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'Caprica': 'Gravedancing,' grandma and the Graystones

In the "Gravedancing" episode of "Caprica," Mrs. Graystone continues to do infuriating things, Sam Adama continues his menace, law enforcement continues moving in and Lacy Rand continues on the path to Gemenon.

Law enforcement officials, specifically Agent Durham, are working a couple of different angles in trying to expose the STO organization. Zoe Graystone may be a major figure in the bombing, but Durham seems fixated on getting into her life and the lives of the Graystones. Durham may only want the truth, but we can't be completely sure yet. On another front, Durham was given permission to search the student lockers at the school. They found nothing, because Sister Clarice received a mysterious tip that the raid was going to happen and was able to get a quick warning to those affected. Conspiracy theory No. 1: I think the mole/informant is Durham's boss.

Durham believes that the school is also a front for STO activity, and he's right. Lacy Rand has hooked on to Keon and will not let go until he helps her find a way to Gemenon with Zoe. This storyline is worth watching as Lacy gets deeper into the organization for her friends' sake.

Lacy's best friend made a cameo in the show that uses her as its face, as Zoe Graystone got a quick diagnostic dance spotlight. Sooner or later, she's going to let Mr. Lab Tech know that she's in that machine. Why do I see that moment turning tragic somehow?

And the Graystones end up coming off OK on the popular "Backtalk with Baxter Sarno" talk show. Dreading the visit, they (and I) were expecting a bigger evisceration by the host, who had made them the butt of his jokes for a while. Daniel struggled a bit in discussing Zoe and the V World tech, but in stepped Amanda Graystone -- unexpectedly strolling onstage during a live TV show -- to add that Zoe was "angry," not "troubled." Huh? This lady is always acting from an emotional spur-of-the-moment place, and her lack of calculation sometimes irks. Luckily, the whole situation turned out fine -- especially for users of the V World tech who will no longer be charged for it. But Daniel Graystone has now introduced a whole host of financial problems for his company (if that really is 60% of his company's revenue).


As Amanda leaves the studio feeling good, she runs into Sam Adama. Joseph Adama has given his brother the order to kill Amanda, so throughout the episode, Sam has been stalking Amanda, waiting for his opportunity. After waiting by her home for her to be alone, then following her to the studio, Sam's stalking comes to a head as he finally gets her alone. We're never sure if he gets Joseph's frantic messages to abort ... It turns out that he does, and after stringing Joseph along for a few minutes, reveals that he did not kill her. But he did definitely let her know that he and others were out there.

Other observations:

- Conspiracy theory No. 2: Durham's partner initially let an STO member and student go after questioning him, so maybe she's the STO informant.
- The Adama matriarch: Grandma has some pearls of wisdom in this episode, as when she tells young Willie Adama that you can get things that you want from enemies as well as friends.

Not that this week didn't advance the story (and make holoband usage free!), but next week looks to be a bit more action-oriented, which is definitely a good thing here.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photo: Esai Morales as Joseph Adama. Credit: Syfy


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The interview with Sarno was utterly fascinating and the writing was nothing short of brilliant, but the resolution seemed far too pat. The Graystones go from pariahs to heroes in one episode, and they are back to being on top. The stories with Zoe and Lacy seem to be going nowhere, so I’m hoping more time is spent on those stories in the next few episodes.

Review of the episode on my blog:

We so want the Caprica series to shine. The attention played on Sister Clarice as a who-knows-what kind of marriage partner in her Big Love life and the attention on the sort of gothic violence coming up in the trailers has me worried. Not a kiddie show by a long shot and its beginning to disturb the good drama we remembered with BSG. We'll hang in there another week but something is going to the devil in the writing. And please, the jumpy camera is overkill.

I can see the mole as the agent who let the STO student loose.

I can also see that if V World tech is a business loss, the loss has to be plugged with the tech that Zoe inhabits.

It's pretty obvious that Agent Durham is the STO double agent. The last episode where Sister Clarice speaks with her STO handler via holo visor did a terrible job of disguising Durham's voice. They distorted his pitch but did nothing to hide the cadence of his speech, which was easy to recognize. The only question is how long it's going to take Caprica to reveal this "mystery." The way the ratings are going, better do it sooner rather than later.


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