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MTV drops 'Music Television' from the network logo

Oldmtv Newmtv

Is it a surprise to anyone actually watching MTV that the network on Monday quietly dropped "Music Television" from its logo? Probably not. It's a wonder that anyone even noticed the difference.

But a difference there is. For the first time in the network's 29-year history, MTV has decided to give the channel's iconic logo a face-lift.

"The people who watch it today, they don't refer to MTV as music television. They don't have the same emotional connection that, say, the people who are writing about [the logo change] do," MTV's head of marketing Tina Exarhos said. Indeed, The Wrap called it "a minor change with major symbolism," while The Hollywood Reporter wrote having "music television" in the old logo was "a constant reminder that MTV was branding itself one way, programming itself another."

Outside of its annual "VMAs" music video award show, and with the cancellation of "TRL," MTV has long abandoned music as a programming mainstay. For years, all eyes have been on genre-busting reality shows like "The Osbournes," "Newlyweds," "Jackass," "My Super Sweet 16" and "The Hills." The network is currently riding high with the docudrama "Teen Mom" and "Real World"-esque "Jersey Shore."

Exarhos said the network's marketing team had tossed around losing "Music Television" from the logo before, but "we had never taken the idea upstairs to [MTV president Van Toffler and MTV Networks chair-CEO Judy McGrath]. We thought, 'No one is ever going to let us do this.' It's the one thing we've never touched," she said. But with the channel's most recent on-air redesign -- something the network switches up every couple of years -- "now felt like the right time."

"It felt like, 'Why have we been so scared when the channel itself has evolved so much over the years?' "

Does the newly cropped logo mean no music at all? "Absolutely not," Exarhos said, pointing to the success of the "VMAs" and the recent Haiti telethon organized by George Clooney and the network. Some editions of the logo, in fact, feature Beyonce at the "VMAs" and Jay-Z on the telethon, while others promote new shows like "My Life as Liz" and upcoming ones including "The Hard Times of RJ Berger".

Beyond cropping out the words "Music Television," Exarhos said her team redrew and minimally tweaked the placement of the "TV" within the "M" (Spot the difference between the logos, pictured above.)

-- Denise Martin

Photo: The MTV logo, before and after (left to right). Credit: MTV

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They played music on MTV?????

a constant reminder that MTV was branding itself one way, programming itself another..

If they were smart they would use this opportunity to expand their network and restore their image. Give us back our music and make it fun for everyone like it once was (YO!\TRL\GRIND etc. (c'mon you know you like hearing good tunes and watching people make fools of themselves!! )The concept of DJ SCRIBBLE as a resident DJ in general murdered "the grind"... Evolve how the artists interact between the network and viewers, polish the MTV brand to a network following pop-culture (which it already is) and you got a win-win.

Ah I remember when they played NOTHING but music videos. Now all they play is crap! Now VH-1 does it too. Boo!

I stopped watching MTV years ago, once it became lame reality show central. I miss the 90s, when you had Yo! MTV Raps on 6 days a week (Fab Five Freddy hosting the weekend show and Ed Lover and Dr. Dre hosting the weekday editions), Alternative Nation with Kennedy, regular rotations of music videos, and the only reality programming was The Real World when it was still good (San Francisco is still the best season ever), and early Road Rules, before it became a Survivor clone with eliminations and such. VH1 is no better now, either. At least there I will occasionally catch the Top 20 Countdown.

MTV is responsible for making stars of marginally talented people who looked good in videos. When these performers were asked to actually sing live, it was painful. Hopefully, the music business can be about music (writing and performing) again, not gyrating, stripping and lip synching.

I am not defending the logo refresh at all, but c'mon guys how old are you?
The Grind, Yo MTV, TRL....ooh and what happened to American Bandstand???

Have you even heard of the internet? Do you really want to sit around and wait for your favorite video to come on....because you can youtube it in less than 2 minutes nowadays :)

MTV didn't grow old...you did.
They have changed to accommodate the new generation, not you...

MTV SUCKS! It has the worst programing I have ever seen. I use to watch it all the time. There is hardly any music on there any more anyways so, who cares if they drop music television from the logo. It seems they only want the spoiled ignorant youth crowd watching. To bad for MTV because it has lost a lot of viewers for it's crappy choices of programming.

if they dropped the music television part, why don't they just change the channel name to RTV or something?
That's basically what it is.
Reality shows, no music.
It sucks, just saying.

what does MTV stand for then?

Since when did MTV actually play music?? like 20 years ago reallyy MTV take this time and start actuallyy playing MUSIC it is MUSIC telivision not how may fist pumps it takes to screw in a light bulb nobody cares I want the old MTV back with actual music I dont understand why they canceled the only shows that actually had music on it. It does not make any sense its bull and everyone knows it. PLEASE bring MUSIC back not any sappy shows legit MUSIC.

"They have changed to accommodate the new generation, not you..."

Sounds like MTV has changed to accommodate a generation of people who have terrible taste.

MTV is a flat out joke. Anyone who watches it is a fool. Every moment spent watching that channel makes you less intelligent. Nobody cares about the life of teenage mothers or east coast douchebags.


Turn off your

Turn off your

Turn off your big tee veeeeeeeeeeee.

MTV is dead. Taking away the music tv in the logo only confirms what people have already known for a long time.

About damn time MTV lives up to the kind of perversion they are spewing out to the adolscent minds of the 2000 era. I come from the 80's version of MTV, and grew up in the 90's. Now would be a great time to drop this mindlessness reality concept of entertainment. NOW would be a great time to come back to it's roots i.e. music 24/7. The way it should be. MTV obviously stands for Music Television. I would be willing to bet anything that the youth of today would not know that. So without further adiou, I tip my hat off for the single most prevailant reason I no longer watch this cess pool of a program!

It is about time they dropped the music television text.. It is not a music channel anymore... merely a reality channel...
Great post!

It's funny how Mtv started advocating for many causes like "rock the vote", and really started heightening the awareness on STDs, drugs, alcohol, etc. and trying to talk about preventing these things from happening. Now they promote so many dangerous behaviors that would increase the risk of contracting an STD, becoming a drug addict or alcoholic with these reality shows. I think they are bunch are hypocrites, but when it comes to money MANY people will sell their souls.

MTV cater to a bunch of mindless zombies that enjoy watching other people's fake life's. If your so lazy to watch other people's life then how about you live your own, its cheap and hey you get your a@# off the coach and do something, but most likely no people are just interested in seeing a bunch of retards doing idiotic things for money (that's what the people from Jackass do) but at the least they were honest about their intentions. Someone needs to smack the chairman and tell him to stop putting up ridiculous shows like the Jersey Shore. They just give Americans a bad name.

like Jack Black said. "there was a way to stick it to the man," "it was called rock n roll" "but guess what?" "OH NO, the man ruined that too with a little something called MTV!"

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