tracks with a train coming. If the bull is coming at you, you make like the matador and get the **** out of the way and the bull sails off the platform by his own momentum and you become owner of one of the greatest challenge upsets in survivor history. But not randy, he just sealed his fate as being one of the biggest doofuses to ever play the game.

And James, well you'd be mad too, if you were voted off with two immunity idols in your pocket with only three tribal councils left in the season.

Courtney must be going deep. They're not showing her much. That means her story is revealed later.

Good re-cap.

I'm not liking the solitary challenge this season. The Survivor hour generally consists of a reward challenge in the first half hour, and the immunity challenge takes place in the second. Combining the challenges into one, has definitely cut out some of the excitement for me.

Ah yes, Parvati...she really is too of herself. As in all aspects of life - charm only goes so far. All I have to say is; she'd better keep that body in tip top shape. She will go soon.
Rob is right on with his analogies...common sense is of extreme value in this game.
I agree the hair stroking of Jerri was - creepy...but not for Coach. lol
Russell very may self destruct this time around...burying the machete is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Not surprising Randy was voted off. I must say he is looking healthier this time around - but his disposition hasn't improved.
I thought it odd for Sandra to sit out of this type of physical challenge.
Tyson - weird as per usual.
Overall - enjoyed the show - good win for the Heroes.

A) It's common knowledge by now that Parvati received advance word from her casting pals about Russell and his gameplay tactics. Dirty pool, from where I'm sitting.

B) Tonight's results essentially proved the 'boot list' floating around since Oct of last year. I'm not going to spoil anything, but let's just say that Ms Shallow (truly the most appropriate of surnames) ain't going anywhere soon. Sighhh.

Correction: Parvati is too full of herself.

I don't get what your are saying BS.
I read an article here that stated this current season began recording before Survivor Samoa aired. It's my understanding they never saw Russell's game play. That's why they're stupid enough to trust him. Otherwise NOBODY would believe a word out of him - and he surely would have been voted off first. It's the only thing that makes sense.

BS, I would appreciate if you do have inside knowledge of this taping that you keep it to yourself.

Although you obviously have a need to be "the knowing one", it's simply rude and childish to try and spoil it for others.

Eve-it's common knowledge Pavrati had previous info on Russell. Sugar was saying as much during an interview and the CBS rep immediately shut down the interview.

really - people believe Sugar ??-- I mean she is like the lamest - I do not understand why she was there in the first place. Wasn't she all over Colby and then stated she slept with JT pre-game during post game interviews???? Doesn't he have a girlfriend?

There is no way CBS would let the cat out of the bag on Russell - he was their only unknown - I agree if they had he would be gone by now.

russle and parvati make it to the end, sandra wins the whole thing and yes parvati did have inside knowledege on russels game plan before the gam started, ps goodbye cirie ure the next one out

Boston Rob, best player's of all time? Who loses to his wife?? Did you WATCH Parvati's season? You know the season where she called the shots the entire latter part of the game, convinced people to hand over immunity idols, and was STILL able to bring Amanda to the end of the game even though the rest of her alliance was trying to get her out??

Boston Rob? Please.


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